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Ewww: Canadiens Add Road Jersey Advertisement

One thing you might have missed during the holiday hustle and bustle is that the Montreal Canadiens have taken the unfortunate step of sullying their road uniform — one of the nicest uniforms in all of sports — by plastering it with an advertisement for an airline.

The deal is described as “multi-year.” Financial terms were not disclosed. The advertisement made its on-ice debut on Wednesday.

I’ll say this much for the Habs: Their announcement includes the following sentence: “The addition of the Air Canada patch comes as part of the NHL’s Jersey Advertising Program, introduced last season, which allows NHL teams to advertise a partner’s logo on their game jerseys.” (Emphasis mine.)

The team’s home uniform carries an ad for a bank, which the team began wearing last season. The road uni had been ad-free until now.

In other Canadiens news, defenseman Jayden Struble made his NHL debut on Wednesday and wore a neck guard:

(Thanks to Mike Engle for the Jayden Struble item.)

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