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Miami Marlins Poised to Unveil Two New Jerseys Today

The Marlins are holding their annual FanFest event today from 4pm to 10pm Eastern. And as you can see above from the tweet they posted yesterday evening, they’re teasing two new jerseys that they apparently plan to unveil at the event.

Let’s take a closer look at the first photo:

So it appears that the team is planning to change to a white chest script on its black alternate jersey. That would be a huge upgrade over the “Lite Brite”-style design they’ve been wearing since 2019:

Everyone’s been complaining for years that the black jersey graphics are illegible. Good to see that the team has apparently gotten the message.

Now let’s look at the second photo:

This shot indicates that the Marlins are redesigning their blue jersey. Up until now, that jersey has had a minimalist design, with nothing but a logo on the upper-left chest:

The minimalist blue jersey has previously been used for spring training and BP. It’s not yet clear, at least to me, if the new version will be available for regular season games.

I have not yet seen the Marlins’ pages from the 2024 MLB Style Guide, and my source for those pages was not available last night. I’ll update this post if I’m able to obtain more information ahead of the Marlins’ FanFest event — stay tuned.

Update: I’ve now procured the relevant Style Guide pages. For an exclusive first look at the new Marlins designs, look here.

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    The blue jersey with the black Marlins scrips appears to be a much better-balanced use of bright blue and black (Mets, take notice, if the freakin’ Marlins can get this color combo right, you have no excuse for the ugliness of your BFBS efforts), and suggests to me that a blue cap with the black M logo would be excellent. It’s wild that a team that’s been so ugly for so long might be so close to having very nice uniforms.

    Love that we’re getting a blue jersey update with a “Marlins” script! I would prefer they swap the blue for teal, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    I love the blue tops (though I prefer the out-going logo version to the new wordmark one)…but does this mean they’ll jettison the away grays?

    I doubt it, I think these would be a home alternate uniform. This wouldn’t take them over the 4+1 limit, as the throwbacks were just for the anniversary season last year.

    The return of orange in the color scheme, what will happen to the pink? I like both these jerseys so far as I like the Marlins wordmark, even if they are part of the softball top trend that I am not too fond of. Yet, I hope there is still room for pink and blue in the Marlins uniforms which makes it very Miami.

    There is neither orange nor pink in the Marlins color scheme.

    The Miami Marlins colors are Miami blue, Caliente red, slate gray, and midnight black.


    These have the same red color (caliente red apparently) they have had ever since the re-branding, but the lighting for these teaser photos are not the brightest, so its dulled the look to make it a bit more orange.

    The current color scheme and uni-designs are awful and don’t “feel” like Miami. The previous color scheme and uni-designs were awful and didn’t “feel” like Miami. For all the shit Nike gets on this site, I think the Miami City Connect unis are fabulous (though I would like them even better with pants that are a color other than white), maybe the best of all the City Connect uniforms, because they achieve the stated city connect goal. They absolutely have a Miami-Havana “feel” to them.

    Miami is the one case in all of baseball where the city connects are better than the regular uniforms.

    “The previous color scheme and uni-designs were awful and didn’t “feel” like Miami.”
    I kinda miss those.
    The ’12 set had so much potential but they over-emphasized the black accessories and rarely wore the orange caps/helmets?, base layers and socks, ultimately abandoning them (along with the orange softball tops) altogether.
    Even the gray road uniforms…debuted, dumped, then wisely brought back..would have looked Miami-y with some of that citrus-fruit ‘flavor’.

    There are a lot of tweaks that could make their set better. I have mixed feeling on the black jersey. Yes, white makes it more legible and more in line with classic design, but I don’t hate the neon / lite brite black on black as a whole, it if the outline colors are bright enough I think it sort of works as an alternate. But in general I think this is an upgrade. My biggest nit to pick is that the home whites say Miami instead of Marlins, THAT should have been the first thing they fixed.

    I remember reading that having Miami on the home jersey was a requirement for $$ from the city of Miami for the new stadium (well, not so new anymore!).

    BIG upgrade in my opinion! That black jersey almost looked “ghosted”. Will be anxious to see what the whole jersey looks like.

    When Miami was the “Florida” Marlins, they had great uniforms. Loved the “teal” caps and pinstripes. That teal really looked aqua, like the Diamondbacks “teal” trim looks now. They also had a great vest option. They should just go back to these and change the hat logo to a “M”, and use “Miami” on their road jerseys.

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