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Ranking the 2024 NFL Uniform Changes

After the flurry of recent NFL uni news, I’ve ranked all the latest developments (for seven teams, not just the four shown above). And you know, while some of these moves aren’t as good as they could have been, I also think six out of the seven were upgrades, so that’s a plus.

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    Lions not having stripes on their pants puts them in 3rd behind the Jets & Broncos

    I’m a Jets fan, and I think the Lions get a very slight edge because of the execution of their BFBS alt. The way they broke up the black with he Honolulu blue is something the Jets could go to school on. If they Jets wore green pants with the black jerseys (and maybe their regular green shell), I think it would be a more effective uniform. Then again, the pants striping wouldn’t match, which is why the Lions likely opted to stay away from it.

    Jets get huge bonus points over the Lions though for being smart enough to ditch all the wordmarks on the jerseys.

    The backwards bullhorns on the Texans jerseys really bug me. Then, when they get paired with the new horned helmet, you have a 4 horned bull with 2 pairs of horns facing different directions. Nobody saw this during the design process? I actually kind of like the horned helmet. I just wish they had gone with some sleeve stripes.

    Jets are the clear number one. Lions are the clear number 2. For 3 and 4 it’s much closer and less clear. I think just barely, the Broncos come out on top, perhaps only on the strength of their throwback alternate. Then the Texans are worst. Really though, the Denver and Houston re-do’s are just an absolute mess and huge missed opportunities on both counts.

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