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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Miami Marlins’ New Jerseys

As I reported earlier today, it appears that the Marlins are planning to unveil redesigned versions of their blue and black jerseys at their FanFest event, which runs from 4pm to 10pm today.

Thanks to a well-placed source with access to the 2024 MLB Style Guide, I can provide you with this exclusive first look at both designs:

As you can see, these look pretty much like what we expected. The black jersey has white typography, which is a big upgrade over the old “Lite Brite” design, while the blue jersey now has a full-fledged “Marlins” chest mark, instead of the earlier minimalist design.

The old blue jersey was used only for spring training and BP. It’s not yet clear, at least to me, whether the new blue jersey will be part of the team’s jersey rotation for regular season games, but the new black and new blue jerseys are referred to in the Guide as “Alternate 1” and “Alternate 2,” respectively, so game use for the blue jersey seems possible.

Also, the Guide doesn’t show the teal throwback that the team wore as part of its 30th-anniversary celebration last season. That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be wearing the throwback this year (throwbacks aren’t always shown in the Guide), but the Marlins were over the “four plus one” limit last season (whitegreyblackblue, throwback, and City Connect), so scrapping the throwback would get them back within the guidelines.

These lingering questions will presumably be answered when the new designs are officially unveiled later today at the FanFest event. Phil will have full coverage of that tomorrow morning.

To see all my reports on the 2024 MLB Style Guide, look here. Meanwhile, for all the Marlins websites that will be tweeting about this, it would be nice if you could please include a link to this page in your tweet and also in your article, instead of just lifting the graphics and saying “per @UniWatch.” Thanks!

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    Interesting to see a team intentionally move the two-color sleeve striping to the bottom of the sleeve. They could have very well put the blue stripe at the end to mimic the look of the old template striping

    “…scrapping the throwback would get them back within the guidelines.”
    So would getting rid of the gray away set – something they’ve done before.
    That would be a shame, but the blue-over-white look would be a nice replacement as a road option as well as a regular-season home alt.

    I thought MLB nixed “away” teams from wearing white pants on the road? If not, I would love to see my Cubs dust off the 80’s away unis as a throwback one day.

    I so agree with you as a Cubs 80s throwback with the white pNts would be awesome. It could at least be their home alternate uniform.

    Thats very possible as the Rays and Mariners were the first two teams to do it last season. I expect more teams to adopt the model of getting rid your gray set. The Marlins honestly don’t need their gray jerseys anymore especially if they bring in the blue jerseys. It’s a cool trade off because it allows teams to use their throwbacks. I would love it if the Cubs bought back their 80s road uniforms inplace of the gray ones.

    The blue alternate was long overdue and switching from black to white scripts & numbers on the black alt is an immediate upgrade. I just wish we were getting a blue cap to go along with the new jersey.

    Too bad they didn’t adjust the hat to match the M on the new black jersey. A new blue hat would make a nice addition to their uniform set.

    Is the gray still listed as an option? I was wondering if they were going to go the Mariners route and have the light blue be their light colored road option.

    Interesting that it shows a black ball sleeve logo on the black jersey. Technically, the white baseball on the logo should be illegal on a jersey, but they show it as white on the blue jersey.

    I would have preferred if the wordmark on the black jersey was filled with silver instead of white. Similar to their last black jerseys as the Florida Marlins. Also, assuming this gets worn with the gray road pants, silver would match better.

    Would love “Marlins’ to go back on the white home jerseys too but I have a sneaking suspicion putting “Miami” on there is buried in the ballpark agreement and something the city/county paid hundreds of millions of public dollars on. This at least balances it out a bit more. I suspect they’ll wear both of these (hopefully) at home a bunch.

    Agree with others that the ‘M’ on the black cap should be white (should always have been) and that a blue cap (not unlike the teal with black brim original FLA road cap) would go great with the set.

    No chance the Marlins drop the throwback so quickly. I think we can say adios to the road grays. Don’t mind that at all, definitely the weakest of the bunch.

    These jerseys are garbage… absolutely HATE the fact that the red is in the out color scheme… it makes no sense… bring back the TEAL for the love of god


    “The black jersey white has white typography”

    “the new black and new blue jerseys are referred to the Guide and “Alternate 1” and “Alternate 2,”

    – Also, the City Connect link goes to an error message

    Hate these as well. Why all the black? You’re a team in Miami. For gosh sakes, put some fun, tropical colors front and center: aqua, pink, tangerine, yellow, fuchsia. Jeez, this can’t be that hard.

    Curious, are BP / spring training unis for other teams shown in the MLB guides (I’ve never seen one)? If not, I’d say it’s strongly likely that they’d use these during the regular season

    All in all, a great improvement. I would have chosen the white font for the blue/aqua jerseys. Either way……… I can’t complain.

    I don’t understand why they didn’t change the hat logo to white to match. Now that’s all i’ll see

    X no longer allows for link + image. Have to pick one or the other (or neither) in each post.

    I think the best route is to copy the Rays and Mariners and drop the gray jersey and keep the throwbacks that most fans love. The blue jersey can be used like the Rays for both home and away. It can be the offset jersey like the Rays had when a team is wearing their dark jerseys and the black jerseys become the primary road uniform.

    Only a few teams in the league even need to keep their gray jerseys. Most teams in the past decade have won their World Series like the Rabgers did last season wearing the color alternates mostly on the road.

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