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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 5

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend, as I did.

Now then: The Broncos’ new white alternate helmet made its on-field debut yesterday, paired with the team’s orange Color Rush uniform. Here are some game photos:


The Broncos also had a uni-specific midfield logo and white end zones, which you can see in these two video clips:

Is this a terrible uniform? No. But it feels more NCAA than NFL, and it especially doesn’t feel like the Broncos. Here’s hoping things look better after next season’s uni redesign.

Also of note, at one point in this game, CBS’s graphics said that it was third and 12 and third and 14 — at the same time:

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • The Titans went white over white with light-blue socks (the first time they’ve ever worn light-blue hose with anything other than their Color Rush uni):
  • Brutal-looking game in Arizona, as the Cardinals debuted their new black alternates and the Bengals wore black pants:
  • The Falcons also went mono-black (when you add in the Commies from Thursday night, that makes three teams this week that went mono-black):
  • The Lions went mono-lulu blue (all credit to Phil for coming up with that term):
  • Kansas City went white over white for the first time in nearly a year (although I wish they’d gone with their red-topped socks instead of the white socks):
  • As usual, the 49ers and Cowboys presented a very attractive visual matchup:

  • Some interesting fan attire at the Bills/Jags game in London:
  • Just one home team wore white — the Dolphins:

As for tonight: Should be a good-looking game, as the Raiders host the Packers in a visual rematch of Super Bowl II.

(My thanks to Tod Meisner, Twitter-er @DarkAudit, and Phil for their contributions to this report.)




NHL Season Preview Reminder

The NHL regular season begins tomorrow. So if you haven’t already checked out the annual Uni Watch NHL Season Preview — your go-to guide to all of this season’s new uniforms, logos, goalie masks, ice designs, and deep-cut info you won’t find anywhere else — now is definitely the time to do so!

You can read the start of the NHL Season Preview here. In order to read the entire thing, you’ll need to become a paid subscriber to my Substack (which will also give you access to my full Substack archives and to the upcoming NBA Season Preview, which will be published in two weeks).

My thanks, as always, for your support and consideration.



What Paul Did Last Night

Went out last night to see the Australian pop-punk band Tee Vee Repairmann. Total earworm rock, with the tunes lodging in my brain from the first listen. Had never heard of them until I heard them on my friend Todd-a-Phonic Todd’s radio show, so kudos to him for giving them some exposure. A really fun night!


Can of the Day

Gorgeous can, plus I love that the product is just “Chocolate Dessert.” Not chocolate pudding, or parfait, or confection — just dessert!

• • • • •

I was away all weekend, so I don’t have any kitten updates — sorry.

I’ll be busy for a good chunk of today, so breaking uni news may not get covered until tomorrow.

However, I’ll have at least two more posts this morning, one of which has important info about Uni Watch’s upcoming silver uni-versary. Stay tuned! — Paul

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    Most of the NFL games yesterday were just brutal from a uni perspective. Niners v Cowboys salvaged the day.

    The mono-uniform look is now an epidemic. It’s gotten way out of hand.

    Also someone needs to point out to the Patriots since they’ve gone to wearing all navy all the time, they have sucked.

    I’m sure that has nothing to do with the change from Tom Brady to Mac Jones at quarterback.

    I know it’s been discussed a few times on here, but when they were going through highlights on NBC last night and they went to the Falcons game, the lighting just sticks out so much. Games just look so bad in Atlanta.

    Eagles-Rams was a decent-looking matchup with the Birds in all white and the Rams in their best set: blue over yellow…

    It’s good to see a young pop-punk outfit. I hope to see and hear more about that act.

    The best thing visually presented today (even better than Niners-Cowboys matchup) is the superior can: a pound of chocolate dessert from a can, with that brilliant taste of metallic cacao. Yummie!

    The Cardinals mono black would have been better if their sleeve and pants stripes were white instead of silver. This silver looked like dirty faded white. And why did the Cardinals decide to add silver as a color to their new uniforms?

    I particularly dislike the use of silver with the yellow beak. Yes, it’s only a little yellow on the helmet, but silver and yellow used together as accent colors has always looked strangely bad to me.

    I convinced myself early on that the Cards added silver below the neck as to not have to alter the look of the helmet…their best uni-component…too much and help to tie the uniform together – keeping the facemasks in the gray family was a good move.
    The silver looks great on the away set (their best option, one that I’m very fond of)…but is not so successful on the home and alt.

    The Cardinals mono black would have been better if their sleeve and pants stripes were white instead of silver.

    And if they wore a red jersey with white numbers and a white helmet.

    This absolute trainwreck of a franchise really looks the part now. They looked so bad that after one play I couldn’t watch anymore.

    Just change the Broncos pants to white (with the same striping pattern as on the helmet) and that’s a Top 10 uniform right there.

    Lost in the (fair) criticism of this uniform combination is the fact that it is a bazillion times more attractive than the Broncos primary look.

    The Broncos should just use their pre-1997 uniforms as a throwback twice a season. It’s not so hard. I hope the new owners don’t lose this opportunity when they change the uniforms in 2024.

    Thank you, KC…you made my Sunday!
    The Titans looked less-terrible…the added (Luv Ya) blue is a step in the right direction.

    When I came home and saw the wrong pants, I kept the game on… but I took a nap on the couch. What a visual snoozer.

    The Chiefs last wore white on white in the season finale last year.

    Interestingly, the last time they paired it with the striped white socks was in 2016

    I feel happy for the Lions finally playing well, but not happy by the fact they keep winning while wearing this awful all blue combo. Because their only loss was played with the silver pants and superstition is so overrated these days, they’re probably sticking to mono lulu blue all season, unless they start to lose games wearing it. It’s the same thing that happened to the Bills last season with their all blue combo.

    Happy Columbus Day to everyone who has the day off from work today!
    On behalf of more than 90% of Native Americans, I’d like to ask the uni-verse to stop white-splaining to us that we should be ashamed to see our heritage proudly celebrated in sports. Thank you!!!

    A very similar-looking kitten showed up at my rural Nebraska home last night. Seems like a lot of miles from Brooklyn. Probably not the same one, but…

    I liked the Broncos’ look yesterday. I would have loved it if they could have worn white pants with it, but I believe they were stuck with the orange Color Rush pants because of the league’s rules about wearing alternate helmets only with alternate uniforms. In either circumstance, the white helmets work for me as an alternate, but I wouldn’t want the Broncos to wear those as their primary look.

    My first choice for their new uniforms, whenever they’re unveiled next year, would be be to go back to their old Orange Crush uniforms with the royal blue helmets and trim. My second choice would be to create a facsimile of that look with navy blue in place of royal. My third choice would be anything other than this:


    Broncos white helmet logo looks a bit small compared to their old “D” logo on the old blue helmets

    I’m probably not the first to notice this, but now that we’ve seen Denver’s color rash, we know they’re using the FUSE template for it, while keeping the older Vapor template for their orange and white (and presumably navy) jerseys. Not sure why, as the only element that changed from last year was the helmet.

    Football is such a colorful and telegenic game, it’s really a shame to see so many uniforms now reduced to mono-colored (or color-with-white). It’s visually boring to a baffling degree, considering the design options available and the proliferation of HD screens.

    That Broncos set just screams for some real cobalt or royal blue.

    It was instantly dated the moment it debuted, but I’m really sick of the Titans’ current design. I see a picture of them now, and I don’t even want to look at it.

    Unexpectedly, the more I see them, I think I actually like the Cardinals’ new pant stripes, but please just lean into being a primary red/white team. I hate them in black. The stripes are a small improvement, at least.

    Any pictures of the Falcons just makes me long for that throwback. I think that’s the best uniform available in football currently. Similarly, that Sack Exchange throwback, simple as it is, really puts the Jets’ current all-whites to shame.

    That Dolphins vs Giants photo looks great, but I miss the grey NYG pants, especially for outdoor games and vs WAH teams.

    Carolina’s uniforms are a mess. Detroit’s Honolulu looks so much better with contrasting silver pants. In monochrome it all looks so washed out.

    What does it say when the consensus is that the best match up of the day was two teams wearing their traditional uniforms.

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