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Category: Anniversary Logos

Florida Panthers Taking Very Odd Approach With 30th-Anniversary Patch

I don’t think any other team has ever handled an anniversary patch the way the Panthers are handling theirs.

Kings Unveil Sensational 100th-Anniversary Logo

It’s the first centennial logo in NBA history — and it’s a keeper.

Tennessee Titans Unveil 25th-Season Logo

Paul here, giving Phil a quick breather. As you all know by now, the Titans will be wearing Houston Oilers throwbacks this season. But in an odd juxtaposition, they’re also …

Florida Panthers Unveil 30th-Anniversary Logo

Can’t believe it’s already been three decades!

Anaheim Ducks Unveil 30th-Anniversary Alternate Jersey

The team used last night’s NHL draft as the backdrop for its unveiling.

Boston Bruins Unveil New Centennial Crest

The team is making an adjustment to its famed “spoked-B” logo.

The Strange Saga of Troy Aikman’s NFL 75th-Anniversary Patch

The Cowboys QB had an unusual patch odyssey in 1994.

Orlando Magic Unveil 35th-Season Logo

With the 2022-23 season just completed, one team is already looking ahead to next season.

Lions Unveil 90th-Season Patch, New Jersey Template

One of the NFL’s oldest franchises will be honoring its history this fall.

Colts Add Patch Marking 40 Years in Indy

For a team whose basic look almost never changes, a new patch qualifies as a big deal.

Diamondbacks Unveil 25th-Anniversary Logo

The logo is nice enough, but has a serious flaw.

Red Alert: Texans Unveil New Alternate Helmet

The Texans now have a red alternate helmet to go with their red alternate jersey.

Devils Unveil New 40th-Anniversary Logo

Timed to coincide with the start of the NHL draft, the Devils are marking their 40th anniversary in New Jersey.

Astros Unveil 60th-Anniversary — er, ‘60 Years’ — Patch

For all images, click to enlarge The lockout has put a serious damper on MLB uni news, but the Astros got things cooking yesterday by unveiling a 60th-anniversary logo. As …

The All-Time Weirdest Place to Put an Anniversary Patch

Click to enlarge The Northern Michigan University men’s hockey team (which has my favorite color scheme, don’tcha know) won the NCAA national championship in 1991. That means the 30th anniversary …