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NFL Reveals Logo for Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans

With Super Bowl LVIII now in the books, the NFL has revealed the logo for next year’s Super Bowl, which will take place on Feb. 9, 2025, at the Superdome in New Orleans. The logo design is shown above.

If the Roman numerals look textured, that’s because the logo was originally rendered in little colored beads by its designer, Tahj Williams. Per the NFL:

For the first time ever, the NFL collaborated with a local artist on the creation of a Super Bowl logo.

The artist who created our new logo, Tahj Williams, is the queen of her Black Masking Indian tribe in New Orleans, the home of Super Bowl LIX.

With a beading tradition and culture that dates back to the birth of the nation, the Black Masking Indian tribe uses methods passed down for generations, and Tahj painstakingly built the Super Bowl LIX Logo bead by bead.

Here’s an accompanying video that the league released:

That’s pretty cool! As explained on this page, “Williams created a handmade logo in vibrant colors to represent Super Bowl LIX that recalls the ornate costumes she and her community assemble each year for Mardi Gras.” You can see some of those costumes on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Obviously, we all miss the days when each Super Bowl got its own very distinct logo, instead of the bland template they use nowadays. But this logo design has more local flair than most of the recent ones, so that’s a plus.

Speaking of New Orleans and Mardi Gras, I’ll have another post with that theme later this morning. Stay tuned.

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    Heading back in the right direction. Very nice. I’d be interested in a discussion about the best Super Bowl logos. My top five (aesthetically only; it’s a coincidence that most involve the Cowboys):

    1. SB XXVII
    2. SB XXX
    3. SB XXXII
    4. SB XIII
    5. SB XXVIII

    Going off the SB logo color theory, it will likely be Seahawks-Texans (the shade of red in the logo is darker than the Chiefs’ red, but close to Texans red)

    Please let that stupid theory die. It didn’t come true with this past Super Bowl because it was the Chiefs vs. 49er, not the Ravens vs. 49ers.

    Nature is healing. We’re not fully back to the pre-2010 glory days, but the storm has passed.

    And maybe I’m way off, but I think how insanely bright the colors are works, because the turf/lighting at the Superdome is still so dreary and washed out looking, this logo will end up looking the right amount of vibrant.

    I prefer to think of the lighting as intimate.
    Reminds of when I’d toss a little spongy football to myself in the living room with the only lighting being the glow of the TV and our Christmas tree.

    You’re right about the building being a great place to wear vibrant colors. It’s one of the few places where I don’t mind an all-white uniform. Well, the Colts look good anywhere and in any condition, but for most teams, I don’t want to see all-white in sun or snow.

    Well stated Grant. ‘the storm has passed”. I can finally look forward to seeing what the next SB logo will look like again now that we’re seeing color and creativity back.
    I still want want to kick in shin whoever approved the switch to the awful, boring looking logos from 45-49. *shakes fist*

    Don’t forget about the boring stretch from 51-55 either! At least there was color, but it was still just the plain roman numerals paired with the Lombardi.

    I’m such a fan of logos and have been tracking Super Bowl logos since the early 2000s (that’s how I found and then this site later). I do miss the run from the 90s through SB44, but I have to say I’ve been a fan of the last 3 plus this new one. They’re a perfect blend of unique colors/local flair and the brand look they’re looking for. SB45-49 were too bland because of the lack of color, lack of identity. Hard to distinguish them from one another if you were looking at them altogether, which affects connecting them to the games played (adding the stadium was cool but not enough). Like when I see 41, I immediately think Colts/Bears and Prince playing Purple Rain…in the rain; it takes me a little while longer to remember that 46 was the Giants/Pats rematch if I was just looking at the logo. SB51-55 were just stupid haha. Yes color, but no ties to the area. I’d say the best from that era was 50, followed by 55, which at least had some Florida flair and texture. Shoutout to 49 for adding the New York skyline thanks to the longer Roman numerals haha. My only critique with the pre-45 era was there was almost too much variance each year, aside from the blue/red stars from SB40-44. But now, starting with SB56, we finally have some color and nods to the host city while still incorporating a consistent template and the Lombardi trophy; you know it’s a SB logo when you see it. And they’ve only gotten better with every new one. We’ll get a true sense of SB59 once we get a clearer image, but I hope they continue this trend for years to come and not sell out like the upcoming World Cup or the NBA Finals before they saved themselves in 2021.

    This is what I love about Uni Watch. Even within the community of people who Get It (TM), there are such different and diverse levels of Getting It. I’ve never really paid much attention to Super Bowl logos, but now I want to go take a closer look at them because you’ve piqued my curiosity.

    I’d love to see a delay occur in the middle of the Super Bowl because the NFL replaced the iron patches with copies of that beaded beauty and by the second quarter they need to sweep the field because it’s riddled with slippery beads.

    Honestly, I think it looks great and the bead design is fantastic!

    Very New Orleansesque.
    Semi-related: Isn’t it odd that so many national publications continue to write “Superbowl” as though it’s one word?

    It is nice that we are getting some local flavor to the logos, but I think the insistence of using this sort of template with the Lombardi trophy still drastically hampers the logo program. What the case now seems to be is “take this logo and make it connect to your city” Whereas it used to be “create a logo for the Superbowl in your city.”

    Fascinating. I would love it if the official al logo was made with little 3D beads that sparkled in the light like real thing. It’s a pain to render that, but once rendered, it’s just a PNG file they can use anywhere

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