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Iron Bowling

By Phil Hecken

Ah, Rivalry Weekend.

Quite possibly the best weekend weeklong set of games in college football. In the past, I’ve covered many of the best rivalries, including Army/Navy (several times), UCLA vs. USC, Harvard vs. Yale (a/k/a “The Game”), the Civil War, the Backyard Brawl (what?), and even “THE Game” (OSU vs. . . . → Read More: Iron Bowling

Crazy Eight

Weird uni glitch in yesterday’s Cowboys/Raiders game, as Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant was missing the outlining on the upper window of one of his 8s. Now if they’d just get rid of all the outlining, which looks way too clunky.

Meanwhile, the game marked the first time in over 40 years that the . . . → Read More: Crazy Eight


Last Thanksgiving I was all reflective and thoughtful because my arm was in a cast and my city was still reeling from Sandy. This year I’m taking the more straightforward route: I’m super-duper-thankful for all the people who keep this here site running, including interns Mike Chamernik and Garrett McGrath (two great new additions . . . → Read More: Gobble-Gobble

A Pair of Pre-Thanksgiving Turkeys

When White Sox owner Bill Veeck pioneered the placement of players’ names on uniforms in 1960, he was probably too busy misspelling Big Klu’s name to wonder how his innovation might play out, oh, half a century later. Veeck was, among other things, an absurdist, so he probably would have enjoyed seeing the slogans . . . → Read More: A Pair of Pre-Thanksgiving Turkeys