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Detroit Lions Will Wear Throwbacks on Thanksgiving Day

I’m not sure why they waited until this afternoon to announce it, but the Lions will be wearing their throwbacks for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers.

That’s a big upgrade from last year, when the Lions wore their godawful grey alternates on Turkey Day. The year before that, they wore their primary home combo. The last time they wore the throwbacks on Thanksgiving was in 2020, against the Texans. (Obviously, they should always wear the retro threads on Thanksgiving.)

Detroit isn’t the only team turning back the clock tomorrow. The 49ers will be wearing their white throwbacks, and the Cowboys will be wearing their blue throwbacks.

The Lions/Packers game is scheduled for 12:30pm Eastern. Like all of tomorrow’s games, it will feature a strong John Madden component.

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    Obligatory “these should be the primary set,” comment. Only thing is I’d put a lion on the helmet, but the jersey and pants are all they need. No need for a redesign next season, this is the winning design. Again this is nearly universally true of the NFL throwbacks. In almost every case the throwback is better than the current set. Only exceptions I can think of are the Vikings, and also the Giants primary plain blue is better than the 80s/90s blue throwback, *but* their white color rush which is also a throwback is better than the primary white.

    Man, the Lions are quickly becoming my second favorite team. These are my favorite of their uniforms.

    Now if only the Seahawks broke out the throwbacks as well, the commanders awful uniforms would have nowhere to hide. A national game on a day when there’s only 2 other games that would feature 5 of the best unis in the league? Of course it would change nothing but there would be a little twisted satisfaction to that style mismatch for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to All…
    I hope today that distant families become closer…broken bonds are mended…and gratitude is given…

    Good! And for what it’s worth, check out the documentary on Prime Video “Bye Bye Barry”. It’s chock full of 90’s uni goodness.

    Packers should certainly be wearing the throwbacks from last week against the Chargers. Certainly plenty of contrast. Though, watching this game live, it IS a good looking game.

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