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Tennessee Titans Unveil 25th-Season Logo

Paul here, giving Phil a quick breather. As you all know by now, the Titans will be wearing Houston Oilers throwbacks this season. But in an odd juxtaposition, they’re also going to be celebrating their 25th season as the Titans, and yesterday they unveiled a new logo to commemorate that milestone (which is also their 27th season in Tennessee, because they played two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers before becoming the Titans).

According to the Titans’ website, the new logo will be worn as a rear-helmet decal. It’s not clear whether it will be added for the team’s final preseason game Friday, or if they’ll wait until their regular season opener on Sept. 10.

This is the fourth time the team has created a logo to mark a season milestone of the “Titans” name. The first two, in 2008 and 2013, were worn as jersey patches; the third one, in 2018, was worn as a rear-helmet decal:

In addition, in 2009 the Titans had a logo to mark the franchise’s 50th season as both the Oilers and Titans. To my knowledge, this one was never worn as part of the uniform:


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    The proportions between the team logo and the 25 digits seems off to me. Like, I can’t see it reading properly at any small scale, like a back-of-helmet sticker.

    Holy crap. The Titans have already been wearing the new (awful) unis for 5 seasons?

    Oilers throwback introduced for first time (not counting old-AFL-wide throwbacks in 2009 link).

    Fans love the throwbacks.

    I know Houstonians would probably feel like the knife is being twisted even deeper, but c’mon…the time in nigh for the Titans to redesign and base their new uniforms on the throwbacks they’re wearing this season.

    Please let there not be a 6th season of the stupid sword/Tennessee point motif!
    I don’t feel a bit bad for the 1 or 2 fans in Houston who are still sore that the Oilers left and took the colors/name/etc. with them – said it many times before, I’ll say it again: The Texans are a well-uniformed, well-branded team that’s been in Houston over 20 seasons (and have had just about an equal amount of success in the new stadium as the Oilers had in the ol’ Astrodome?).

    The Texans haven’t been to two straight AFC championship games.
    And yes, the Texans are well-uniformed and well-branded.
    Not as well as the Oilers, though.

    “Please let there not be a 6th season of the stupid sword/Tennessee point motif!”

    You mean 7th? 2023 is the 6th season.

    I was just thinking, the Titans upgraded to the blue helmet 5 years ago?
    Granted, it’s not Columbia Blue. Still better than any helmet the franchise has worn since 1974.

    I very much prefer the anniversary vs the season approach. Subtracting the years should give you the number they are celebrating!

    I’m afraid I really don’t understand. How could the Tennessee Titans have worn a patch (or had a logo) saying they were original members of the AFL? I’ve checked the records, looked up the stats, even called the AFL 1960 League Offices, and they’ve never even heard of them.

    The Titans are one big identity mess. Time to shake free of its shackles and start from scratch: new uniforms, new helmet, new team colors. The name can stay and the logo is passable but forget the sword theme, forget the ugly uniforms and restart in pale light blue, orange and black. The Gulf livery!

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