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Anaheim Ducks Unveil 30th-Anniversary Alternate Jersey

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Earlier this week, the Bruins unveiled their new centennial crest, but they’re not the only NHL team marking an anniversary milestone this season. Over in Anaheim, the Ducks will be celebrating the franchise’s 30th anniversary, and last night they used the NHL draft as the backdrop for a new commemorative jersey.

As you can see above, the jersey uses the original color scheme and cartoon mascot character from the franchise’s old Mighty Ducks days. The silver sleeve stripes are debossed with “Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Est. 1993” on the right sleeve and “Anaheim Ducks Est. 2006” on the left. Here’s a closer look at the typography:

You can get some additional looks at the sleeve inscriptions, along with a rear view of the jersey, in this video:

It’s all pretty silly, but that’s the team’s history. I like that they’re embracing it.

The “W” on the jersey is an ad, which the Ducks announced last week. As you can see in that link, the team is also wearing a 30th-anniversary patch this season, but apparently not on the new 30th-anniversary jersey.

The new jersey will be paired with plum/purple pants, socks, helmets and gloves. It will make its on-ice debut for the team’s home opener on Oct. 15, when the Ducks will be hosting the Hurricanes. Additional dates will be announced at some point down the road. Additional info here.


In Memorium

I’ve had six cats over the years, each of which has been euthanized at the same Brooklyn veterinary office. They offer to make a paw imprint of the deceased pet in a puck of clay — an offer I always accept — and yesterday I picked up Caitlin’s. It will join the others in a little display I have in my bedroom.

I like how each vet technician has their own way of approaching the paw prints: sometimes one paw, sometimes two; sometimes with the pet’s name above the paw(s), sometimes below; and so on.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts about Caitlin’s demise — greatly appreciated.



What Paul Did Last Night

Substack held a gathering last night in Manhattan for its NYC-based writers. I met a lot of interesting folks, most notably the great Anne Kadet, who writes the truly delightful newsletter Café Anne. That was a major treat!

Substack hired two cartoonists to draw people during the event, and one of them, Jason Chatfield, did this rendering of me while I was talking to Anne:

Hmmm, is that really what I look like? I mean, I know I have thick eyebrows, but geez!



Can of the Day

I think the awesomeness of this one is self-explanatory.

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    The can is great, the cartoon is canny (as in: nice), the Ducks jersey is very cool (apart from the ad). Plum and teal forever!

    So much comic goodness today! I love the Ducks’ new rendering of the old logo (the whole jersey works in a perfectly kitschy way. The 0il can logo guy is classic (although his hand is a bit too real for his facial style). And your caricature has a very Al Hirschfeld feel to it. Whoever created that is really good at that.

    Someday I shall draw you as one of my patented “Unflattering Caricatures That Only Sort of Look Like You at a Reasonable Price.”

    Ron, in memory of Purp Walk Day, Paul could be drawn in the new Ducks’ jersey/sweater, breezers and socks. No shortage of purple/plum/eggplant.

    I, for one, wish the Ducks would return to the plum/green color scheme full-time. It’s unique in hockey.

    If memory serves, the Ducks called it “eggplant” back then. “Eggplant” and “jade.” Both versions of the Duck goalie mask were excellent, with a pronounced Disney-esque look to them.

    What a wonderful idea with the paw prints of your furballs. A lovely remembrance of them.

    So much better than the colors the Ducks are using today. And I wish they were still the Mighty Ducks. Not the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. That’s dumb. Just the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. They were named for the film, so stick with it.

    It is no secret I have been pleading for the Ducks to return to their original colour scheme fulltime but with a redesigned uniform. Take the wording out of the silver stripes on this jersey. Use the original primary logo on the front or even the current primary logo (Duck Foot D) in the original colour scheme. Done and done. That works.

    Al Hirschfeld came to my mind as well as soon as I saw the drawing. He’s an interesting guy and the documentary on his life and work is worth the time.

    We have a small shadowbox-type display of those paw print memorials for our cats. It’s a sweet way to remember them.

    The silver stripe on the Ducks jersey looks like it might be dazzle cloth, which I always like when metallics are required.

    I wonder why they are calling it plum, not eggplant?

    love the caricature, writers update, and most importantly the paws!
    As a kid I felt that the mighty ducks cartoon was larger then life.

    I ADORE this Ducks jersey. Honestly wish they would adopt it full-time with a white counterpart.

    So sorry for your loss Paul.

    So if the team debuted in ’93-94, wouldn’t this past season mark 30 years? Or is it because of the lost NHL season in the mid-00s that changes that aniv. date?

    Last season was their 30th season (ignoring the strike year); this season will be their 30th anniversary (ditto).

    For more on this, look here: link

    That Anaheim sweater is so many levels above what they’re wearing now. How can they not go with it full time?! My only gripe is with the dates on the silver stripes. Why 2 different dates? It’s been the same franchise since day one.

    So sorry to hear of Caitlin’s passing. I had the same paw print pressing done when my dog passed 5 years ago. They also gave me a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem which turned me into a blubbering mess.

    I got a caricature done when I was 10. I also have thick eyebrows, and I had been teased about them as a kid, but this artist made them take up half of my face. I was so, so hurt by it! I’m honestly surprised I didn’t think about it beforehand.

    Love Anne Kadet’s work, both her small business profiles and Café Anne. Glad you got to meet!

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