Why ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ Is the Most Uni Watch Show Ever

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I’m a huge fan of the late-’90s/early-aughts cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls. I love the writing, the animation style, the vocals, the sound effects, the colors, the overall aesthetic, and more — but that’s not what I want to discuss today. Instead, I want to talk about […]

Bizarre Uni Glitch Makes Kachina Logo Even Weirder

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On Nov. 25, 2016, the Arizona Coyotes wore their Kachina throwbacks as part of their season-long 20th-anniversary celebration. It turns out that there was an interesting inconsistency in their uniforms that night. Can you spot it in photos shown above?

Here’s the deal: The coyote mascot crest […]

EXCLUSIVE: Pats Considered Silver/Grey Pants in New Uni Set

Good morning! When I wrote last week about the Patriots’ new uniform set — the set with the navy pants that are apparently going to be worn for all games, even with the navy jersey, creating a miserable mono-navy effect — I included a look at the team’s style guide sheet, which was provided […]

The Odd Overlap of Uniforms and Road Runner Cartoons

One of the podcasts I regularly listen to, which is nominally about politics, has a segment at the end where the three podcast participants all recommend something (usually non-political) that they’ve encountered over the past week. For last week’s segment, one of the participants, the TV journalist John Dickerson, recommended the rules that Warner […]