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Sunday Morning Uni Watch 2023: Week 12

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Good Sunday morning, Uni Watchers! I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful Saturday.

Weekend posts on Uni Watch are generally just one-article-plus-Ticker per day, but both yesterday and today were and will be chock full of news and articles. In case you missed it, yesterday we learned the Utah Jazz had apparently leaked the Seattle Kraken’s Winter Classic jersey. I also began what will be a series of NFL uni-protocol proposals, which I’m calling the 2+3+2 (+3) Project. That covered the AFC East, and today I’ll add another installment on the NFC East. Finally, news broke later yesterday afternoon with another Winter Classic jersey leak, this time for the Vegas Golden Knights. So if you missed any of those, or you only checked UW in the morning, feel free to catch up. Aside from the NFC East 2/3/2/3 Project, I’ll have an additional posting today, from Kary Klismet, who continues his own “Dressed For The Season” series, just in time for Thanksgiving. So be sure to check back often.

Now then.

Yesterday, USC and UCLA once again engaged in their (now) annual tradition of playing a color-vs-color game, although this will be their final meeting as long-time members of the PAC-12 Conference. They will resume the tradition next year, when both are new members of the B1G Conference.

The annual UCLA/USC tilt always means then end of the NCAAFB regular season is nigh, and many of us consider the color-vs-color matchup to be the pinnacle of such contests. Indeed, the cardinal and gold of USC strikes a nice contrast with the “UCLA blue and gold” of the Bruins.

It’s a great matchup, to be sure. But as far as color-vs-color games go, it’s far from perfect. True, the cardinal and UCLA blue jerseys contrast exquisitely, and the cardinal and UCLA gold helmets work well. But the closeness — but yet still distinctly different shades — of athletic gold and metallic gold of the pants isn’t optimal. In fact, they clash rather than complement.

Both teams have stellar uniforms on their own (though I have some quibbles about UCLA’s current shades of blue and gold), but when paired together, it’s close, but still not-that-close, to perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll sign up for this uni matchup any day of the week, and I’m glad this game will continue as a rivalry game for the foreseeable future.

You can see many more photos here.

And with that, I’ll turn the rest of this section over to TJ and your…

• • • • •
Sunday Morning Uni Watch, Week 12
by Terry Duroncelet, Jr.

HOW IS IT WEEK 12 ALREADY?!?!?! Time is fake.

From Wednesday:

• Ohio/Central Michigan: 9 days ahead of The Day of Consumerism Fetishism Black Friday, the Ohio Bobcats dressed for the occasion.

• Miami (OH)/Buffalo: Color-vs-color (I guess) matchup between these two. At least team colors were (mostly) featured prominently, and in this day and age, that’s all we can ask for sometimes.

From Thursday:

• Pitt/Boston College: It feels sacrilegious to say this, but this is one of those few times where Pitt didn’t look so rad. Granted, the mono-blue isn’t the worst thing I’ve seen, but nothing beats the gold trou. Also, Pitt seems to have a bit of a tendency to repeat this look against Boston College, as evident with this UA-era pic of BC and the Panthers some years back (different angle).

From Friday:

• Washington State/Colorado: WAZZU decals for the Cougars (closer look). I like ’em, but I wish they had a small “LITTLE” next to it, just as a fun shoutout to all of the Tenchi Muyo fans out there (myself included).

From Saturday:

• Idaho/Idaho State: I wish I could mention more FCS schools, but at the very-least, this one bears a mention, however: Idaho wore black ribbon decals on the back of their helmets in recognition of the 4 people who were murdered last year (closer look). Additionally, this game was color-vs-color.

• Memphis/SMU: Memphis listened to The Rolling Stones once, and then decided to make it their personality.

• Ohio State/Minnesota: I always love an appearance from Goldy, even if it wasn’t the best showing. You didn’t think I was gonna leave you without a closeup, were ya?

• Miami (FL)/Louisville: ‘Cards’ script for Louisville.

• Arizona State/Oregon: The Sun Devils wore PT 42 decals on their helmets against Oregon, in recognition of Pat Tillman.

• TCU/Baylor: I’ve never seen such a cacophony of colors in my LIFE (well, that’s debatable). At least 7 different “The blood’s on your hands” jokes just materialized in my mind. I can already hear people saying “‘Bloodshot’? More like ‘BloodSHIT’!” At least the color dynamic was there (and of course, a closer look at those helmets).

• Ball State/Kent State: Contrast Matters: MoVi Edition.

• Arizona/Utah: G.I.Joevember togs for the Wildcats, with grey pants! Phil actually wrote about these back in August.

• FAU/Tulane: It seems that teams can’t wait for End Up on WorldstarHipHop for Left-Hooking a Woman for a Discounted Flatscreen TV Day Black Friday to break out the BFBS.

• Northwestern/Purdue: …Case in-point. Also, peep that helmet closeup for Northwestern.

• James Madison/Appalachian State: A cautionary tale worthy of a movie: Jame Madison had a perfect season going for them, AND were ranked #18 in FBS play. Impressive for an FBS newcomer. They then proceeded to wear BFBS like the other 2,456 zillion schools from Week 12… and then proceeded to LOSE THAT GAME. How’s that crow tasting, Dukes? (side-note: please don’t eat actual crows, that’s fucked up)

• LSU/Georgia State: LSU wore their purple tops with white helmets and pants against Georgia State. For those wondering about LSU’s purp shirt protocol: they only wear the purple tops at home against non-conference opponents, with the exception of neutral site games, and the very-first home game of the season, IIRC (I’m probably wrong).

• Texas A&M/Abilene Christian: Full-maroon for the Aggies (I think for the first time since 2014??). And in a move of pure spite, Aggies WR Moose Muhammad wore sleeves in a killer performance, a move that would’ve gotten him yelled at by the previous coach, who’s no longer in the picture.

• • • • •
Thanks, TJ! Now for the rest of your SMUW.



Canadian University Uni Watch

Returning for 2023 is Canadian University Uni Watcher Wade Heidt, who will bring us some looks at three-down, 110-yard Canadian university football from up north. That’s Wade to the right side of your screen (you can even click to enlarge). The shirt Wade is wearing was created by the one and only Wafflebored! Wade’s rundown will appear every week on SMUW until the season ends.


• • • • •

Canadian University Uni Watch
by Wade Heidt

You know what time it is! Time for some university football uniform watching Canadian rules style! It’s time for the CUUW!

This is the fun time. The conference champions remain. The national semifinals happened on Saturday. The Uteck Bowl and the Mitchell Bowl. Great to see some interconference action and see how the teams stack up against each other.

A little refresher about how it is determined which teams play in each game. The teams and host sites for the Uteck Bowl and the Mitchell Bowl rotate on a six-year cycle. In the cycle each of the four conferences hosts and visits every other conference once. The Uteck Bowl is held in the easternmost of the two venues. Easy-peasy to keep track of, right!

This season the Uteck Bowl had the Ontario champion visit the Quebec champion. The Mitchell Bowl had the Atlantic champion visit the Canada West champion. From east to west the CUUW will travel as usual.

Uteck Bowl in Montreal.

• Teams usually stay away from uniform variations once they get this deep in the playoffs. The Montreal Carabins have switched the combos up a lot this year but kept the same look as they had last week. Mono-blue from head to toe. The visiting Western Mustangs wearing a usual road combo of white over purple.

Mitchell Bowl in Vancouver.

• The Atlantic champion St. Francis Xavier X-Men had the massive road trip. Going across the country and dealing with a four-hour time difference. They brought their white over white combo on their trek out west. The UBC Thunderbirds stayed consistent with their home combo during the playoffs. It was navy over navy.

Both home teams walked away winners. The Vanier Cup national championship game will pit the UBC Thunderbirds against the Montreal Carabins in Kingston, ON. This is a rematch of the 2015 Vanier Cup won by UBC. UBC won that one and it was the last time both of the schools made it to the big game. Montreal last won the Vanier Cup a year before in 2014.


We are going to take a look at the 115th Canadian Bowl. This occurred Saturday, November 11.

The Canadian Bowl is the championship for Canadian junior football. The champions of the Canadian Junior Football League. There are 19 teams that make up the 3 conferences in this league.

Think of it like junior hockey. These are not school teams. The young players range in age from 17 to 22. This is not a main feeder system to Canadian pro football like the Canadian universities or U.S. colleges, but players do make their way to the CFL after a junior football career.

It was predetermined this year’s Canadian Bowl would take place at the home of the British Columbia Football Conference (BCFC) champion. As a result, the game was on Vancouver Island in Langford, BC (Greater Victoria). Home of the BCFC champion Westshore Rebels. True to the CUUW’s mandate, we continue to travel west even from Vancouver!

This game was played in the driving rain. The Westshore Rebels were underdog BCFC champions. Defeating the defending national champion Okanagan Sun to get the BCFC title. The Rebels wore mono-red at home. The visitors were the Prairie Football Conference champion Saskatoon Hilltops. The Hilltops wore their usual road look of yellow helmets, white jerseys, and blue pants.

The Saskatoon Hilltops are the Canadian Bowl champions! Saskatoon is a powerhouse in Canadian junior football. The Hilltops have existed since 1947 and the team has won 23 national championships.

• • • • •
Thanks, Wade! Great stuff as always.



Five and One

Jimmer Vilk’s 5 & 1

Welcome to the Five and One for 2023!

Once again, Jim “Jimmer” Vilk (the original “5 & 1” decider) has returned.

The original concept of the 5 & 1 was simple: Jim picked five good matchups and one awful matchup. He’s still calling the project “5 & 1” but with a new twist.

You may agree and you may disagree — these are, after all, just opinions and everyone has one. Feel free to let him know what you think in the comments section.

If you have a game you feel is “worthy” of consideration for the 5 & 1, please either post it in the comments below or tweet Mr. Vilk @JimVilk.

Here’s today’s 5 & 1:

• • • • •

It’s that time of year when I start to get antsy. No, it has nothing to do with Christmas…I’m in full Thanksgiving Mode right now. Instead, I’m anxious about two other things:

1) What are Army and Navy going to wear when they face each other?

2) Who’s going to my favorite bowl game, the Sun Bowl?

While I toss and turn over these thoughts, here are some other things rolling around in my head…

This should have been a sure-fire no-brainer Top Five matchup. Yet there is absolutely no way I’m going to reward that tiny, abysmal, unreadable font. Even when you do something good like replacing the dumb toothed cardinal with a wonderful script helmet, you leave us with…that jersey. Do Better, Loolville.

• I don’t have as many rules as I used to, although one iron-clad rule of mine is this: if your name has a color attached to it, you can’t go BFBS. I’m talking to you, Blue Raiders and Red Wolves!

OK, let’s reward Five Good Matchups now, beginning with…


5. The “No False Advertising Here!” Game:
Coastal Carolina/Army

The Black Knights looked very appropriate, and they matched so well with all that teal.


4. The “I Could Bear-ly Contain My Excitement” Matchup:

Cal carried the load, but the Cardinal brought just enough to make this game a real looker.


3. The “Red Gray Pants Alert!” Game:

And I love the contrasting sleeves on both teams!


2. The “Don’t Blame Me, Blame The Bruins” Game:

After growing up with this wonderfully contrasting matchup, I can’t call this game a slam-dunk number one anymore.


1. Simply The Best:

Royal rules, and I’m glad the Sooners are back to looking like the Sooners.


&1. The “Don’t They Teach Contrast 101 In The MAC?” Matchup:
Kent State/Ball State

Yellow + White + Sun = Black + Red = Not easy on the eyes.


See you next week!

• • • • •

Thanks, Jim! OK readers? What say you? Agree or disagree with Jimmer’s selections? Let him know in the comments below.



Power Five (and Duck) Uni Tracking

Uni Watch will again track the uniform combinations worn by college football conferences. New this year is Zachary Wooldridge, who is tracking the SEC. And joining the SMUW crew to track the Big XII is Matt Tomelleri, so we again have all Power Five conferences tracked this season.

Long-time trackers Rex Henry (tracking the ACC and the B1G this year), and Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12) are returning for another season. Following the tracking, Dennis again returns with his Duck Tracking (which is the longest continuously-running feature on SMUW!).

• • •

Rex is up first today (ACC):

More Here.
Follow Rex on Twitter here.

• • •
And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:

Read more about the PAC12 uniforms on Dennis’ blog.

• • •

Here’s Zach with the SEC:

You can follow Zach on Twitter here.

• • •

And here’s Rex again, this time with the B1G:

• • •

And here is Matt, with the Big XII:

You can follow Matt on Twitter here.

**[Please note this is last week’s tracking. As of 2:00 am this morning, I hadn’t received Matt’s tracking. I’ll update this once I receive it — PH]

• • • • • • • • • •

Welcome to the 2023 Oregon Ducks Uni Tracker. This little project was originally begun way back in 2008-09 by Michael Princip, who retired after several seasons, whereupon the project was continued by Tim E. O’Brien. He, too, retired from the tracking, but the project has been ably kept up by the man who also tracks the Pac12, Dennis Bolt.

Here’s this weeks combo for the Ducks:

You can read about this uniform, and MUCH MORE, by checking out the Duck Tracker here and the color combo spreadsheet here!

Thanks Dennis!



Guess the Game from the Uniform

Based on the suggestion of long-time reader/contributor Jimmy Corcoran, we’ve introduced a new “game” on Uni Watch, which is similar to the popular “Guess the Game from the Scoreboard” (GTGFTS), only this one asked readers to identify the game based on the uniforms worn by teams.

Like GTGFTS, readers will be asked to guess the date, location and final score of the game from the clues provided in the photo. Sometimes the game should be somewhat easy to ascertain, while in other instances, it might be quite difficult. There will usually be a visual clue (something odd or unique to one or both of the uniforms) that will make a positive identification of one and only one game possible. Other times, there may be something significant about the game in question, like the last time a particular uniform was ever worn (one of Jimmy’s original suggestions). It’s up to YOU to figure out the game and date.

Today’s GTGFTU comes from Charlie Schick.

Good luck and please post your guess/answer in the comments below.



And finally...

…that’s it for the early article. My continued thanks, as always, to the entire SMUW crew (Terry, Wade, Jimmer, Rex, Dennis, Zach and Matt) for their contributions to these weekly college football uni reviews.

As I mentioned at the top, there will be at least two additional articles today (plus the Ticker), so please be sure to keep checking back!

Everyone have a great Sunday and a better week — and a Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating — and I’ll catch you back here next weekend.



Comments (32)

    Those biker shorts are ridiculous. Wonder what else today’s generation can do to trash a football uniform. I’m sure they’ll think of something.

    I’m curious if biker shorts are more of a comfort thing when it comes to movement. I know when I played sports, I absolutely hated having stuff around my knees when I had to run

    Check out the exposed billowing undershirts protruding from the waists, which I like to call skirts.

    GTGFTU — Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox, 6/22/67. White Sox 2, Cubs 0 in the annual exhibition game to benefit youth baseball in the Chicago area.

    As a Trojan I don’t have a problem blaming UCLA for the drop to #2, but much of this blame goes to Nike. Nike for some reason can’t make decent Metallic, also called Vegas, Gold fabric, especially the pants. Now teams with metallic gold have pants that look tan or kaki. For that matter, Nike can’t seem to get the Athletic Gold, yellow, pants of USC shiny like in the past. If you compare the pants back in the early to mid 2000s, the Leinart and Bush era, to the current pants, there is a noticeable difference. Yes they are Athletic Gold, but in the past they had a more gold shine than yellow. I will agree that the UCLA Blue has gotten too dark, and looked better in the past. Not saying they should go back to the 1960s Gary Beban light baby blue, but maybe back to when their light blue looked more like the shade of the Chargers.

    I agree with pretty much all of this. The UCLA-USC matchup yesterday was really, really good from a uni perspective, but probably not as great as it could have been, for all the reasons you mention. At least the Trojans have gone back to standard/flat-finished gray facemasks than those strangely burnished/shiny ones they wore around 2019. link

    Oh. My. Goodness. I rarely check the Ticker anymore.
    This new helmet rule is amazing! I’ve been clamoring for that since the ‘80 Olympics.

    Great work crew!!

    Slight quibbles / questions with the 5&1 this week.

    TCU was one of the worst sets this year— did Baylor save them?

    Arizona’s grey pants, white camo numbers and sleeves are just a mess.

    I thought UVA and Duke looked fantastic! Other good looking games included NMSU v. Auburn (go Aggies and Jerry Kill), and SDSU v. San Jose.

    So much black this week is seriously bumming me out.

    Had Baylor gone mono-white, I would have proclaimed that The Worst Looking Game of the Year.
    So yes, the Bears saved the Frogs. Barely.

    Penn State – Rutgers should have been on this list, but the SCARLETT Knights had to wear black helmets and pants.

    Nope, no team in the Big 12 had a bye yesterday. And no team in any conference ever has a bye during the regular season.

    You say this every week, and it wasn’t funny the first ten times. We’ve been through this.

    While “BYE” may not be technically correct, it has nonetheless become an accepted term.

    From the Cambridge Dictionary: (link)

    “in sports, especially football, a week during the playing season in which a team does not play a game”

    Personally I’d prefer “OFF” or “OPEN” but “BYE” is perfectly acceptable, if the designer chooses to use that term.

    Let’s not engage in this sillyness anymore, ok? Thanks!

    Yes — and did you read the italicized comment just below it? I did not receive the Week 12 tracking (still) from Matt — if/when I do, I’ll swap that in

    It’s not meant to be funny. I think we here at Uni Watch should strive for accuracy. We can do better than to go along with what’s become “accepted.” Lots of things in our society have become accepted, but that doesn’t make them right. And how else would you describe a team having an actual bye (that which is earned) when the watered-down term is used incorrectly here?

    Technical/proofreading – the following links in Terry’s (highly entertaining, as always) section are wonky (probably due to anti-hotlinking protection on the image’s host site). I’ve excerpted fragments from the sentences with links that need to be updated:

    “And in a move of pure spite, Aggies WR Moose Muhammad wore sleeves in a killer performance…”

    “Washington State/Colorado: WAZZU decals for the Cougars…”

    Other than those minor nuts-and-bolts issues, GREAT JOB, as usual, SMUW team! I look forward to Sunday mornings possibly even more than the games I want to watch on Saturdays!

    They did.

    As I mentioned just beneath the BigXII section, I did not receive tracking (nor have I heard since last Weekend) from Matt yesterday (I hope he’s OK), so that graphic is from last week. Once I receive the correct graphic for Week 12, I will swap that in.

    Hmmm, I watched a bit of Oregon / Arizona State, Oregon pants looked brown not black to me? Anybody else think that? Tough to find Canadian university football on television anymore, I think TVA (French sports network) televised the games, not sure there was any English broadcast, which is a same, that unfortunately is a recent development, as the Uteck and Mitchell Bowls used to be always televised nationally

    The Oregon pants worn yesterday are neither black nor brown, but some ridiculous dark greenish shade the team calls “Nightmare Green” — I’m not sure how to describe the shade…maybe “dark olive”?

    But depending on the lighting, the pants can certainly appear brownish.


    This color (as well as the whole “eggshell” motif– link) is almost as bad as their BFBS.

    We all know Oregon’s entire modus operandi is to have as many different possible uniform combinations, but I wish they’d just stick with their apple green and yellow shades (which I think at one time were referred to as “thunder” and “lightning”).


    Thanks Phil, I definitely noticed the jersey numbers the color was different depending on the angle. I think unfortunately Oregon has created a brand with all their unique looks, so the traditional green and yellow look, will continue to be a rare event.

    Almost as bad? Oregon has us assessing degrees of badness. I hated most the full eggshell, then the eggshell/nightmare green, then bfbs with nightmare green numbers.

    But hey, they keep us talking!

    Jim nailed it with number 1. What a great looking game.

    Another in the latest example of not considering your opponent when deciding a uni combo – Rutgers going black and white against very dark navy and white Penn St. Inexplicable.

    I’m surprised Michigan – Maryland didn’t get more attention as a good looking game.

    Can’t speak for Jimmer, but I know he hates it when UM wears white jerseys AND pants (link) but I thought it was a stellar matchup. Love UMd’s “new” retro duds!

    Yeah I prefer Michigan in yellow pants at all times, but their white ones are nice because of the stripes. I don’t mind this road combo at all.

    I forgot to include the SCARLET Knights in my intro. They can’t go BFBS either, because they looked more like the defunct Ottawa Renegades than themselves.

    And yeah, Michigan looked *OK* but not Listworthy with white pants.

    The uni matchup was really clean and crisp. OU’s whites are iconic. Royal and white is BYU’s best look and my personal favorite. Easy #1 pick.

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