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Ewww: Carolina Hurricanes Announce Jersey Advertiser

The Hurricanes, whose jerseys have been blissfully ad-free this season, have announced that they’re selling space on their jerseys to a steel-production company. The advertisement will make its on-ice debut tonight, when the Canes play on the road against the Capitals.

The advertisement will be worn through the 2026-27 season. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Hurricanes had already whored out their helmets to a different advertiser.

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    Not surprised. Tom Dundon is willing to pay the players, but IMO, that’s window-dressing. He proudly brags about running the leanest front office in the NHL. So an ad is exactly what I expected.

    You say that like it’s a good thing ;)

    I suppose we can rationalize it by saying, “well, yes, it’s an ad, but it’s not as bad as some other ads”

    Still an ad

    I want to make it clear that i hate uniform ads but i was surprised by thr size of this one, especially compared to, for instance, the sleeve sized ad of the Padres. But i can come across as being mellowed by the sheer presence of uniform ads by now, i get that ;-)

    Bad…but could be worse(?):
    The ‘canes could have sold out to The Connecticut-based insurance outfit with the buck deer mascot!

    Don’t know if this was mentioned before, but it looks like the helmet and jersey advertisers were removed as a part of the Winter Classic.


    Are they the only team with an advertiser on the upper left chest? It was required on the white Canes jersey because of limited space on the right. But, there is plenty of space on the upper right of the black jersey. Actually, it would make more sense on the black jersey to have the advert on the right because of the slant of the flag logo.

    I suppose the Rangers would run into the same issues. They might get a pass to allow the advert on the shoulder like they do with their special occasion/other passes. Or put it on the left and simplify/shrink the captains’ C and A’s.

    17 other teams already do it, all Europe hockey does it, most sports teams have sponsorship, not a big deal. Imagine Nascar with no logos.

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