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Crazy Eight


Weird uni glitch in yesterday’s Cowboys/Raiders game, as Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant was missing the outlining on the upper window of one of his 8s. Now if they’d just get rid of all the outlining, which looks way too clunky.

Meanwhile, the game marked the first time in over 40 years that the Cowboys wore their standard blue jerseys at home. In case you missed it on Wednesday, here’s the explanation for that: As you know, the home team in an NFL game has its choice of wearing white or color. The league requires all teams to designate those choices in July, prior to the start of the preseason, so the road team will know which uniform to pack for each game. The Cowboys almost always choose white, but this year they had planned to wear their blue throwback jerseys and white throwback helmets on Thanksgiving, so back in July they chose color for that game. But then in August the league came out with its new rule banning alternate helmet shells, which meant they could no longer wear the white throwback helmets. Faced with a choice of (a) wearing their regular silver helmets with the throwback jerseys or (b) scrapping the throwback idea altogether and just wearing their standard blue jerseys, the Cowboys chose (b).

Meanwhile, in college action:

•  Texas Tech wore a new helmet design against Texas.

•  Speaking of Texas Tech: Look, more logo creep bullshit Under Armour now makes casts!

• I think we may have covered this before, but just in case: Texas fullback Alex De La Torre has an unusual NOB.

•  Mississippi State wore their hubris jerseys, with TNOB and gold helmets.

•  In that same game, the Mississippi State punter wore a sideline jacket with the old SEC logo on the front and the old team logo (with no outline) on the back. Also: Team name on chinstrap!  

(Special thanks to Mouldenje Moulden, JJ Sledge, and Phil for their contributions.)

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Tick-Tock: Today’s Ticker was jointly compiled by Mike Chamernik and Paul.

NFL News: So many great uni details in this slideshow of Thanksgiving Day football. Highly recommended. … The NFL’s new policy of having players use only one helmet per season gave Pete Garofalo an idea: “A while ago you or someone else in your column pointed out that the exterior of NASCAR cars were one big giant decal that was adhered to the exterior of the car. Would it be that big of a reach for NFL teams to do the same? The helmet logos and stripes are decals anyway that are replaced frequently, and I don’t think that creating a custom-made decal to cover the whole helmet would be terribly difficult… It would seem to strike the ideal balance between the NFL’s current safety protocols and teams being allowed a level of creativity. Frankly, I’m surprised no one has thought of it and tried it.” ”¦ “I noticed that Ronnie Brown has worn five different numbers over the years, including three with the Eagles in 2011,” says Marc Aune. “It struck me as odd and got me wondering which NFL player has worn the most different numbers over the course of his career? Also, has anyone worn more than three different numbers during a single season?” ”¦ Former NFLers Joe Namath, Hines Ward, and Bart Oates appeared in yesterday’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Namath and Ward had team-appropriate hats, but Oates was wearing a Tampa Yankees hat for some reason (good spot by Chris Jowdy).

College Football News: “Can’t recall seeing worse helmet graphics than those used by the NBC affiliate in Columbus,” says Jason Hillyer. ”¦ Here’s Missouri’s uni for tomorrow.

Hockey News: The NHL ® has unveiledâ„¢ two very nice uniformsâ„  for the Heritage Classic Inc LLC Ltdâ„¢ ®â„ . ”¦ The Indianapolis Fuel of the ECHL announced they will begin play in 2014 and unveiled its logo (from Roger Cooper). ”¦ Here’s a 10-photo gallery showing more shots of the Islanders’ Stadium Series uni. ”¦ A couple NHL items from Charles Noerenberg: Sam Gagner and Alex Chiasson are wearing masks; a promotional Chevy display at the United Center edited out the NHL patch on Patrick Kane’s sweater; Blackhawks’ winger Brandon Pirri (No. 37) was wearing teammate Bryan Bickell’s jacket during a recent intermission interview; and “someone tossed away a sweet vintage Rangers hat during a recent hat trick (not worth it in my book),” says Noerenberg. ”¦ The NHL had a float in yesterday’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, to promote overpriced shit that’s for sale at the store that sponsored the parade the Thanksgiving Showdown between the Rangers and Bruins. Former players Cam Neely and Mike Richter wore white team-branded jackets, and the float also included people wearing Islanders, Bruins, and Devils jerseys that all had hoods, front numbers, and the same yoke template (from Steve Dodell). … Not uni-related, but here’s a really great story about how a small sandwich/pizza shop in Buffalo has become popular with visiting NHL teams.

Soccer News: Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger and midfielder Mathieu Flamini are battling over whether Flamini can alter the sleeves on his shirt (from Mark Coale). ”¦ Real Salt Lake has a new logo to commemorate its 10th season next year (from Marc Mayntz).

Basketball News: The Timberwolves debuted their new black sleeved alternates on Wednesday night. Man, that side view is just brutal. ”¦ The 76ers will retire Allen Iverson’s No. 3 on March 1 of next year. ”¦ Derrick Rose’s torn meniscus may force Adidas to rethink its marketing campaign around Rose. ”¦ Remember the DayGlo uni that Baylor wore for last season’s NCAA tourney? They wore a new green-shouldered version of that the other night (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Color-vs.-color game in women’s college hoops the other night: Abilene Christian and Texas-Arlington (from Christopher Mycoskie).

Grab Bag: David Firestone was at the Disney Treasures exhibit at the Museum of Science an Industry in Chicago and saw this basketball jersey from High School Musical. “No logo creep!” he says ”¦ North Bend (Oregon) High School has an all-brown uniform ”“ helmets, jerseys, pants and socks (thanks, Alex Allen). ”¦ Appalachian State is making “Victory Yosef” its alternate logo. The “Yosef Head” was retired by the school in 1999 but made a comeback as a temporary throwback logo last year. ”¦ The GI Joe trope has spread to the Vodacom Bulls, a South African team that plays in the Southern Hemisphere competition Super Rugby. “Mind you, this is the regular uniform — not a one-off,” says Matt Manley.

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    I figured the Cowboys’ blue-at-home choice had something to do with the Raiders already planning to wear/bring/pack their white jerseys, but come on; three months is not enough lead time to change plans from “pack white jerseys” to “pack black jerseys”? Or does the NFL have a rule saying that if you plan in July to pack the white jerseys you can’t change those plans in November?

    Yeah the NFL’s uniform rules are dumb sometimes. It’s absolutely insane that the Cowboys were forced to wear blue in the last week of November because of a decision made in July. Meanwhile, they’ll fine players for the color of their shoes.

    Not even in November– couldn’t they have made this change in August or September after the helmet protocol was announced? It’s not like they learned of this last week.

    Maybe the Cowboys said “screw it, we’ll just wear the regular blues”… Maybe they could have asked the NFL/Raiders for the switch but made a decision not too?


    Now if we could all adopt the mantra to somehow spend less overall during the season, that would make the difference, as buying something tomorrow instead of today won’t make any difference except that you didn’t buy it today.

    No kidding. Also, it would be nice if Thursday could become Buy Nothing Day again, as well, that would be great. As a retail worker, I’ve seen my Thanksgiving observances become increasingly complicated in recent years, first by having to wake up incredibly early (and, therefore, go to bed every bit as early on Thanksgiving) to work @ 4 am; now many of us are having to cut our turkey dinners short or hold them much earlier in the day so we can be at work for the 6-8pm open times.

    As to the notion of spending less (I apologize in advance in case I come across as too preachy or whatever), but the church my wife & I now attend joined with a couple of others several years ago to create something they call “Advent Conspiracy.”

    Overall, the message of this little movement is something that hopefully everyone could support: spend less money and time on your holiday shopping, and more time creating meaningful gifts (like when you were a kid and made handmade crafts for your mom & dad or other relatives) or just spending time with family & friends. Because, let’s be honest–how many of those gifts that you found for $10 at the last minute ended up unused and forgotten within a couple of months? The flip-side, then, is to take that money you saved and give it away to the “least of these” (to use a Biblical phrase). The AC movement specifically targets the lack of clean drinking water, especially in Africa, and a charity called Living Water International that was founded a couple of decades ago to do something about it. But obviously even in everyone’s own hometowns there’s tons of charities dedicated to helping the poor and homeless that would be more than grateful for a few extra bucks or, even better, a hand from some volunteers.

    I know with Ronnie Browns’ number switch-a-roo’s, when he work 36 for training camp, Eagles fans flipped shit because Ronnie Brown was nowhere close to 34. I have photos of link link.

    The only way I see Brown getting 21 is because when he was traded in 2011, the running back the Eagles was going to get (Jerome Harrison) failed the physical the next day, voiding the trade, so when the Eagles brought Brown back, his 34 could have been used up.

    Otherwise, I don’t remember Brown wearing 21.

    Funny seeing a Brown mention…I was *just* at a flea market (one that has stands which sell new items) and spotted an Eagles #36…thought maybe it was an old Westbrook jersey, but it had “BROWN” on the back. The woman said it was only $20 because he was no longer with the team, but I didn’t bite (sewn letters/numbers – was probably a knockoff anyway, though other items for sale appeared legit).

    It’s not CCM. It’s Old Time Hockey. It’s called the home lace hoody. I work in a sport store in Québec City and we sell them a lot.

    Also it looks like the one that the Ticker refers to as the Bruins is actually the Sabres . . .I think I see the hilt of the crossed swords (ok, sabres) at the bottom. It certainly doesn’t look like the spoked ‘B’

    Now if they’d just get rid of all the outlining, which looks way too clunky.

    Agreed…and anybody over 40 should also fondly remember the link that they used for many years and only use now on the throwbacks. It just looks like cowboy lettering. Bring it back on all jerseys.

    That TV number is my favorite all time font. Several teams used it in the 70s…Steelers, Browns, Raiders, Packers, maybe more. UNC basketball also wore it on their front numbers. It was pretty standard, part of a sand-knit varsity font I believe. You could always tell it from the 2 that had no serif on the bottom of the TV number. Some pics:



    It depends on how those numbers are made…it seems that the number is a very thick white number and then the blue outlines are added on top, rather than the blue being jersey material showing through.

    I think the numbers are made “extra-fat” and then the outlines are placed on top. I have a three-layer-number game-used Boston Bruins sweater that’s like this. It’s a lot more efficient than layering three pieces of fabric on there.

    Steve, I don’t know about the Cowboys, but on my Bruins sweater that “layer” is made using tightly-stitched embroidery, which couldn’t possibly fall off like the stitching on Btyant’s jersey seemingly has, so it’s probably different.

    The NYT Thanksgiving football slideshow is great. When the Lions moved indoors, part of a wonderful tradition died.

    I thought the Cowboys in white at home was sacrosant. Might as well let the Yankees players grow beards now.

    Meanwhile, I think many of you will appreciate the picture I posted on my blog today. Click on my name to see.

    What the hell kind of forearm padding is Fred Williamson wearing in that NYT photo? One would think a player who dubbed his own self “The Hammer” wouldn’t need to resort to excessive padding to live up to said nickname.

    Well, you know, when you’re not allowed to try to crack helmets with your forearm, you don’t really need as much arm padding any more.

    What’s really amazing is how many “great” players of the past would be instantly banned from the game today.

    You used to have to block with you forearms as well, which is why so many offensive lineman wore arm padding. The classic “chickenwing” pose of the O linemen in the vibrating tabletop football game is how we were taught to block when I was young. Started allowing hands not long after.

    And the paintbrush splash of the cap on the ice also matches the Mitchell & Ness hat, which is distinctly different from the Logo Athletic original. (Just noticed that after my previous post.)

    ” … Appalachian State is making ‘Victory Yosef’ its alternate logo. The “Yosef Head” was retired by the school in 1999 but made a comeback as a temporary throwback logo last year. …”

    I’m glad that Appalachian State loves Yosef. He’s great. Simply, proudly, two-dimensional, for one thing, plus he’s a real character type: wary, distrustful, tough. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of that hillbilly. And yep, he’s a hillbilly, which goes to show that the Scots-Irish Protestant mountain folk can dig their stereotypes, too. Too bad Boston College opted for the anodyne “Eagles.” I would have liked “Brawlers” or “Strongboys,” with John L. Sullivan as the mascot.

    Regarding Dallas wearing blue at home (“first time in over 40 years”)… I seem to remember that for Jimmy Johnson/Jerry Jones’ first home game in the 1989 season they decided to “break the jinx” of the blue jerseys and wore blue at home.

    Looked it up on football reference and the game would have been: 9/24/89 against the Redskins.

    These were still the days of “my” Football Giants wearing white at home against Dallas and forcing them to wear their blues at Giants Stadium, so seeing them at home in blue was odd!

    Perhaps some detailed research would prove me right/wrong??

    The idea that the vinyl decals could be added to the helmets has its share of flaws. First, the vinyl is designed to stay attached to whatever it is attached to, and therefore is very difficult to remove. Second, it is incredibly time consuming to attach. Third, to attach the vinyl decal requires a large amount of heat which could theoretically damage the helmet it is attached to. I’m not saying that it is a bad idea at all, but the flaws it has do need to be addressed.

    Watching the Apple Cup…not a fan of UW’s BFBS and chrome helmets (which are even worse at night). On the other hand, I really like Wazzu’s glossy gray helmets (especially as the face masks are not merely off-the-shelf gray, but are matched to the helmets).

    They resemble Ohio State’s official gray color; I think an OSU uniform with this gray and the official OSU scarlet would really look good.

    I’ve always liked both teams’ colors, and the Apple Cup is a great looking game when the teams wear their usual colors, regardless of where it’s played, UW screwed it up by going BFBS.

    Might want to check out the Marquette-George Washington game. Todd Mayo, usually #0, is wearing #13 with NNOB because apparently he got blood on his jersey.

    Georgia Tech is wearing some BFBS uniforms in their game against Ole Miss in the “Barclay’s Center Classic”…

    Worse thing about it is that they still have plenty of Navy in them, so its not like they are throwing back to an old color scheme (as we used to use black instead of navy for our third color), its just your typical forced Black for Black’s Sake.

    Barely any gold, the numbers are either black or Navy outlined in white (hard to tell), and just no consistency in the color scheme.

    game is on NBC Sports Network for those who want a good laugh.

    I don’t know why we wouldn’t just wear our Navy uniforms for this thing.


    It looks terrible, but turning out to be a hell of a game. So good I’ve almost stopped complaining out loud to myself about the uni’s.

    Since my e-mail is failing right now this is the best I can do:
    1.MLS’s PHILADELPHIA UNION also have a 5th season logo. It’s not as fancy as the REAL SALT LAKE 10th season logo though.
    2. NLL’s PHILADELPHIA WINGS are retiring the jersey of #66 JAKE BERGEY on February 8th vs the EDMONTON RUSH. It’ll be their 3rd jersey retirement ceremony.

    That story about Ricota’s Pizza & Subs in Buffalo is one of the best things I’ve read this year. I’m chuffed by stories of thriving small busunesses.

    Not sports-related, but a particular logo topic that came up last year: Looks like Arby’s is changing their logo again, after just over a year.

    When I first caught a glimpse of the new-new logo in a commercial a few days ago, it caught me by surprise so much that I had to question if I’d actually even seen it. But then, tonight, playing back some recordings on my DVR, I came across an Arby’s ad again, and there it was – the new-new logo!

    Funny thing is, it’s apparently so new, Arby’s hasn’t updated their web presence with it yet – their site, Facebook, and Twitter pages all still have the ugly 2012 logo. Of course, every store I’ve seen still has the “classic”, pre-2012 external signage….

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