Uni Notes from the First Round of the 2021 NFL Draft

From a uniform perspective, the most notable thing about last night’s NFL draft proceedings is what didn’t happen. I thought for sure that the Browns’ throwback jersey (which we know is in the works) and/or the 49ers’ throwback jersey (which we strongly suspect is in the works) would be revealed at some point yesterday, […]

EXCLUSIVE: Pats Considered Silver/Grey Pants in New Uni Set

Good morning! When I wrote last week about the Patriots’ new uniform set — the set with the navy pants that are apparently going to be worn for all games, even with the navy jersey, creating a miserable mono-navy effect — I included a look at the team’s style guide sheet, which was provided […]

Ramones Dozen

Photo taken on Tuesday morning; click to enlarge

You’ve heard of a baker’s dozen? The rock critic Ira Robbins once referred to the number 14 as a “Ramones dozen,” because that’s how many songs were on each of the band’s first three albums. It’s also how old Uni Watch girl […]

Lucky 13

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Uni Watch girl mascot Caitlin turns 13 today. That’s about 68 in human years, but you’d never know it from watching her — she’s still the same little monkey she’s always been, inquisitively investigating everything, periodically getting ants in her pants and racing back and forth for […]