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A Whole Lot of Bull: Houston Texans Unveil New Uniform Set

The Texans have unveiled their new uniform set for 2024 — their first makeover since entering the league in 2002. All of the leaks that we saw earlier were accurate.

As usual, let’s go one element at a time:

The New Primary Helmet

Essentially the same as before, except now there’s a new secondary “H” logo on the back.

Speaking of which…

The New Secondary Logo

We saw this mark in a recent helmet leak. The “storytelling” is laid out in the graphic above.

The New Navy Jersey

This would be serviceable enough if not for the miserable number font. But hey, at least they have TV numbers, which are an increasingly endangered species in today’s NFL (and in the rest of this uniform set). Here are some additional pics, including two rear-view shots:

The New White Jersey

We already saw this more than a month ago. Personally, I hate it. Tapered stripes usually look best if they taper toward the back, providing a sense of forward motion. The front-tapering horns just feel awkward and forced. Also, no TV numbers, and the number font still sucks. Here are some additional pics:

So far, they’ve only shown this jersey paired with navy pants, but I suspect they’ll do a bit of mixing and matching once the season starts.

The “H-Town” Alternate

Hey, it’s not every day that you see two Nike-created buzzterms — “City Edition” and “Color Rush” — lumped into the same hype graphic!

Just as the primary helmet now has the “H” logo on the back, the alternate “H” helmet has a version of the primary logo on the back:

In a move that really shows where the NFL is at these days, the Texans have players wearing inconsistent sock colors with this uniform in an unveiling photo:

For me, the colors vibrate way too much. The red doesn’t just feel bold — it feels unpleasant. I mean, look at these numbers:

Feels like a reflective safety vest or something. It’s all too much.

The Red Alternate

I kinda dig the helmet. Fits in with the Rams, Vikings, and Eagles, right? But the jersey horns still don’t work, the number font still sucks, and mono is still a bad NFL look.

Here are some additional pics:

Update: It appears that the red jersey can also be worn with white pants, which is an improvement:


Overall: The primary navy look is almost bearable; the rest is a mess. But hey, only five years until they can start over in 2029!

One final thought: Why do teams insist on using all sorts of strobe lights, crazy backgrounds, and other visual distractions in their unveiling photos and videos? I know, I know — it’s to generate “hype” and “excitement” and “energy,” or some such nonsense, but it really detracts from the actual uniforms. Almost makes you think they’re trying to hide the designs instead of showcasing them. Which in this case would be understandable.

Comments (174)

    It’s simple: If I think something is good, I say, “That’s good.”

    If I think something sucks, I say, “That sucks.”

    And if I say something sucks, I usually try to explain why I think that way.

    Crazy system, I know, but I’ve found that it works for me. YMMV.

    That’s a pretty snarky reply, Paul.

    I typically like the traditional uniforms more because they bring a sense of nostalgia and class, and they tend to adhere to the design principles of the first half of the 20th century (vs. the wild, sometimes maximalist design “principles” of the postmodern age).

    Although I do like these. I’m surprised Paul doesn’t. I wouldn’t want them for my team (Niners fan) and I love the classic uniforms way more, but these are much better than say the first Nike redesigns for the Falcons, Jaguars (2013), Bucs, and so on.
    These are more in the camp of the Vikings redesign, I think. Not exactly great, not very traditionalist, but modern and a little wild in an okay way. The red helmet is awesome too. Maybe a little too XFL, but not a bad design.

    For what it is worth I have the exact opposite opinion from Paul, the fact that the blue jersey is lacking the horns of the white and red really irks me. Also I’m starting to think that Paul just has a strong aversion to any number font that isn’t a traditional block font because personally I think that font is gorgeous

    I’m with you; these suck! While the Lions made major improvements to their new duds, the Broncos and Texans spit the bit. Yet another bush league uniform that fits in the UFL or division II college football. Definitely not worthy of the NFL.

    I have literally never in my life seen Paul review an actually-new (not throwback) uniform favorably, and I’ve been checking this site intermittently for going on 15 years now.

    Paul listed the 2013 suns uniforms in his top ten nba unifroms of all time

    @Tyler, I was just thinking the same thing as I was reading the review and the following comments with replies. I’m all for nostalgia but at the same time this overtop need for every uniform to just revert back to the “throwbacks” is a bit much. And then the vitriol that comes after if said products aren’t “traditional, or go back to the good ole days” is embarrassing. The reviewer is subject to his own opinion on the unis, but what is troubling is his snarky, very thumb the nose responses back to the community who doesn’t share his same opinion is very disappointing. Same goes for the repliers in the thread, a lot of the responses do give off a particular bias and “get off my lawn” energy. Come on folks, what are we doing? We are all here for the love and sometimes not some much love of uniforms, but when we veer off into the lane of just not being respectful or even open minded with our conversations then it definitely taints the community as a whole.

    Came to concur with this. I rarely if ever see a positive remark from Paul. I dig this site and have visited with some frequency, but the everything is terrible mantra is tiring. I think the blue with white pant set are fine. Font is fine. The red set is interesting when not mono. H town set is offensive to the eyes.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but he has called several non retro/throwback designs better than what the team had previously.. Bengals, Jags, etc. Bottom line is, he’s rarely wrong. The teams that embrace classic styles are the ones who are more broadly liked.

    That is more all-encompassing than my personal opinion. Fundamentally for me it is whether a uniform was designed with purpose and utility in mind, and not compromised for the sake of selling merch.

    It’s not just the uni watch community.
    Look at recent history. Cleveland Browns godawful era about 5-6 years ago, returning to old simple unis currently.
    New York Jets godawful set 5-6 years ago, returning to the gorgeous 80’s set a few weeks back.
    And now you have Miami and Seattle fans begging for the old 80’s jersey lineup.
    It’s not rocket science, …unless you are Nike

    Amen to that! I bet the next teams to return to their classic look will be the Rams and Falcons.

    Because, for the most part, they don’t look good. Which is to say, they don’t look like football uniforms.

    My first question in evaluating a new design is usually: Is it a football uniform, or a clown suit? Too often, “uniforms with less traditional designs” fall into the clown suit category.

    I see sentiments similar to this a lot, but I never understood it (still don’t) because these do look like football uniforms. These are what football uniforms have looked like for as long as I can remember

    They just don’t look like retro uniforms, because why would they?

    Like most of the unveilings this offseason, people over 35 are going to hate these! These uniforms are fun and Texans fans are going to grow to love them!!!

    1) Actually, I don’t think people over 35 (or anyone else) hated the Lions’ or Jets’ unveilings.

    2) Imagine if the Texans had uniforms that fans of *all* ages could like, and that people didn’t have to “grow” to enjoy. Just a thought.

    If you like this set, that’s great. It would be nice if you good defend it on the merits instead of engaging in ageism.

    He said “most of the unveilings.” I simply pointed out that he was mistaken. People tend to exaggerate, round up, or just mischaracterize reality. I try to push back against that.

    Including the black ones, like the lions black uniforms are throwback designs. Like to me it doesn’t make sense calling them BFBS when they’re basically bringing back a 20 year old design.

    Another set of duds that triggers my inability to see blue in Navy. I thought for decades The Yankees and Tigers were black on white. This may be the worst example ever.. Does anyone else only see black here or just me?
    Anyway, the uniforms stink. I’m not a Texans fan and I’m already longing for their older duds. My least favorite detail – the segmented collar on the navy jersey. Yuck. HTown set looks like it belongs on a youth biker gang riding around town on Kawasakis.. The winner of the offseason uniform changovers… The Detroit Lions. Lol and they are one of my least favorite league uniforms. At least they didnt make things worse…

    Yes! The turning of blues in blacks is a plague right now. The Yankees and Tigers, well at least they always wore near-black so I guess I can be OK with that. But so many other teams have taken actual blues and turned them into blacks for no good reason. Worst of all is the Minnesota Twins, who did a GREAT rebrand last year, with the one exception that they sadly became a red and black team instead of a red and blue team.

    I’m right with you, I can see Navy blue, but these uniforms are particularly black-looking. They look a lot like the Falcons, especially at a distance.

    Hi Paul, I’m going to jump in if you don’t mind.

    First of all, age has nothing to do with taste and it certainly has nothing to do with openness to change. So you’re right on that.

    And while taste is largely personal, it’s not really as subjective as people like to claim. There are things that are pleasing to the human eye and things that are not. That’s why houses, cars, clothes, furniture, etc. tend to fall into certain patterns. Some things just look wrong to us. Like in design (especially logos), simple is always better than cluttered because of the way our perception works. We tend not to like clashing colors. We tend to prefer certain colors, shapes, styles, etc. So there ARE standards and I think you do an excellent job of calling out where those standards are failed in uniform design. I don’t always agree with you, but I always respect your thoughts because they are well considered. They are not the product of simple nostalgia.

    And don’t forget, the reason the uniforms are decorative in the first place is because they are meant to be visually attractive in a game that is being presented visually. So the idea that we should not be seeking to have an enjoyable visual experience is silly. And when teams come out with uniforms that visually diminish the game, there is reason to call them out on it. In fact, I always find it funny that there are always “who cares” comments. Well, I’m pretty sure those same people would care a lot if a team switched to all purple uniforms with pink polkadots. That would take away from the game and turn people off. Same thing here: when a uniform just doesn’t look good, it makes the game less pleasurable to watch.

    The thing is, Nike is taking advantage of fans who crave new stimulation but don’t understand that Nike is really pretty terrible at design. The emperor has no clothes. The current trend is to throw something together… anything different… without any real design skill or design creativity and then cover up Nike’s lack of skill with a massive marketing push based on hype: “Oh yeah, those weird triangles are super symbolic… you just don’t get it.” You call them out on that. And for that, I thank you, and I think a huge number of others thank you as well.

    Nike can, and often is, great at design when left to their own volition and taken at face value. Do I want them overhauling the Packers? Hell no. But when they’re given a rather blank slate, like with several college programs including Oregon, Oregon State, Okie State, TCU, etc they do a fantastic job. When told not to touch Bama or PSU or generally the Packers, Bears and Chiefs they also do just fine. Nothing terribly wrong with this Texans set though I’m not a fan of mono-red nor the H town uniform. My guess is my 20 year old cousins and 10 year old nephews are.

    I mean I’m in my early 20s and I think this set is disjointed at best and bad at worst. It’s less about age and more about personal taste IMO.

    Over 35.
    I…don’t hate these. In fact, I kind of like them.

    At least when Paul says, the number font still sucks he can’t say “and the portions are too small.” That’s as close to properly sized numbers as I’m going to get in today’s NFL. I’ll need to see all ten digits, but so far the font seems serviceable enough.
    The horns work for me, because they’re meant to be horns. If they were just random swoops I’d have a problem with them.
    While I can’t get on board the BFBS train, at least I can say they did a better job of it than the Houston Cougars. The college teams’ red numbers on black are completely illegible and anger me to no end. Here, the H-Town Blue really pops as an accent color. And the H logo is alright with me.
    As I said about the Broncos unveiling: these days they’re trying to please everyone, which usually pleases no one. But I’m good with this one and Denver’s. It wasn’t as if the previous Texans uniform thrilled me. It was….there.
    Now let’s see how they look on the field.

    I’m in my 50s and the Jets and Lions were fine. These are trash. (Not entirely, but like 90% trash. Just cheap-looking, pandering trash, no matter how much pandering corporate “storytelling” is going on in the background.)

    Red jersey and red helmet together equals a 4-horned bull. I like the horns a lot better on the helmet than either of the jerseys.

    The horns going one way on the helmet and the other way on the shoulders/sleeves is…a choice. It doesn’t make any sense to me. That’s what bothers me most about this whole redesign.

    I think the horns pointing one way on the jerseys and the opposite way on the helmets makes this objectively an example of bad design.

    I actually don’t mind the font…I much prefer a custom font than just simple block numbers, as long as they’re legible (which is the key that so many others with custom fonts have missed like the Jaguars and Titans). These appear to work in that regard, so I don’t mind that at all.

    The rest, as you say, is a bit of a mess. The mono-navy and mono-red just look ridiculous, especially with the mismatched sock colors as you described. The “horns” on all the jerseys look like smaller versions of the Nike-logo-esque issue that Denver just got rid of.

    Take off the “horns”, and give me some mix-and-match contrast instead of those mono-strosities, and maybe we’re talking…but as is, these could have been so much better. (Which feels like a statement we could have made about a lot of the recent NFL unveilings.)

    Agreed – the numbers are easily legible, they’re an appropriate size, and they serve nicely to balance the colors of the jersey. The numbers are just about the only praiseworthy thing in the entire uniform set to my eye. When I think of other custom NFL numbers, these stand out for their restraint and readability. For example, the Vikings nestled numbers distort the shapes of the digits, mainly in the tens space, to just sufficiently a degree that they reduce legibility. Whereas the Bucs have digits that are, on their own, highly legible, but they’re so big on the jerseys that one rarely has a clear view of both of a player’s digits. The new Houston numbers suffer neither demerit, so in the basic and minimal test of design quality for this element – Can a spectator quickly, easily, and accurately read a player’s number – these are outstanding for their clarity.

    The font generally didn’t bother me until I saw the bull profile in the 4 and the 2. It instantly became a costume to me. The helmet horns have to go. They do not work for me. The H logo is fine but honestly doesn’t need to be on the side of a helmet (I just like them as a one helmet logo team) but it’s a nice logo so I don’t hate it. It they had that logo above the number instead of a full word mark it’d be great. I appreciate the new blue because it really makes it all pop, but the shoulder horns simply miss the mark for me. If they tweaked the shape maybe they’d work better. What makes this rough for me is the old uni was clean, simple, and distinct. A refresh is not unwarranted but this is not really an improvement and it’s over designed.

    The City Edition/Color Rush/Insert Corporate Speak Here uniform would look so much better if they inverted the red and the “H-Town Blue”.

    And speaking of which, why make such a big deal of using this “unique” color and then essentially not use it except for a splash on a uniform they may wear 1-2 times per season? Major missed opportunity to use that as an accent color throughout the uniform profile.

    Because Adams family lawsuit.

    (see UH cougar Big 12 opener uni cease & desist letter)

    The league and Nike actually came to the Texans with an all H-Town Blue jersey at first, and word is that Amy Adams-Strunk pitched an absolute fit like she did over the University of Houston wearing Oilers style throwbacks – the league then flipped to NO light blue at all, and the Texans owners had to fight for what they eventually got with these.

    putting horns on both the red helmet and red jersey feels lazy, but at least have them pointing in the same general direction!

    Against my normal proclivities to dislike the recent custom number fonts AND to dislike the new-age shoulder stripe experiments, I actually like these a lot. The number font doesn’t bother me for some reason, and I can’t pinpoint why. They seem bold without feeling totally awkward. I think the jerseys are beautiful- to me the horns come off well, and are also a unique element that other teams haven’t done successfully.

    To me, the Texans have seemed like a franchise without a personality since they launched: Colors are red and blue (snore), the jerseys were very plain with a minor design element (shoulder stripes, snore). The logo and other elements like the word mark and the jersey didn’t show much continuity or collective design. This update to me actually adds a lot of identity, not only for the city of Houston, but just as a unique, collective franchise. Well done H-Town, I was skeptical and I think you nailed it.

    I totally agree, Mark. This gives them a sense of identity. Not my cup of tea, but not a bad set of designs in and of themselves.
    I tend to agree with Paul on most things (reg numbers vs. custom, stripes vs. no stripes, dapper vs. forced) but these are good for what they are. It seems like the Houston culture will love these, from everything I’ve read. Maybe not for the traditionalist, but certainly not in the same camp as the Falcons or Bucs initial redesigns.

    My notes:
    – The “H-Town” blue feels more shoe-horned in than a design built around it
    – Would’ve preferred the logos on that uniform flipped (bull on the helmet, H on the jersey sleeve)
    – The TV numbers bother me because they don’t have an outline like the main numbers. I’d prefer they have the number, but no outline at all would look better imo

    I like the number fonts. Nothing wrong with them.

    Those horn stripes have to go, though.

    And the red numbers on the alternate don’t work at all.

    Also, putting secondary logos on the back of the helmet…it’s already cluttered up enough with American flags and whatnot.

    Find all the references to “traditional” in their press release very odd. Such as when they describe the bull horn as “the traditional jersey stripe that turns into a bull horn in front” or something. Traditional to who? Certainly not the Texans, who have always had a downturned USC stripe and never a flat stripe like the back of the new one. Overall agree with your takes here as a Texans fan. Thought I was taking crazy pills reading the praise on r/nfl and r/texans

    The metallic red helmets hide the horns. Traditional Red would’ve worked better. I know the idea of “away” and “home” is losing its meaning, but the red helmet with a white jersey? Works better.

    Same for the H helmet, make it white and it would stand out much better IMO.

    The red bull-horn helmet needs a white stroke around the horns, or perhaps the stripe within the horn needs to be white on the red jersey and red helmet. The way it is now, the pants have a white stripe, the jersey has the white number outline but the helmet has no white. It feels unbalanced. I think that one small change would actually do some heavy lifting to make the overall looks much better.

    I was going to write almost exactly the same thing about the red helmet with the horn logo. It’s a good idea with less than optimal execution, in my opinion.

    I kind of like the red helmet, but the all red looks silly. I do like the primary uniforms, even the numbers. The “H” looks like “High School” to me, and the alternate uniform is pure garbage. All told, the whole change feels like a desperate attempt to try to be seen doing something cool. But in the end, I find it really hard to care either way.

    The lack of TV numbers on many recent redesigns (including 3 out of 4 Texans jerseys), has to be my biggest NFL uniform pet peeve, maybe only second to white “leggings”. Going without them looks fine for the Bengals link and Patriots link, who’s shoulders and sleeves are completely filled up, but the shoulders on these just look bare and incomplete.

    It is occurring to me that the NFL has decided it’s fine with going full Oregon, with each team having four uniforms and three helmets.

    For those of us who like consistency … yeah, this isn’t our bag.

    The response here versus the response I’m seeing on Reddit amongst both Texans fans and fans of other teams is interesting. Overwhelmingly negative versus overwhelmingly positive.

    I think you have a great point, Paul, about the shoulder horns feeling awkward. I get the point (pun intended) is that a bull’s horns would be pointed towards the thing they’re charging at and not swept back, but it does feel awkward on the uniform. Especially when the helmet horns are swept back and not pointing forward. Maybe it’ll grow on me, but for now I’m not entirely sold on it.

    From what I’ve read, online-Houstonians seem to really like the H-Town alternate and say they feel it really represents aspects of Houston’s specific culture/vibe without just going for something pan-Texas. I think I read the number treatment is supposed to emulate candy paint, which is popular on cars in the lowrider scene in Houston. Whether or not it works on a uniform is one thing, but I do think it’s a cool shoutout. Especially on an alternate, which won’t be worn every week. If you’re going to experiment anywhere it should be on alts.

    I’d really like to see the red helmet and jersey with white pants. I think that’d look great. I also think Houston should be a red team instead of a blue team. There’s too much navy in the league and there’s too much blue/blue-adjacent in the AFC South. Stand out a bit.

    All in all I’m not exactly sold on these but I don’t hate them either. I think I’ll have to see them in action on the field a few times.

    Good catch on the jersey horns Paul, there are lots of reasons to dislike that design, but the fact they are backwards, facing in rather than out definitely doesn’t make much sense.
    Not sure how I feel about the horns on the helmet, in theory it could work, but rendered as is with navy on red it is hard to pick up without some white in there. Plus, while it works as concept (Vikings, Rams) does it not then feel a little derivative of those two teams? Plus, plus, I think the Vikings and Rams (original design) horns just seem to fit the shape of the helmet better.
    What is with Nike not maintaining the same number format with front and tv numbers? Lucky we are getting TV numbers at all, but why, like Seattle, do the TV numbers not have red outlines?
    I think their “something for everyone” approach is a bit of a failure, because the designs, be it classical, mono, or otherwise, just have so many goofs in execution or little unnecessary gimmicks.
    I guess a .500 average on the new uniforms this year could have been much worse… Looking forward to the Broncos and Texans resets in 2029.

    Backwards horns are like that old Jaguar helmet where the jaguar was supposed to be coming out of the shadows, but it was actually facing towards the black portion of the helmet.

    More of an evolution than a full redesign, which makes sense since this is the first uniform update in, what, 20 years for the Texans?

    The horn on the red helmet is dope, and I hope that in the next couple of years they decide to just roll with horns on the helmet as their helmet as opposed to just the logo.

    The color rush uniform I’m assuming is navy lmao. I don’t think it’s bad, but it definitely fits the mold of “experimental third uniform” that alternates were kind of originally pumped out during the early 2000’s. The H-town Blue was definitely oversold, but I do like the idea of dark blue, light blue, and red. Maybe replace the navy color rush with an h-town blue color rush and wear it against the titans lol.

    Not bad but not great. Imo that all red is brutal, but I think the lighting in these photos is just bad.

    Huge issue on the red uniform, the horns on the helmet go from the front and point to the back. Meanwhile the horns on the sleeves of the jersey start in the back and point to the front.

    Two sets of horns, same uniform, pointing in different directions. On this version they should have not had them on the sleeves and only went with the ones on the helmet.

    100%. Horns on the jersey are fine. Horns on the helmet are fine. But, both together and pointing in different directions is really terrible, and hard to imagine how it got approved.

    This! That’s the biggest issue I have with the entire set. Makes me wonder if they decided to put horns on the red helmet after they’d already decided on the jersey.

    Totally agree. As soon as I found out they were going with the horns on the helmet, I wondered if they would have them on the jersey as well. I guess we have our answer….and it ain’t good.

    i like the red helmet. shame they didn’t do that in all 3 colors instead of having three totally different designs for each color

    The red uniform could have really benefitted from white outlines on the helmet and shoulder like the numbers have. Feels like the dark colors will get drowned out and be tough to make out on TV.

    The number font is bad, but I don’t think it’s quiiiiiite as bad as we originally thought. The ‘3’ is far and away the worst number when put in that font.

    Just feels like a disjointed set. I would really like to have, ya know, uniformity in my uniforms.

    For those who wonder why people hate non traditional uniforms I direct you to the great Abe Simpson.

    “I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!

    And it will

    Love what Paul wrote as his final thought. The Broncos Throwback reveal was so simple (same template as the Vikings, Bucs, Seahawks last year). I liked the Jets reveal was so simple with the backgrounds. Really good point!

    First and foremost, love your work but I just feel like you only love old uniforms. These aren’t the best, but definitely within the top 16 of the league. Now I dont know what that says about the top 16, but still. Tradition doesnt always have to be the norm. The Packers, Steelers, Giants could all use modernized versions of their current uniforms. They’re way too bland at this point.

    If your tastes differ from mine, that’s fine.

    Your tastes are what they are, and mine are what they are. I’d never ask you to change yours, and I trust you’d do me the same courtesy.

    Sometimes, the most juvenile jokes are the best jokes.

    And this is one of those times.

    I agree with Paul in regards to why can’t the pictures just be CLEAN in a standard (preferably natural) light? I just want to see what they’re going to look like on the field.

    I hate the number font. It’s just so mis-matchy. Sharp lines and corners and huge curved top. Not cool. I do think that they improved their white and blue unis overall – but would look so so much better with the old number font.

    Not a fan of the H helmet. Nor of the unis. I think the Houston Blue is an awesome color, but when you have a nice color set of that red with the houston blue, it gets tampered down with the black in the uniform. The blue is what I CAME TO SEE in that set, and it’s very minimal. Missed chance IMO.

    I need to see the red helmet in natural light to see if the chrome red is too overpowering to the blue horn. My first instinct is to pan them. I don’t like aggressive red unis or helmets much – that’s just my personal taste – and it appears on X and Reddit that people are already calling for the team to make that helmet their primary.

    I guess in a long winded comment, I like the traditional home and away, wish they had a better font, and don’t really like the two alternates.

    The Lions pulled the same stunt. Let’s turn off the lights so you can see our new black uniforms better. LOL

    I agree with Michael, “putting horns on both the red helmet and red jersey feels lazy, but at least have them pointing in the same general direction!”. Like Paul, I kind of like the red helmet with the horns but the jersey horns should match the helmet. The number font is egregious. Typical Nike issue throughout the years. I’m a Seahawks fan and I have never been a fan of their font on their jerseys. It’s not as bad as the Texans or the Falcons or the Buccaneers’ digital clock numbers, but Nike needs to stop with these ugly fonts.

    I don’t necessarily hate any of these separately but as a set they’re completely incoherent.

    The H-Town helmet would pop more if the facemask color was H-Town Blue instead of Deep Steel Blue. Agree with the comment above that the red helmet would benefit from having a white stroke around the horns. Will miss seeing the numbers on the sleeves (now only the Raiders and Colts have them). Overall, the redesign gets a meh from me. They are better than the Broncos redesign, but are behind the Jets and Lions, IMO. The lack of consistency in the four uniforms was a design choice, but the downside is that the Texans now lack any sense of identity.

    I’m surprised you haven’t pointed out the return of the “toilet bowl” two-tone collars on both Denver and Houston’s new sets. They are like a toned-down version of what Nike rolled out back in 2012 with the flywire collars. I actually don’t mind them in both cases, the contrast is cool and it’s not over-pronounced like it was back in 2012. It also looks like it tapers off in the back as well as in the front.

    I don’t really hate these. The new navy blue alt kinda reminds me of a titans jersey though.


    1. The number font is fine. It’s not like the Tampa Bay alarm clocks.

    2. The navy set with white pants looks good. Not amazing, but inoffensive and solid.

    3. The white set should have just been an inverse of the navy set. The bull horns on the shoulders look dumb here.

    4. The “City Edition” set should use the chrome helmet, City jersey, and red pants. That would be a very unique look.

    5. The Blood Clot look doesn’t look any better on the Texans than it did on the Cardinals. Looks like a college team, not an NFL team. I do think the horns work better on the red jersey, though. The red jersey with blue or white pants might look good.

    Overall, I think it’s kind of interesting, but just missed the mark a little.

    These uniforms completely aside, no one that I can think of was clamoring for a Texans uniform overhaul. They were fine. They didn’t really need changing.

    Just my .02

    The red helmet would be better if it was matte; but I like it. I love the alternate H. Is this the first team to have radically different helmets in the same season, (not throwbacks)?

    I dig the City Edition. Mostly dark with bright red and light blue trim is aesthetically pleasing.

    The font is a little silly but I have no complaints with it. The horns I’m not sold on, curious to see this all in play though.

    Full disclosure, I never liked the Texans’ set to begin with, it was as generic as you could get without just being Penn State’s uniform set, but the only element of this redesign I really like is the H-Town helmet. That feels like a unique, interesting piece to start a coherent design around, but the white and navy jerseys feel like direct ripoffs of the Falcons, I have never liked mono-color sets like the blood clots here, and even the H-Town jersey feels backwards; the navy elements should be light blue, the light blue elements should be red, and the red elements should be navy. Switch those colors around in that order, and you have something that pops, rather than looking like someone threw all the other uniforms in the wash together, and the blood clots weren’t color-fast.

    To this day, I lament the NFL not enforcing the Browns Solution on Houston, and requiring Bud Adams to leave the Oilers identity behind.

    “but the white and navy jerseys feel like direct ripoffs of the Falcons,”

    Yes, my immediate reaction. Especially on the white jersey-navy pants combo, which — given navy’s proximity to black — looks at a glance exactly like the Falcons.

    These are mostly awful, but the horns facing forward on the sleeves aren’t a huge deal to me, since you know, I’ve seen a bull before. If they had an antelope as a mascot, then sure, the horns would be backwards.

    These are pretty decent, actually, and better overall than the original Texans designs.

    The extra logo on the back of the helmet is stupid. The red horned helmet is great (but agree with PL that the mono-color look almost always sucks as it does here).

    And the “H-Town” blue logo would be way more effective on a white helmet and paired with a light blue jersey… but the idiotic way we’ve let teams relocate and retain ownership of names/colors/history they’ve abandoned over the years very likely prevented going that route. (which of course if it was handled the right way, this team wouldn’t need “H-Town” blue alternate uniforms in the first place, they’d just be the Oilers).

    I like the horns on the white jersey but I’m guessing it will be a mess when they have to add patches so we’ll have to see.

    Don’t like the horns as much on the red jersey and I’m not really liking the red helmet either so I would say to scrap that look all together.

    Navy jersey TV numbers should have the same red outline as the main numbers. Looks inconsistent.

    H-Town look is alright but I agree with Paul that the red is too vivid. Not sure why that shade of red clashes so hard with that shade of blue.

    And finally, would putting a stripe on a sock kill anyone? I mean, come on, throw me a bone!

    I actually don’t mind them at all, to my own surprise!

    I have a feeling that these new “modern” unis are designed with the player’s own fits in mind. I.e. adding contrasting accessories with accent or contrasting colors like red shoes, sleeves or gloves etc. Think Derrick Henry with the Titans. I don’t like their uniform, but adding red shoes and red gloves to the mix makes the whole thing look good imo.

    Not very in tune with the whole concept of a uniform, but I think that this is where we are today. I’m not a big fan of the new jerseys as a standalone design, but when put together with nice accessories and a neat overall fit, I find that the uniforms look very good as a whole.

    As far as the difference between the TV numbers vs. the front/back numbers, I don’t really mind the difference. The rubber numbers and logos on the City Connect uniform are kind of a nice detail too. I also like the alternate numbers.

    All in all, not a huge fan but I kind of like them!


    Screen variables withstanding, Photoshop color picker says the majority of their dark looks are blacker than they are blue.. 08080c

    I don’t hate this. There’s nothing massively offensive here like a giant college footballesque word mark or gradient.

    Home- these are generally fine The font is annoying but not terrible. Otherwise these are decent.

    Road- The horns are awkward but just kind of there. They don’t bother me too much. Again the number font is an issue but generally these are ok.

    Color Rush- where’s the color? I agree with those that feel like an inversion of the luv ya blue and Navy would have helped here. The logo is meh, and jersey is a weird combo of kind of annoying and also not colorful enough. This is a miss.

    Reds- Like the helmet a lot with the chrome and the horns. This one of things were the mono look is too much. If they paired this with the navy or white pants it would look solid. I would also like to see the red pants with the navy or color rush. That’s a neat look that gets ignored in favor of mono too much.

    So all in all these aren’t good but I don’t think they’re truly awful save for the color city connect rush (aka corporate jargon uni). It’s not an upgrade on the previous look but not a massive downgrade either.

    I tell ya what! I’d want to retire after reading these comments too. It’s just a review peeps. If the fans of Houston love ’em, perfect. That’s who they are designed to sell to. I feel like that is the real design choice here. Put out four different jerseys and hopefully you’ll like at least one of them (and buy it). The big miss is the Columbia Blue jersey. The helmet looks great, then.. not so much. Have a great day y’all.

    I don’t actually hate the number font. It’s legible. I’d prefer the old number font, but it isn’t awful.

    I like the number font. It’s unique without being over-the-top (we see you Minnesota).

    The red helmet/horns really works for me. I do agree that a white (or even the H-town blue) as trim would help the horns pop better

    Horns on the jersey is a miss.

    H-Town alt is a miss, but has a good foundation to be great with some tweaks

    Not a fan of the inconsistency across all uniforms. Looks like each one was designed in a vacuum. I can see the H-Town uni being well received especially in south Texas where you have a really strong Hispanic community. I feel like the colors and vibrancy of that uniform is something Hispanics will really dig.
    I don’t understand why they didn’t incorporate H-Town blue across all uniforms and make it the primary color for the H-Town uni especially.
    It feels like the Texans are really bending the knee to the Titans in that they aren’t taking that color back and making it theirs.
    I don’t understand why the Texan’s aren’t allowed to be The Oilers and have their colors and logos given back to them similar to the Browns when they returned to Cleveland under new ownership. The oil derrick is one of the most iconic logos in all of sports and should belong to Houston.

    Texans were precluded from using H-Town blue as primary color in alternate by Amy Adams Strunk (owner of Titans). Texans had an alternate design with H-Town blue as primary and it was shut down by Titans. This was confirmed this morning by Hannah McNair on Houston sports radio.

    Texans originally wanted an all light blue jersey, but the Titans and their owner pushed back on it to the NFL so the Texans weren’t allowed to move forward with it.

    If that’s the case why doesn’t Houston push back? Aren’t they all equal owners? Why should Tennessee an ownership group that abandoned Houston have a monopoly on a color? Make’s Houston look gutless that they didn’t just go ahead with it

    I don’t like the jersey horns, and I think the “creative fonts” are dumb. But otherwise, I think they did a pretty good job with these. I really like the primary jersey, the red alternate helmet, and the H logo set (minus the shoulderhorns). Mono anything is off-putting, but oh well. Better than the rams or the falcons new sets.

    wHy dO aLL oF yOu HaTe mOdErN uNiFoRmS aNd DeSiGnS sO mUcH?????

    Because all these “modern” designs rarely, if ever, improve on or look better than what they’re replacing.

    The Texans cooked as well as Gordon Ramsey with these unis. Only changes I would make going forward are putting a red and white bull horn on the home jerseys and changing the inner stripe on the red jersey and helmet’s horn to white. Easily the best new unis of the past decade and a 10/10 from me

    I like the horns on the helmet and the use of Oilers blue, I just don’t love the uniform set its deployed in. The last two uniforms definitely “vibrate” that’s a good term for it. Maybe I’m wrong, but I always thought the Texans should have gone with a white helmet.

    The H on the back of the helmet isn’t cohesive at all. At least give it white filling so it somewhat fits but even then I don’t like it. Another L for Nike. I could critique it to hell but what’s the point just wasted energy.

    The Texans have draped a version of the alt-blue jersey on the 67-foot statue of Sam Houston located on I-45, just south of Huntsville and an hour north of Houston. The jersey doesn’t look any better on Ol’ General Sam but it has a number of locals quite confused. I’d post a pic but not sure how to do it here. A quick Internet search will provide one. Meanwhile, I’m glad I’m a Lions fan, which I haven’t said often in my life.

    Okay I do got to say this making the home and away a different template is just horrible. I guess it’s a trend that we are stuck with for a bit.

    I think this redesign is a success. I like the number font. The red helmet is nice. I really like the colors on the H-Town uniform; I think they’ll really pop on TV.

    In the handful of times I’ve been to Houston or talked to the friends and family from that town, no one has ever referred to it as H-Town and I doubt anyone they knows has either. Those unis look like the bleeding toad jerseys TCU had that were difficult to look at as well. I bet we see them once and that’s it. That said, the H logo could be worse and might grow on me.

    That said, I generally like the other three and I feel like I will know I’m watching the Texans when football starts up again, which shows that I’ve set a rather low bar of expectations for this year’s new uniform sets from Nike and they managed to meet it. I’m glad Nike didn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken!

    I like the red chrome helmet, but I don’t think it matches the red uniform color very well. I’ll need to see it in a game. USC had an alternate red chrome helmet back around 2015, and even for a fan base that loves traditional uniforms, most liked this helmet except that it didn’t match the jersey color. Many like myself thought it looked really good with the white jersey, and shouldn’t be worn at home with the Cardinal red jersey.

    Why are they in a plastic box?

    I think this may enter at about #30 on the ranking list.

    As a Broncos fan who didn’t love but didn’t hate the reveal yesterday — this is a very good reminder it could have been so much worse.

    I won’t give my opinion on the uniforms (I am over 35, by the way).
    I WILL , give my opinion on the players modeling the uniforms.

    Would you PLEASE tuck the uniform in, in a professional manner?

    A uniform reveal is NOT about your personal style.

    It’s about what the new uniform is SUPPOSED to look like on the field.
    If worn by a professional.

    Great, another team from Texas that doesn’t know if it is red or blue…

    Kidding aside, they should have stopped with the navy and white.

    The only good thing bout these uni’s are the red name font on the back of the navy primaries. Looks decent. The rest is exactly what I expected.
    Again, Nike with the stupid pants stripes that mimic college basketball shorts

    My comment when the NFL allowed a third helmet… “as long as this doesn’t mean city editions”
    2 weeks later…

    i knew the NFL would eventually get city edition uniforms.. but it’s still sad to see actually happen

    Strangely, the all-red set might be my favorite from this group, and that’s odd because I usually can’t stand monochrome football uniforms. I just don’t see what a team needs two different navy jerseys though. It feels to me like Houston did the navy alt jersey just so they could have another alt uniform, which would let them use another helmet shell.

    And is Color Rush still a thing, officially? Or is it just a team name for another alt? The Broncos have four jersey options now, none of which appear to be designed as a Color Rush set.

    It just hit me.

    Nike: Hey y’all, we have an interesting idea for a design element on the front of the jersey. Kinda looks like horns. But not really horns.

    Mid 90’s Broncos: Ok, we’re listenting….

    Mid 2000’s Broncos: Yeah, we’re stubborn, we will keep these horn things on our unis.

    Finally the Broncos: Ok, yeah, those horn thingies don’t work. Give us mountains, but kinda like the Chargers pls. Thx.

    Nike: Hey y’all, we have an interesting idea for a design element on the front of the jersey. Kinda looks like horns. Well, they are really horns this time.

    Houston: Ok, we’re listening….

    Of all the “modern” design elements, I think truncated stripes may be my least favorite.

    well these are about as inconsistent as the Vikings uniforms were in the cris carter days

    Can I put in a good word for the horned stripes? I like the idea. I’d like them to be a bit more like stripes, not as violently curved and with more space for the red interior, but there’s the genesis of something very good in there.

    In the minus column:
    The navy jersey is so close to black it’s basically black.
    The number font is all over the place with forced edges and serifs. It looks like they couldn’t stop designing it.
    The uniform set is all about saying “we’re Houston” with iconography. Why do you need “Houston” or “H-Town” in bold in some hideously stretched font on it?

    So many elements fighting for space. Pick one and run with it. And if TV numbers are good enough for one jersey, they’re good enough for all of them.

    I’m actually liking most of it. I wish the red helmet and jersey had some more white accent colors. But, the rest I actually like. I even like the H-town set. Even though I’m not a fan of the mono-color uniforms. I like the H-town blue accents.

    The team solicited fan advice during the design process, and it shows, because it looks like they are trying to have multiple identities at once. These probably won’t last as long as the original set

    Aside from the helmets, this wouldn’t look out-of-place being worn by Houston’s UFL team.

    Think these are XFL garbage. And to posters making this an age issue, maybe it is. I grew up with classic uniforms across all sports. One home. One away. Crisp and timeless.

    Paul I think you do a phenomenal job, we all wouldn’t be reading this blog if that wasn’t the case. A side note; I think Space City is an uniquely original name. H-Town feels like a vast common reference that numerous of people use when their hometown begins with a ‘h’.

    These aren’t really different enough from their old uniforms to justify even bothering. I have a feeling that 5 years from now, this team will also say “oh our old uniforms were better, let’s go to them again.” I have heard arguments that it makes merch sales go up, but does it really? And if so, does it offset the cost of these redesigns?

    The red costume COULD look good if they didn’t have inconsistent horns. It’d be like the Eagles having wings on their helmet, then another set of wings on their sleeves that didn’t quite have the same orientation. They had one element that worked and then tried to slap it all over. It doesn’t even work as a sleeve stripe to begin with, but with the helmet horn it is excessive and weird looking.

    The “color rush” H-Town and really even the home navy jerseys look too much like the Falcons to me.

    A thing that bothers me but that I don’t see mentioned elsewhere is that the primary logo has no 3D effect whereas the secondary logo has 3D effect. To my mind, a team’s logo elements should be 3D or flat, not a mix of both.

    Uniforms like this make me want to see the NFL go full premier league. Change the uniforms every year go wild, because these seem like if they were just a bit bolder they’d be great (rather than average), but they didn’t want to risk something and then not be able to change for 5 years.

    Oh yes, with full sponsorship advertised on the jersey, on the sleeves and on the back! Please, NFL, go Premier League! Mind you, I do like English soccer an awful lot, I am a big West Ham United supporter, but please let us not copy the sheer ugliness of Euro soccer uniforms that pops up season after season. Thank you!.

    The Old English “H” looks like it was doodled in the margins of a notebook by a high schooler who can’t draw.

    I do like the helmet horns. The shoulder horns…not so much, and they should not be trying to do both at once.

    Having the same logo on the helmet and sleeve looks bad to me. That’s when teams should be using their secondary logo. Also, letter logos look strange so close to the NOB. My eye wants to read it as part of the name. The logo on the back of the neck makes the jersey look too cluttered, especially when there’s *also a logo on the back of the helmet.

    I really like the colors though, and I think the light blue adds a lot to the overall look. I like that there are pant stripes, although they look like they’re truncated at the top, which is unfortunate.

    I think it’s dumb to have two different navy blue helmets, if that is indeed what’s going on here (the H-ton helmet looks a little more sparkly?). Switching out the decals regularly would also be silly. I like the script-H, and I found the bullhorn storytelling behind the serifs to be as compelling as it is inspiring, which is to say, not at all. Now whenever I see a serif on a letter, I’ll wonder which majestic animal inspired it.

    The all-red looks rough, but it looks so much better with white pants (but then it’s getting a little too close to KC).

    Fascinating how that picture of the all-blues shows how much better all of these uniforms look with contrasting socks. We should all start talking about how contrasting socks make the uniform “pop” and are “actually fire,” and maybe it’ll sink in by osmosis.

    5/10, but grading on a curve (having just seen the Broncos and Lions) makes these more like a 7.5

    “The logo on the back of the neck makes the jersey look too cluttered, especially when there’s *also a logo on the back of the helmet”

    I agree; I hate these silly logos that just get in the way and distract you from the main reason you’re looking at a player’s back, which is to see his number and name.. I like the “H” logo on its own; just get it off the player’s collar.

    The number font is a downgrade from what they had before but at least it’s big and bold and readable. A very plain uniform with no other adornments but with that exotic number font would look pretty good.

    Hm. On one side, I do feel like visually these are as a whole kind of a mess, especially the H-Town one. But at the same time I’m kinda enjoying it? Like they just look *fun*, that’s really the only word i can immediately think of.

    I’ll take this over the older ones, I think. Those were more bland, and I don’t reeeally mean the good kind of simple in this case.

    Wasn’t keen on the number font back when it leaked, but it grew on me. Bit odd, but it works, IMO. Readable.

    Its really incredible how much simply turning the shoulder horns the other way would improve this set lol
    I also think the league really needs to set a mandate on these god awful mono uni designs, atleast break up the colors at the socks. Its by far the biggest problem with modern designs. They look just straight up ridiculous on adult humans not using a bobsled

    This is the love child of the uniforms of the Falcons and Seahawks with some recessive genes from the Titans mixed in.

    Looking through the pictures for the navy uniforms, it looks like there are two different number “4”s being used. On number 24, the “4” has a little horn off to the right. But for number 48, the “4” does not have the horn. Even dumber, the 8 looks like it was designed to accommodate the horn

    Personal preference on uniform taste aside, can they at least have consistent numbers or pay close enough attention to get the details right on the unveiling?

    In general, I find that we (the royal we, as in, Uni-Watch readers), hate new things to an unnecessary degree. As Garth says: “We fear change.” Many decry the team wordmark above the numbers, a font that isn’t 1960’s block, or stripes that aren’t straight and even. It’s true, there’s a lot of corporate bullshit to the modern sports uniform. I hate ad patches as much as anyone. Sometimes, though, we take it too far. Just because it’s new, just because the Texans didn’t follow the Green Bay uniform template (get rid the godam Reebok dazzle fabric already), doesn’t mean these can’t be nice, or cool, or fun. For me, while they aren’t what I would have designed, I don’t hate them as much as I thought. I certainly like them much better than the Broncos effort, that’ll be replaced in five years. Match the socks maybe, sure. Tuck in your tees, obviously. But it’s okay that they try something new. I think they’ll look pretty snappy on-field this fall.

    They look average. The H-Town Blue uni looks ugly. I never thought there was anything wrong with the unis that they had so I think redesigning them was unnecessary.

    What, exactly, did people expect from a team that intentionally named themselves the functional equivalent of the “Chicago Illinoisans?”

    You don’t have to like it…. It ain’t for you. If you don’t have haters you’re doing something wrong. Enjoy being miserable as you complain about having to see these uniforms in prime time games this year.

    The red helmets are great. BTW, the new Rams blue helmets are great as are the Jets green helmets. The interesting thing about this Houston set is that their worst look is the one that skews the most traditional — the navy blue helmet and top. They should be a candy apple red team and embrace that completely.

    It’s not hard to think and conceptualize how simple a good unique uniform can look like when teams mess up this bad. This is what I would’ve done:

    Fix the direction of the horns on the white set and make them white on the home and red sets.
    Remove the H logo on the blue helmet and remove the bull on all the pants.
    Make the red set with white numbers (blue outline)/nameplate and make the red helmet with the bull instead.
    Make the H-Town set light blue with white numbers (red outline)/nameplate, no horns on sleeve but add the H and do white pants instead, add white helmet with light blue horns and possibly a light blue or white face mask.

    Simple changes could’ve made this rebrand a lot more successful, what a shame.

    Total garbage.
    But, the h-town uni Dell is wearing with the red socks, red sleeve and red untucked undershirt? That could be a thing. It’s not a bad look. All the red really pops and looks good with the big numbers. However we know would be impossible to get all the players on the same page regarding the socks.

    These remind me of uniforms that Oregon has worn post Joey Harrington era (2005ish?). It’s like the design team is compromised of a group of 14 year olds playing Madden, that created their own franchise and designed their uniforms in the theme of their middle school colors and mascot but turnt that shit up to 11 to really make a statement.

    Three helmets: one to be worn with the home and away jerseys, a red helmet to be worn with the red uniforms, and the h-town helmet to be worn with the Rangers City Connect uniforms. Funny they keep saying “Texas inspired.”
    We all want to see Houston sporting a throwback…Oilers not Thunderbears. Seriously this upgrade is from high school bland to arena ball style. It’s got some fun elements, but eh…

    Never leave us, Paul!
    I’ve been reading your columns for a long time and I always appreciate the way you look at the uniform as a whole, and break it down element by element, evaluating what’s good and what’s not. Often providing ways the uniform could be improved. It’s not about agreement or disagreement, it’s about attention to detail.

    I’m a traditionalist and I’m actually digging the H-Town set-up.

    The big thing I don’t like is the logo on the jerseys — if it’s already on the helmet, then just leave it there.

    The font? I could go either way.

    I think in time, the horn helmet will become the favorite look of the team. Would love to see that look with the standard navy jersey.

    This uni set is the worst downgrade shown so far this year. By far. The colors try too hard to be “bold” and in the end they simply don’t pop. And the numeral font sucks the sweat off a dead man’s balls. There, I said it. It looks like excrement. I’m sure it’s designed to sell a lot of merch to wannabe gang members and rap stars and on that count it probably will succeed. But it’s atrocious. Overall, this set makes the Falcons look good which is quite the accomplishment.

    And yes, block font and TV numerals are best. That said, I’m a Bears fan and think their font looks great. But that’s an exception. Fonts that “try too hard” generally come off looking like hot garbage, which is very much the case here. Oh, and one last thing to piss off the wanna be hipsters here: the Texans “navy” color looks black. It’s sooooo dark that calling it navy is misleading. And the team colors would be better with an actual navy blue as the flag of Texas uses.

    My wife says the navy here looks blue to her. I see only black. I am missing critical cones in my retinas – that females have in abundance apparently.

    The horns from the red helmet should be on the primary helmet too. Overall, what a snoozer.

    Hone Navy: OK, not an improvement or a downgrade.
    White: have to get used to the horn on the sleeves, but my main objection is the ugly number font that really sticks out here.
    Red: that helmet is surprisingly good, but please no mono red.
    H-Town: I am neither under 30 nor from Houston and certainly not a big Texans fan so this is not meant for me to like which is OK. I do not like it at all. It is for the players, the owner and his dog and the young fans.
    My main objections: the awful numbers, no TV numbers on 3 of the 4 jerseys and the sloppy presentation with different socks, undershirts not tucked in and the semi-tough posturing that I hate.

    The primary Navy and the White uni’s look fine to me, everything else is hard on the eyes. That mono-red is disturbingly red. The H-Town story-line stuff is just silly. If they require an alternate, the red jersey with white pants isn’t too heinous.

    the red over white would look SO MUCH better with white numbers. That’s why colored numbers on a dark number rarely(never?) work. You can mix and match, because the white pants look out of place

    Brutal unis from someone who prefers traditional unis. Looks like a bad video game set from the mid-2010’s.

    Terrible look. Definitely the worst of the 4 new designs this year. The only positive is there is no matte helmet. Probably the worst set in the league. I predict they will come out with a cleaner more traditional look in 5 years. Isn’t that the trend now?

    Paul, there are days when the Boomer/Gen X lens through which you see the world of athletic apparel becomes unbearable.

    This is one such day.

    The Texans took a lousy/boring uniform set and modernized it. You could ding them for the lack of continuity (horns, TV numbers, etc.) but this looks a lot more cohesive than whatever the Commanders rolled out and it’s a smart modernization of one of the stalest looks in the league.

    They coulda ruined this by going full ATL, but didn’t. For a franchise with no storied past but a darn bright future this is a great rebrand.

    The H-Town uni coulda leaned more into the H-Town blue, but that’s just me.

    Paul, there are days when the Boomer/Gen X lens through which you see the world of athletic apparel becomes unbearable.

    I never know how to respond to this type of comment. Like, my tastes are what they are. What am I supposed to do — pretend to like something that I don’t like? Lie? Make things up?

    My tastes are what they are. If you feel differently, that’s fine. We can agree to disagree.

    If you think I’m out of touch for some sort of generational reason, as you imply, than why even give a shit about what I think? Feel free to ignore me!

    The horn designs on the red unis need to be white within blue instead of red within blue. It doesn’t match the white-oulined numbers very well. I like the idea of horned helmets, but having them on the sleeves too is overkill. I hate segmented collars, no matter which team it is. I also hate when a home/road set aren’t the inverse of each other.

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