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Category: 2024 MLB Style Guide

EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta Making Changes to Navy Alternate Jersey

As you can see above, Atlanta rolled out an unexpected change to their navy road alternate jersey during today’s spring training workout. The grey headspoon piping and sleeve trim are …

EXCLUSIVE: Nationals Making Changes to Home Whites, Navy Alternates

And guess what: The changes aren’t bad!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Miami Marlins’ New Jerseys

It’s the latest in our week-long series of scoops!

EXCLUSIVE: Padres Adding Stadium-Anniversary Patch for 2024

The scoops just keep on comin’!

Are the Cubs Finally Ditching the Trademark Symbol on Their Home Jersey?

One of the uni-verse’s strangest quirks may be on the way out.

EXCLUSIVE: MLB’s Last Vest Jersey Is Officially Dead

The Rockies’ black vest hasn’t been worn since 2021, and now it’s been officially removed from the team’s wardrobe.

EXCLUSIVE: Mariners Finally Scrapping MLB’s Worst NOB Font

The lettering on the Mariners’ navy jerseys is finally getting upgraded.

EXCLUSIVE: Yankees Making Changes to Road Uniform

Yes, a uni change for the Yankees — really!

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Mets’ Redesigned Black Jersey

The team’s worst look is getting a bit worse.

EXCLUSIVE: Angels Adding Pullover Throwback, Confirming Earlier Hints

They’ll be turning back the clock this year in Anaheim.