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Designing Minds, Volume V (Part II)


By Phil Hecken

I’m back today for the second half of “Designing Minds, Volume V” featuring the NFL concepts of Jesse Alkire. If you missed the first installment, please click here. Jesse’s designs in the first half were very well-received, and I wanted to ask him a few follow-up questions.

. . . . . . . . . .

Uni Watch: What program do use to create these concepts?

Jesse Alkire: I use the Adobe Creative Suite in both professional and personal projects, always have.

UW: I notice yoo didn’t really make any wholescale changes to the unis. Were you trying to keep the designs as close to current as possible (just “tweaking” them, as it were)? What was your goal here?

JA: The goal of this personal project was to do a realistic league-wide design. To me, this meant strictly sticking to making corrections where needed and not touching what was already working. A big fan of tradition in the NFL, I respected a team’s history if it was a proud history of good design. If the history was proud, but poorly designed, I erred on making the necessary design changes and leaving as much of the original brand in tact.

UW: So you wanted to keep the designs consistent with those already in place, but just “corrected” in places you thought the team had strayed? Any examples?

JA: I get that a lot of people feel certain elements of their favorite uniforms are “out of bounds” when it comes to redesign. But off the top of my head, take the 49ers helmet and pants stripe. It’s your traditional A/B/A stripe that is so ubiquitous in today’s NFL, and when combined with the 49ers more recognizable and ownable three stripe pattern they feature on their sleeves, their entire set becomes inconsistent — something that, if you were to start from scratch today, any good designer would most likely correct. So while the 49ers may have a long history of wearing two conflicting striping patterns, a fresh start would allow them to create an even longer history of better design.

UW: Myself (and others) were curious if you have (or are planning) on showing the side views, maybe the back views as well. Is that part of this project?

JA: You’re not missing much by not seeing side views of the helmet and pants, I assure you. For the most part, I didn’t mess with the logos on each team’s helmet as my goal was simply to fix inconsistent uniform elements, not do a complete rebrand of every team (thank God).

UW: OK, I can respect that. But there are some teams that, at least in my opinion, need a helmet view, even if you describe them in your comments. Can you tell us where you made changes?

JA: For Carolina, I did like the idea of an enlarged, blue version of their logo on the right side (a la Boise State’s helmet) and player numbers on the left side. For Houston I removed their helmet logo in favor of a design reminiscent of the St. Louis Rams helmet design, turning the player into a literal depiction of their primary logo with steer horns on both sides of the helmet. For Philadelphia, I thought a return to their simpler, whiter wings on either side of the helmet would fit with the clean aesthetics of my concept. For San Diego, I made some tweaks that I described in detail below. And for Washington, I would remove the Redskins logo in favor of the bunched feathers logo on the rear right side of the helmet, with player numbers on the left side.

UW: What about the pant stripes?

JA: As for the pants stripes, it should be reasonably easy for you guys to fill in the blanks. Whatever striping pattern you see elsewhere on the uniform will usually appear on the pants, and if not, then the pants are without a stripe. I know it may feel mysterious to not see these views, with any number of wild striping concoctions certainly a possibility in all your vivid imaginations, but I assure you whatever would be there would be completely consistent with the rest of the uniform.

UW: Is there any team you used as a “template” for others?

JA: To be honest, I kind of use the Kansas City Chiefs as a model for good uniform consistency. The way I see it, a team should get stripes in no more than three different areas on the uniform. I modeled many teams after the Chiefs, giving them stripes on the jersey, pants, and socks. With so many different types of helmets and all their different innovations, I kind of enjoy giving the dome a clean look, sans stripe. Stripes can often be clunky, so for a team to have striping patterns on every part of their uniform set would come across as too busy, I think, and leaving some blank real estate on certain areas makes for an overall sleeker look in a league where the appearance of speed is a must.

UW: Cool. Turning our attention to other sports/leagues, any plans to do say, baseball or hockey?

JA: It was a lot of fun to undertake this project, but I have no plans to design concepts for other leagues. My goal was simply to share them with the online uniform design community, maybe get my big design packet in the hands of some sports design agencies, and then find something else fun to occupy my time.

UW: Great stuff! OK, I want to get into Part II, so any final thoughts?

JA: The Uni Watch community is a hard one to please, and rightly so. I’m glad to see everyone’s been positive overall. Hope the second half goes over well.

UW: I am sure it will. Thanks again for sharing these designs.

. . . . . . . . . .

And now, here is the second half of Jesse’s NFL redesign project (click on each image to enlarge):



Miami Dolphins

• A nice clean, consistent uniform remains virtually untouched.

• White socks give the home uniform the complete “white-out” look, one of the better uniform trends in recent memory.

• Aqua pants an option on the road to achieve the classic white/color look.



Minnesota Vikings

• A nice clean, consistent uniform remains virtually untouched.

• Added the Vikings new unique striping pattern, previously featured on the sleeves and pants, to the socks.



New England Patriots

• The double red, flowing stripes from the team’s primary logo take over as the only instance of striping in set, featured on the sleeves, pants, and socks.

• The patriotic cherry red acts as a bright accent to the deep navy, similar to how the orange pops well for both the Broncos and Bears uniform sets.

• Removed superfluous number outlines for a clean, modern look.



New Orleans Saints

• The custom number type takes cues from the team’s letter type and features a saintly stained-glass effect, changing and reflecting colors in different lighting conditions.

• A simple stripe on the helmet and pants stays consistent with the simple, solid-color collar.

• Golden shoes add to the grand aesthetic overall, which is enhanced with glittery flashes when the players are in motion.



New York Giants

• The Giants use of the traditional “Northwestern stripe” is extended to all uniforms in the set, creating a consistent look throughout.

• A “giant” red stripe on the helmet and equally-sized blue stripe on the pants are derivative of the large center portion of the “Northwestern stripe”.

• A red jersey returns as an alternate option at home.



New York Jets

• Another strong, modern take on a traditional uniform remains virtually untouched.

• The lone stripe, previously only on the shoulders, is now used as the as the sole helmet stripe.

• The uniquely-Jets striping on the shoulders and sleeves is replicated on the socks.



Oakland Raiders

• Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched.

• Solid-color socks and give one of the NFL’s most traditional uniforms a slick, modern feel.

• Alternate Black Hole uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.



Philadelphia Eagles

• A lighter, more nimble take on the Eagles look, leaving behind the clunky, heavy mix of dark green and black.

• Silver shoulders feature stitching representative of wings.

• An aerodynamic custom letter and number type, with strong edges and points reminiscent of an eagle’s tapered feathers.



Pittsburgh Steelers

• Another strong, proud uniform tradition remains virtually untouched.

• The Steelers’ distinctive striping pattern is added to the socks, reinforcing their most ownable uniform element.

• A heavier stripe is added to the helmet and pants, toughening up their overall look.

• Alternate Steelworks uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.



San Diego Chargers

• Superfluous outlines are removed for a clean and modern take on their classic look, while the bolts are moved back to their long time position on the shoulders.

• Continuing the trend of teams in warmer climates, all-white becomes the regular home look.

• Classic gold pants make their return as an alternate look, pairing nicely with either the white or navy jersey.

• The numbers feel energized, as the gradient shifts when exposed to different lighting conditions.

• Golden shoes add to the electric aesthetic, which is enhanced with bright flashes when the players are in motion.



San Francisco 49ers

• One of the league’s best uniform sets is streamlined here for an ultimately traditional, yet modern look.

• The 49ers iconic sleeve stripes are moved higher so all three are visible, while the stripes now appear on the socks, as well.

• The secondary striping pattern on the helmet and pants is removed completely, giving way to the more ownable stripes on the sleeves and socks.



Seattle Seahawks

• A few small tweaks to an overall distinctive and very modern new look created by Nike.

• The unnecessary gray stripe across the upper chest is removed, while the feather icon is kept to stay consistent with it’s usage throughout the uniform.

• The Seahawks new distinguishing striping pattern, previously only on the pants and neck, is now added to the socks.



St. Louis Rams

• An adaptation to what many fans would say is their best look, using navy for a modern twist on one of the NFL’s most classic uniform sets.

• A bold custom number type with a strong base and hard edges, reminiscent of the mountains that a ram would call home.

• Solid-color socks and navy shoes gives this traditional uniform a slick, modern feel.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers

• An all-white home look for another of the NFL’s warm climate teams, with alternate pewter pants for either the white or dark jersey.

• The collar and pants feature stripes which are suggestive of a pirate’s blade.

• A swashbuckling custom number type, taking cues from the striping on the collar and pants.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

• A surprisingly consistent and modern look remains virtually untouched.

• The contrasting belt loops and thick helmet stripe are meant to be derivative of the heavy shoulder stripe.

• Three pairs of pants and jerseys could be interchanged for a very pleasing look in any combination.



Washington Redskins

• A variety of different looks in the past are thrown out for a pro-combat style reimagining, taking cues from brave Indian warriors for these War Paint uniforms.

• War paint stripes are featured on the helmet, sleeves, and pants, and a paint-inspired letter type.

• A custom number type takes its paint-splattered cues from the feathers in the team’s primary logo.

• Alternate Black Out uniform an option for marquee matchups, such as playoff games or rivalry games.

. . . . . . . . . .

And…Thanks again, Jesse! OK, readers ”” as with last week, I won’t make any comments on the designs themselves, as the floor is now yours. I hope you enjoyed these, and that you’ll continue to make comments on Jesse’s efforts.


NBA Sleeves

Click To Enlarge

More NBA Sleeved Uniforms Revealed

The above graphic shows 10 new NBA sleeved jerseys, in addition to those that have already been revealed (including those which will be worn on Christmas or during the season). That graphic comes from this tweet to myself, Paul and Darren Rovell, from Conrad Burry. Conrad confirms that these are legit (from the official NBA media site).

The graphic shows the NBA will be breaking out the sleeves for six teams for “Noche Latina” games (Knicks, Spurs, Lakers, Heat, Bulls and Suns). Whether they’d be worn against each other I haven’t been able to determine. But since three of them are white and three are dark, perhaps they will. It’s difficult to tell from that graphic, but it appears those six jerseys will all have a pattern on the back — wonder if it will be sublimated (a la Nike’s sweatbacks) or screenprinted.

Two of the other pictured jerseys are green and have “MARCH” and “17” on the back (Celtics and Bulls), so presumably those will be worn on St. Patrick’s Day. The Bulls play at home against the OKC Thunder on March 17, and the Celtics play at the Dallas Mavericks that day. Their closest home game is Wednesday the 19th.

The other two pictured jerseys are for the Nets and the Timberwolves, and neither seem like (or are for) anything special. But we did hear that at least five teams will have sleeved alts aside from the Christmas alts and special occasion alts, so it’s possible both of these will be seen as well.

Big thanks to Conrad for the tip!


Guess The Game…From The Scoreboard


Click To Enlarge

It’s baaaaaack.

This week should be pretty easy, since there is a giant clue right smack dab in the middle of the scoreboard. But hey, you never know.

If you solve it, as a courtesy to other readers, simply LINK (go to Baseball Reference) to the game and post that link in your comment — feel free to describe HOW you solved it, using any clues you may have gleaned from the Scoreboard.

OK? OK! Post your answer (in link form) in the comments section below. Good luck.

Last week’s scoreboard/answer: June 9, 1968.



U.W.F.F.L. Week 12 Update

By Rob Holecko

Hello everybody and welcome to the UWFFL section for Week 12.

Teams this week are participating in a throwback weekend, as many teams are throwing back to the 1999-2002 era of the TBFFL Fantasy Football League that many teams can trace their roots to. While some of the teams are throwing back to other eras, or employing other revisionist history, many teams are wearing uniforms that are fairly accurate representations of what was actually worn, and other teams’ regular uniforms already look like throwbacks.

From l. to r.: Atlanta, Seattle, Tampa and San Diego are among teams wearing throwbacks that harken back to the 1999-2001 nascent era of
TBFFL football…

…while Hartford is wearing a tribute to the Hartford’s only NFL team, the 1926 Hartford Blues; Vancouver is this time wearing the road version of their 1915 Stanley Cup Champion Millionaires throwbacks; and New Orleans is going all the way back to 1892 and honoring an early kit worn by the Aston Villa squad.

There are only three weeks left in the UWFFL major league schedule, and with New York (10-1) and Minnesota (9-2) already having wrapped up spots in the playoffs, this week Atlanta (8-3) can clinch a playoff spot while San Diego (7-4) can clinch the Western Division. The three division winners and three wild card teams will qualify for the playoffs, while the three last place teams will be relegated to the minor leagues. UWFFL Bowl XIV will take place January 5 and we still need a logo.

When the post-season does roll around, we’ll be presenting the voting for all the big playoff and championship games right here in Uni Watch, so in order to make sure we have all the tweaks out of the system, (and to give all those Vegas Insiders a chance to get acquainted with the kind of vote totals we’ll be seeing with a wider audience) we are going to go ahead and starting today, present one game each week here. This week we bring you a key minor league matchup:

Anchorage Orcas vs
Rapid City Badlanders
at Regina, Saskatchewan free polls 

The Rapid City Badlanders (BCS #3, 7-1, 9-1 overall) are in first place in the Central League and are taking on the Anchorage Orcas (BCS #4, 8-1-1, 10-1-1 overall), who are in third place in the Pacific Coast Conference, so this is a very important minor league game, both teams are fighting for position in both their conference as well as in the national title hunt. At the end of the minor league season, January 12, the top two teams in the UWFFL BCS will meet in the National Championship, while the remaining top four teams in each conference will compete in a two-round four-team playoff to decide the Conference Championship. You can check out all the standings and rankings on our website.

We’ll also be needing some logos for some of these minor league Championship Games as well.

For those of you who possess both the inquistiviness and necessary attention span to want to go to our website and vote on the rest of the games, thank you very much and you can visit the website at

If you’d like to find out even more about our fun little league, you shouldn’t miss This Week In The UWFFL with Drew Abernathy, a weekly rundown every Saturday of all of the league’s news and notes. It and other league-related programming, including ‘The Extended Line’ (expert handicapping by ‘The Line’ himself of the matchups, airing Fridays) and ‘UWFFL Scoreboard’ (a rundown of
highlights and results, airing Mondays) all air on The SportPuck Network.

We welcome ‘The Line’ to The SportPuck Network, and to get you acquainted with him here is a short 60-segment from ‘The Line’ (well, it’s closer to 2 1/2 minutes) as he went over last week’s picks:

I was told the other day that most people just scanning over the blurb way down in the Saturday Uni Watch probably don’t realize the depth that is involved with the Uni Watch Fantasy Football League, but once they do they are amazed. Well I hope that is the case, and if so, let’s keep it our little secret!

Be sure to follow along with all of these stories and vote for your favorite teams at


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker:

After Paul’s great interview in yesterday’s article, which dealt in part with wedding band wearing, Mike Raymer found an interesting photo: a rarely seen JOMA sponsored jersey with a giant “H” (Honduras) on the chest AND a taped ring finger. … Joseph Anderson found a “little tidbit of logo trickery by ESPN. He explains, “On their NFL Playoff Machine the Jaguars and Dolphins have two logos, when not selected to win it is the old logo, when selected to win it is the current logo.” … Dave Hamen sent along a picture in yesterday’s ticker from Kent State’s Dix Stadium that has a graphic representing the 1954 Refrigerator Bowl, which was the program’s first of now three bowl appearances (1972 Tangerine Bowl and the 2013 Bowl are the others), notes Jason Tirotta. “The Golden Flashes played Delaware in that game which was played in early December in Evansville (here’s a cover of the program). Anyway, here is the photograph that the graphic Dave sent in is based on, which has been used in printed guides, programs and online commemorating the program’s history.” … On Nov. 8, the high school football team covered by Matthew Girard, the Harker Heights Knights (Harker Heights, TX), honored the military during their final game of the season with special Military jerseys. The game was at Hood Stadium, which is a football field built on the base of Fort Hood, Texas. And normally there are no nameplates on jerseys, but across the nameplate it read “Fort Hood, TX.” … Looks like Bleacher Report still hasn’t gotten the message to please stop calling it “uniform watch”. … Two from Brinke: This New York Times article on The Return of the Logo Culture and one more up Paul’s alley: The art of the pizza box. … “Remember a few weeks back there was a mention in the ticker about how the Indians are phasing out Chief Wahoo in the Southwest because of the organization’s concern for the locals?” asks Josh Nolan. “Apparently nobody sent word to whoever designed the 2014 Spring Training logo.” … Russell Westbrook Adds Flashy Underwear Company To Endorsement Portfolio (from Tommy Turner). … More concussion discussion comes from this article by former NFLer Nate Jackson. Highly recommended. … France has revealed their new World Cup kit. … David Firestone notes, “Looks like we have a really devoted Bears fan” (pretty sure that’s the ‘Right to Bear Arms’-PH). … “I know you guys posted when Eddie Vedder wore a Padres helmet,” says Brady Phelps. “He grabbed a Chargers hat from a fan in the crowd (so I’m told) at the Pearl Jam show in SD (Thursday) night.” … Reebok also signed a new deal with the CFL and with that every team will get new third jerseys next season. … Jonathan Daniel was watching the JFK retrospectives yesterday and thought he saw Dan Rather wearing his wedding band on his middle finger. … San Diego Chargers safety, Eric Weddle, has his own twitter account but it is for his beard (thanks to Andrew Domingo). … Leo Strawn thinks ‘Bama just hit a new low with this one: a lawsuit against a mom-and-pop bakery selling elephant shaped cookies, with a script “A” iced on top, for $1.75 apiece. Also from Leo, “There’s been talk of this for years and years. Could it be that it’s finally coming to pass (pun intended)? London Jaguars.” … Here’s a a great promotional video for the 1975 Philadelphia Wings (lax team). “There is a lot to love in this clip,” says submitter James Ashby. “The helmets, the face masks, the jerseys, the referee uniforms, John Facenda’s voive, even the Flyers late, great play-by-play announcer Gene Hart with the game call.” … Great shot of JFK throwing out the first pitch at Griffith Stadium in 1961 (from Todd Radom). … The LA Clippers will wear their powder blue short sleeved unis Sunday. … And the Miami Heat will wear these red on red unis today, and are asking fans to wear red (and probably but a replica jersey) as well. … Of course, GIJoevember isn’t over yet, and FAU will wear these flag desecration helmets in their game today. … The Utah High School Activities Association Class 5A Football Championship game between Brighton High Bengals and Bingham High Miners contained three things wrong here (according to submitter Chad Hensley): “Not every player is wearing the Pinktober ribbon (the ones that are don’t even have it in the same place), it doesn’t look like all of the players are wearing the mandatory helmet safety sticker, and finally, some of the players have center striping that seems to be peeling off.” … Oooohhh. Check out this 1950’s Vintage hockey jacket (big thanks to Jeff Barak).


And that’s going to do it for today. Big thanks, of course, to Jesse, and all the contributors. I’ll be back tomorrow with the entire Sunday Morning Uni Watch crew, plus a very special “Grey Cup” (that’s like the Super Bowl for Canadians) preview from Mike Styczen, so be sure to check back then. OK? OK!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Canada demonstrates its superiority once again. We make foreigners leave with a fat stack of ones. Canada makes foreigners leaves with a pocket full of loonies.”
–R. Scott Rogers

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Comments (57)

    I really don’t like the solid sock treatment on so many teams… aside from that, most of these are fairly good. The Saints & Rams stick out as the best to me, while the idea of Pittsburgh in a silver uniform is just horribly wrong.

    Ditto. I like that he generally resisted the urge to go with monochrome looks for most teams (in particular, the Saints & Rams). As a fair-weather Rams fan, I’ve gotten sick of when they trot out their all-navy set. A tweak I would make to Jesse’s is, on the third, change things up with some gold socks, or at least two-tone.

    Dan Rather has always worn his wedding ring on his middle finger. Scroll down to 3rd question on this Q&A link


    maybe dan snyder should try to get some indians to help him promote Redskins the way Indians are featured in that Philadelphia Wings video. that video is SPECTACULAR.

    Why is the NFL so freakin hung up on London? Do they not realize how badly the travel will screw with that team? Nevermind that London probably doesn’t care enough about the NFL to really support a team anyway, especially a bad one like the Jags.

    With all the money the city of Jacksonville is pouring into the stadium the Jags play in (whatever name it is these days), combined that the Jags lease runs another 20 years, I think its safe to say that it won’t be the Jaguars. As much business sense as it would make, there’s too much red tape the team and the NFL has to go through in order to make it work.

    Now if we are talking about Florida’s other two teams–now there’s a possibility. Not sure what the lease situation is in Tampa, but with the Glazer family also owning Manchester United combined with the Buccaneers having similar issues to the Jaguars (albeit less publicized), they could probably make a better fit.

    And the Dolphins? Well, considering their history they don’t seem to be one to move. Of course, people said that in Cleveland as well. The city of Miami won’t pour money into renovations for Joe Robbie Stadium (unlike Jacksonville, this is the clear name for the stadium), but yet will build a brand new stadium on the site of the Orange Bowl for a failing MLB team.

    Cambridge-Allston A&T visits New Haven Community College in the 100th-and-something rendition of A Game. If the Cambridge lads could wear more matte / less gloss pants, I’d be happier, but the basic looks for both teams are really pretty good. Cantabs should carry the day, but we need help from Hanover NH to prevent loathsome Tiger from staking sole possession of league title.


    But you knew that. Game’s at noon on NBC Sports Network should anyone want to watch The Game.

    good history, but no one except “you all” care about it! j/k just sour grapes on my part since I went to a boston area school without a football team and currently am enrolled at an institution is great at basketball and currently terrible at football, despite the presence of a certain well-known rotund coach

    I’m digging the Pats’ treatment, definitely a cleaner design. The red is especially notable for me, would be unlike anything else out there now, certainly a “signature look”

    Game is from Friday, September 4, 2009. Key to research was Orlando Cabrera in the lineup for the Twins. He spent only part of the 2009 season with the Twins.

    Corroborated by the fact that the scoreboard talks of a (presumably upcoming) Labor Day promotion. Friday the 4th means Tuesday the 1st, so Labor Day would be that following Monday.

    Add to the Labor Day and Cabrera clues Mauer’s .366 average which helped lead to his MVP that year.

    On the Pats side, I think there’s an overuse of “New Century Silver” and an underuse of white. White is a very strong accent color for the Pats. Numbers generally look flat and uninspired without the red trim.

    The Pats tried a silver jersey once, it looked like an unwashed shirt. These are no exception. Red doesn’t really work with the silver. I also think you need to have contrasting pants for a standout look with this team. I prefer the current whites, even with those side panels.

    Home jerseys are better due to the restrained use of contrasts, which works better against navy blue. The throwback reds should be all the alternate you need.

    I do like the double stripe idea, but it can’t be denied that the single shoulder stripe has a sort of history about it now that Tom Brady has been wearing it so long.

    Can’t say I care for the numbers on the Saints’ uniforms.

    Something I’d like to see return to the ream’s uniform is the state of Louisiana logo that includes the “Saints” wordmark.

    I think giving the viewer a look at the side of the player and the helmet (which is our strongest association to a team) is vital in getting any genuine sense of the concept (after all, that’s how we see these teams when we watch them play–from the side).

    In this format, there’s a certain sameness to every team at a glance, especially with this template and its dark shadowy presentation.

    I just tuned in to the Mississippi St/Arkansas game. My first thought you can’t publish. My second thought was Nick Saban answering a question from a recruit. “Do you want 7 different uniforms, or do you want to play in the NFL?”

    If you don’t think the NFL is going to make an assload more money with a franchise in London then you are neglecting tv market share and the importance of eyeballs on those tellys. Just look at the college conferences watering down their divisions by adding teams from other regions.

    Mizzou in the SEC?
    Syracuse to the ACC?
    West Virginia into the big12?

    It’s all over now, baby blue.


    I find it kinda funny he used the chiefs as his model of consistency considering their helmets are red, white, and a black logo outline while the unis have yellow and no black. But I realize he’s speaking from a design standpoint and consistency not color consistency.

    I’ve always been troubled by the failure to incorporate yellow in the Chiefs’ helmets. I’ve resigned myself, though, to accept it as a quirk in an otherwise outstanding uniform.

    On the ESPN Playoff tracker thingy, the Panthers are included in the double logo problem. Before you click on or highlight them, their old, original logo is displayed. Also, the Bears fan that you showed, used to be an on-field mascot for the Bears. I don’t know if he was ever an official mascot, but he used to be on the field. I don’t know why, but for some reason the Bears distanced themselves officially from him and he’s been in the stands ever since. I sat a couple of rows behind him once.

    Here’s the Bears wikipedia article. The Bears fan is mentioned in the “mascot” section, which this link will direct you to. link

    For the most part, I’m really liking the redesigns, particularly the Patriots sans the “Flying Elvis” and the placing of the Chargers’ jersey bolts where they were meant to be. Thumbs down, though, on the broad stripes depicted on the Steelers’, Giants’ and Titans’ helmets and the tapered feathered jerseys for the Eagles.

    From a designer’s point of view, redesigning a whole league at once makes perfect sense. But the fan in me recognizes some teams don’t need changing. Plus, for the sake of variety, I want to see as many templates as there are teams! Sameness harshes my buzz.

    Scoreboard…September 4, 2009…Used the Labor Day clue, saw Jeremy Sowers was the Starting Pitcher for Cleveland…Check his starts at home against Minnesota, which was very few and found it! link

    Man, I really dig his uni redesigns. Of course, the one exception is my hometown Chargers. I don’t know if it’s the gradient, or the overpowering gold, but they definitely don’t feel right. Would have been a great opportunity to return to powder blue too.

    Josie, you are correct – good catch! Though the arrow was pointing at Casilla’s name, it was the hitter in front of him (carlos gomez) who had the 5 RBI game on 7/12/2009 against the ChiSox. (see link below)


    My team, Broncos: I want a Broncos away uniform with blue pants and an orange stripe! I can’t stand the all white away uniforms. (Orange pants won’t work, of course). They need more contrast! I want a D back on the helmet too!

    Ok, silver and Pittsburgh will never mix. You’re messing with tradition too much. Franco Harris and the immaculate reception against Oakland? No silver. Ever. Wrong.

    Redskins don’t need black either. When you go into a new color for teams, it needs to be related to the existing ones.

    Patriots in red look confused, like they were for the British, but I guess their old uniforms were red (and they sucked).

    Nice touch on Saints numbers.

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND TAKE THE JAGUARS UNIFORM OUT TO PASTURE AND SHOOT IT? Nike had to be joking when they designed that godawful embarrassment. A spray paint tagged 2 tone helmet? I get headaches watching them on the field.

    I love all the NFL redesigns! I thought they were all modern with a distinctly classic feel. It is kind of funny that the Oakland Raiders have an alternate that could be used in a playoff game. Playoffs???? Don’t talk about playoffs!!!

    i saw these light up ski boots posted on here earlier this week. link

    How long will it be until Players are playing in helmets that light up? such as – link

    Joseph Anderson found a “little tidbit of logo trickery by ESPN. He explains, “On their NFL Playoff Machine the Jaguars and Dolphins have two logos, when not selected to win it is the old logo, when selected to win it is the current logo.”

    Also the Panthers and Vikings, too, I believe.

    BTW the Bucs can still make the playoffs… link

    (1) My thought exactly.
    (2) Depends on your definition of “look better.” I prefer the blue all the way, but it isn’t a Dodger tribute without the red front number. Maybe a “better executed” tribute.

    Overall, I like the NFL redesigns. I don’t care for the wide helmet stripes, the Iggles have too much of an Oregon look (I could imagine the outrage of fans linking Nike and Chip Kelly into some conspiracy), the gradient numbers, or the Redskins look. Lots of better looking socks.

    I’m sure Bleacher Report got the message, but just chose to ignore it.

    The NBA is just going overboard on their game jerseys overall. Specifically with the sleeved jerseys, to go from one jersey last year to the kudzu-like mess this season is just horrible.

    scoreboard game:
    I just googled sowers indians vs twins and took it from there picking the dates that made the most sense.

    Problem with the Seahawks socks is that the feather pattern is not just a feather pattern. Everywhere that stripe design appears, there are 12 feathers representing the 12th man. Unless the stripe is shrunk, 12 feathers would not fit in this design.

    Good job on these, though. Very enjoyable.

    I’ve had it. A lifelong college football fan who has enjoyed the “color and pagentry”. and now not only do the majority of these teams on my TV look like shit – I can’t even catch onto who is who when watching highlights. They show a clip from the MD game and I can’t really latch onto whether the Terps are the all-white or the all-black this week. I turn on Baylor and OK State expecting to see splashes of green, gold, orange and black – and I see very little orange on the Cowboys and no green and just a faint amount of piss-gold sleeve on the battleship cold-gray-helmeted Bears. Clown suits. Pathetic. show some school pride and wear your school colors.

    College of Southern Idaho went GI Joevember with a Military Appreciation game, complete with camo uniforms.


    went the long way. Looked up Casilla and dates he was a twin. Went to 7/12 against the chw. Looked up labor day in 09. Then matched date sowers pitched the weekend prior.


    That is the date the game above was played. As an native Cleveland fan i feel like i had a slight advantage here. I first saw that Jeremy Sowers was the pitcher so that narrowed my choices down to 2006-2009. I started with 2009 (which was the right guess) and went to the Indians September games (i saw Labor day was coming up so I looked around there), after I found the game Sowers pitched in i checkes the Twins lineup and it was a match.

    While I like some of the ideas for some of the other teams, particularly the Rams, the redesign of my hometown Saints is godawful. The white/black/white striping on the helmet has been a part of the team since its inception. If you want to streamline the striping pattern, ditch the single black stripe on the gold pants and put the classic helmet stripe on it like it had back in the 80’s. The custom number font is terrible-keep it classy and stick with the traditional font (although going with gold numbers in black trim on the road whites would be cool).
    A revival of the Louisiana state logo on the jersey or pants would be welcome, although I seriously doubt we’ll ever see it again in deference to Saints fans in Mississippi and Alabama.
    Finally mothball the all black look. Black pants should only be worn with the white tops. If I had my pick, the Saints would always wear gold pants unless the team decides to bring back the 1970’s look of black jerseys with gold outlined white numbers and white pants.
    Bottom line, unlike our avian rivals to the northeast, we have had a more or less consistent classic look for 45 years. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Rams, Pats, Giants and Raiders are really great. Not a fan of the no powder blue for the Chargers concepts. Also not a fan of the Redskins kit on the whole. I would say liking 30/32 (didn’t like Browns or Skins) better than the current set is a great compliment.

    I hope Jesse gets a gig with NFL Properties. His overall designs (minus Cleveland) are better than anything the NFL has come up with.

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