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Monday Morning Uni Watch, and Year-End Raffle Results!

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Ho-ho-ho! Good morning and happy Christmas to one and all. Hope there’s some fun stuff in your stockings this morning.

As you can see above, at least one NFL player had the Christmas spirit over the weekend. That was Steelers wide receiver George Pickens, who wore two mouthguards — one red and one green — during Saturday’s game against the Bengals. You can see more photos of him here.

In other news from around the league over the holiday weekend:

  • In that same game, the throwback Dolphins helmet illustrations in the end zones had the orange stripe on the outside, even though the actual helmets had the aqua stripe on the outside:
  • In that same game, Patriots defensive back Jonathan Jones looked like he raided the Bears’ throwback sock supply:
  • It seems like we’ve had a lot of mono-black vs. mono-white games lately, including the Falcons vs. the Colts yesterday (additional photos here):
  • In that same game, Cordarrelle Patterson of the Falcons wore Christmas cookie-themed shoes:
  • Two teams wore white at home: the Vikings and the aforementioned Bears. The Vikings game was notable because there had been rumors that they might add a white helmet for this game, creating a full mono-white combo, but they didn’t do that. I’m glad they didn’t, but it means they really had no excuse not to wear a proper throwback helmet with this season’s throwback uni, instead of using their primary shell.

As for today games: KC and the Raiders will have a very good-looking uni matchup, the Eagles will wear their black alternates against the Giants, and the 49ers will wear their red throwbacks against the Ravens.

(My thanks to Phil, @MagicMeek1, and @MarvelousMike94 for their contributions to this report.)



Year-End Raffle Results

Santa’s left a little something extra under the tree this year for a bunch of lucky Uni Watch readers — the winners of our annual year-end raffle. Here are this year’s winners and the prizes they’ve won (you can see photos of the prizes here):

1. Uni Watch membership card — Jack Daley*

2. Substack subscription — Allyson Mathis**

3. Seattle Pilots cap — Nate Ahlberg

4. Seattle Steelheads cap — Olin Skattum

5. ECU mini-helmet — Andrew Paluch

6. ECU T-shirt — Mke Stevens

7. ECU bobblehead — Lance Casey

8. 2023 Purple Amnesty Day T-shirt — Will Pike

9. 2022 Purple Amnesty Day T-shirt — Alex Weston

10. Chicago Saints softball jersey — Justin Scheef

11. Rangers City Connect cap — Pete Mapes

12. Rangers City Connect jersey — Chris Taylor

13. Rangers City Connect promo booklet — Amer Shamaa

14. Seattle Sounders jersey — Steve Droho

15. Seattle Sounders scarf — James Kelley

16, 17. Uni Watch corduroy caps — Phil Fleckenstein & Chris Ray

18, 19. Uni Watch twill caps — Dave Amerikaner & Sean Conard

20, 21. Uni Watch snapback caps — Peter Scharl & Joel Frank

22. Uni Watch bottle opener — Tom Roddy

23. First-pitch baseball — John Wynn

24. Final Four wood chips — Alan Reichle

25. Green-trimmed Wafflebored card holder — Andy Chalifour

26. Blue-trimmed Wafflebored card holder — Patrick Raven 

27. Black-trimmed Wafflebored card holder Jimmy Lonetti

28. Red Wafflebored card holder Jaime Galindo

29. Broncos promo box — Ryan DeFilippi

30. MLB mini-helmet standings board — Marc Bronitt

31. Baseball-themed crossword puzzle — Jeff Willis

32. Tigers Confidential book — Ben Matthias

33. Tigers baseball card book — Frank Mercogliano

34. Uni Watch T-shirt — Don Kasak

35. NHL pillowcase — Justin McHenry

*Jack, let me know what you want for your membership card.

**Allyson, your one-year Premium subscription is now active. You should be able to access all of the Premium articles on my Substack page, and you’ll receive all the articles via email starting with the coming week.

Congrats to all the winners, thanks to all the entrants, and doubleplusthanks to people who donated some of the prizes. I’ll try to get everything mailed out by New Year’s!




Cans of the Day

I figured these seemed appropriate for today.

• • • • •

Sorry, no Ticker today, as the Uni Watch team had yesterday off.

As for me, I’ll be spending the first part of the day in New Jersey with with E and her family, and then I’m driving to Manhattan for the annual Christmas party at my friends Garth and Nina’s house. However you’re spending the day, please accept my best wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday, and my thanks for being part of the very special comm-uni-ty we’ve all built here. Peace. — Paul

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    Denver lost two crucial games this season wearing their silly white/orange/orange alts. Hopefully they are banished in the redesign.

    They lost a lot of games this season. If you banish the unis just because they lost, they’d have to play naked next season.

    Some Guy: Your football team is naked.
    Steven Wright: No, they’re not, our school color is Fleshtone.

    Merry Christmas Uni Watchers!

    Looks like one of the Bears lineman was in the spirit with one green and one red shoe: link

    Love the Cans of the Day!
    I could use some canned snow, because I was just outside kicking field goals in shirtsleeve weather.
    Anyway, Merry Christmas to all.

    You know I don’t need to say it with the Dolphins because we all know what should happen.

    However, I have a realistic request. With the current primary Dolphins uniform, could they not just please switch the shade of the aqua to the darker throwback shade. It just looks better and more proper for the Dolphins rather than the pastel aqua.

    Merry Christmas Uni-Watchers! audible for the Raiders, they’re going with the silver numbered faux-backs today link

    There were a number of multi-stripe sock wearers from the Dolphins in that game, as seen in the photos above.




    Also unique was a head coach wearing clamdiggers…

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