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Florida Panthers Unveil 30th-Anniversary Logo

The Florida Panthers’ first season was in 1993, which means the team is marking its 30th anniversary this coming season. Now the team has unveiled a new logo to mark that milestone.

The team released the following graphic about the logo’s design details:

The Panthers have also had logos marking their fifth, 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries, as well as an inaugural-season logo. Here are those marks:

Of those previous logos, only two — the 20th- and 25th-anniversary marks — were worn as jersey patches. Today’s announcement does not mention anything about a patch, so for now I’m assuming it will not be worn as part of the uniform.

(My thanks to Mike Chamernik, who was the first to let me know about the Panthers’ announcement.)


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    Just looked up what their official colors are, and it was the first time I remember seeing “flat gold”. It’s great for the panther color. Besides being “flat”, it appears to be darker, which works well for the big cat.

    Solid reminder of how old I am when I see the Florida Panthers are celebrating 30 years. I view all the 90s expansion teams of my childhood as having been around for only like 10 years.

    When the ’90s teams came in, the 1967 group wasn’t even 30 years old. Teams like the Islanders and Capitals were just hitting 20 years. To me, as a teenager then, those teams of course were nearly as ancient as the “Original 6” – as that second group of six came in when black and white pictures were still predominant.

    “… pays homage to the past identity of the Florida Panthers.” Sorry, was there a Florida Panthers team that I’ve never heard about? Was this written by Chat GPT? You created a basic anniversary patch that includes the team’s original logo; why is it necessary to add meaningless tripe as an explanation? It’s like they didn’t do their job if they can’t point out five minute, pointless details in it.

    IMO, the modern leaping cat should be the primary logo.


    The current primary logo feels like a soccer badge. If on a hockey jersey, the current primary logo is better suited as a shoulder patch. Put the Panthers near the front of the line for a team that could use a uniforms redesign because they could do and look much better.

    The Panthers probably have the worst colours-to-uniforms ratio in the league (as in they have very good colours and very bad uniforms).

    Looks to me like the broken hockey stick has always had 3 stripes…long before the Panthers retired any numbers.

    I’m sure they were hoping no one would notice that they were there before. They should have said, “We’ve found a way to give this graphic design detail a backstory.”

    They’ve retired one number that actually saw the ice. They retired a number for a GM and a former owner. That is embarrassing.

    Did you mean to write “marketing” in that first paragraph. Considering the fact that you used “marking” throughout the rest of the post, I’m guessing that you didn’t, but, whether it was intentional or not, it still doesn’t feel inappropriate.

    What is wrong with the sentence “The Panthers have also had logos marking their fifth, 10th, 20th, and 25th anniversaries” ?

    I have to say… the storytelling on that top image is not totally cringeworthy. Basically describing things in everyday terms. The bevel adds definition to the font. Yep! And that’s all it does. It isn’t a symbol for the hardworking Floridians, it isn’t an homage to 1930’s Miami blah blah blah… it is a bevel, it adds depth.

    Refreshing, in a way.

    I agree that their current logo is more of a soccer badge (not a bad one I should add) and I would love to see them use the leaping panther again with some modern touches. It is much more a dynamic logo, befitting a hockey team.

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