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KC: Stands for Kinda Confusing

The Kansas City Chiefs have had one of the most stable visual identity programs in all of pro sports over the past half-century. Their uniforms have barely changed over the years, and their primary logo hasn’t changed at all.

Or has it?

Take a look at this photo from about a year ago, when . . . → Read More: KC: Stands for Kinda Confusing

Forget The Titans - Remember The Outlaws

By Phil Hecken

Designers frequently contact me with their concepts, and I will often host them in the “Uni Tweaks” section of the weekend blogs, and occasionally, I will be presented with a set of uniforms that are worthy of a full post.

What you’re about to see today went way beyond what I . . . → Read More: Forget The Titans – Remember The Outlaws

Tablets from the Mountaintop

Back in February I did a post about how the 49ers’ infamous 1991 one-day helmet had appeared as part of a Duncan Hines cake promotion (if you missed that entry, or just need to refresh your memory, look here). At the time, I wrote, “I’d never seen the Niners’ one-day helmet design used on any . . . → Read More: Tablets from the Mountaintop