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New York Rangers Unveil Alternate Uni, Confirming Earlier Leak

A leaked retail jersey in late October suggested that the New York Rangers had an alternate uniform in the works. That has now been confirmed, as the team has announced the launch of the new design.

Annoyingly, the Rangers have not provided any full-body photos of the new uniform, but here are some shots that show the rear view and a partial view of the pants:

The design is similar to the team’s road jersey from the 1976-77 and 1977-78 seasons:

I didn’t much care for that 1970s uniform, and I like the new one even less. The crest is way too big, I miss the simple elegance of the primary jersey’s diagonal lettering, and Rangers typography should always have block-shadowing.

The new uniform will make its on-ice debut when the Rangers host the Kings on Dec. 10. It will then be worn for nine additional home games. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Dec. 10 vs. the Kings
  • Dec. 15 vs. the Ducks
  • Dec. 23 vs. the Sabres
  • Jan. 14 vs. the Capitals
  • Jan. 26 vs. the Golden Knights
  • Feb. 7 vs. the Lightning
  • March 9 vs. the Blues
  • March 17 vs. the Islanders
  • March 23 vs. the Panthers
  • April 3 vs. the Devils

Meanwhile, this feels like very strange timing for an NHL uniform unveiling, no? I wonder what that’s about.

(My thanks to longtime reader and Rangers fan Alan Kreit, who was the first to alert me to this unveiling.)


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    I think the Rangers have one of the nicer uniforms in the NHL. Subject to what the pants will look like, and reserving an final opinion until they are revealed, this seems like it will be a nice alternate.

    I hate the Rangers, but the uniforms are always strong and this is no exception

    How are NHL teams allowed to unveil new alternate uniforms in the middle of a season? I can’t recall that in any other league (besides maybe Color Rush back in 2015-16???)

    Really? City Connect (MLB), City and Earned Editions (NBA), Reverse Retro (NHL)… Happens all the time.

    The plain numbers and NOBs look like they were ripped from the Red Wings. It’s just weird to see a Rangers uniform without the block shadow, and the A in the traditional angled serif font looks even stranger without it. (Since captain Jacob Trouba was not in this shoot, we don’t get to see the C, but I figure it will look equally weird.)

    Honestly, I like the striping as it seems unique to me and today it seems hard to not introduce unique without going over the top. It’s simple, elegant, and sleek- perfect for an original 6 team.

    “….I didn’t much care for that 1970s uniform, and I like the new one even less. The crest is way too big, I miss the simple elegance of the primary jersey’s diagonal lettering, and Rangers typography should always have block-shadowing.”

    same 100% I was ok with the diagonal NEW YORK alt but everything else, Lady Liberty, crest….nope. And yes, I’m an old man and when it comes to Rangers unis I do tend to yell at clouds.

    In a vacuum, I like it. The crest is maybe a bit too big, but not egregiously so. I get what you mean about it seeming a bit out of place to the rest of their uniforms with the lack of block-shadowing though.

    The big logo would have led me to believe they’d wear this when they play the Islanders in the Stadium Series in February, but it’s not listed on the game schedule. So I guess the Rangers will presumably get ANOTHER jersey for that?

    It’s meh. Nothing terribly offensive but definitely not my fave. Not sure if you were doing this why you didn’t go full throwback

    The logo is a bit too big. I wonder if dealing with the large rigid crest will be an issue with players who can be finicky with equipment. Especially since it will be a difference from the usual jersey with just the diagonal lettering.

    I do recall players complaining about the Islanders Fisherman logo for this reason.

    I like it.

    The Rangers have always been a little strange in the hockey world, they have a famous logo, everybody knows what their logo looks like, but they don’t actually use that logo on anything.

    The striping is a little weird, its odd that the jersey doesn’t match the sleeves, but that’s not a big deal.

    I loved that 1970s uniform mainly because of the shoulder yolk extending down to the wrists, not so much the logo.
    The Maple Leafs had a similar uniform with the white stripe extending all the way down from shoulder to wrist.

    The sleeve stripes are amazingly weird; I like that they are using two shades of blue. I guess the helmets will be dark blue, but they should experiment with red buckets.

    Lifelong Rangers hater but I have always liked their uniforms. This is a step backward.
    1. I always liked the quirk that they don’t wear their crest on the front of their sweaters, like nearly every other team. The crest is fine and all but this isn’t anything special.
    2. The heavy shadow on the numbers IS the Rangers. Single-layer numbers seems to be an emerging trend in the NHL and it’s not always for the better. This is one of those times.
    3. There is a conspicuous lack of red trim, especially on the backs of the sweaters.
    4. Royal blue accents on navy rarely look good. This is no exception.
    5. WTF is going on with the shoulders? Is there a ridiculous storytelling aspect to the stripes? Something about the 54 years between Cups?
    The Rangers are a historic NHL team. I don’t like them but they deserve better than this.

    I like the sleeve striping a lot, but can’t understand why the bottom striping wouldn’t match. Weird design, freakishly large crest.

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