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Philadelphia Eagles Announce Throwback Game Dates

The Eagles’ Kelly green throwbacks leaked over the weekend. The only remaining question was when they’d be worn, and now we have the answer.

The Eagles will wear the Kelly greens for two home games:

  • Oct. 22 (a Sunday night), against the Dolphins.
  • Nov. 26, against the Bills.

I’m surprised they’re not wearing these against a division rival (or evan against an NFC team!), but I’m sure they have their reasons for choosing those dates.

In addition, the team announced this morning that their cheerleading squad will have Kelly throwback uniforms for those two games. Here are some photos:

If you want to learn more about the uniforms that inspired the Eagles’ throwbacks, check out my recent deep dive on the team’s original Kelly era.

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    I get the first date (national TV game) so most people can watch (NBC Sunday Night Football). Thanks for that Iggles!

    Here are my thoughts:
    -Miami is their first Sunday Night Football game. National exposure, get them out there for all to see.
    -Buffalo is Black Friday weekend. I guess they see this as a chance to get them in the public’s eyes before holiday shopping season.

    They still have a 3rd alternate/throwback game available. Unfortunately, we are most likely going to see the Eagles in all black on Christmas Day against the Giants. The Eagles have worn black at home against the Giants 9 out of 10 seasons since they’ve introduced the BFBS. Christmas Day would be a PERFECT day for Kelly Green but my gut tells me we’re going to see them in black.

    I would have liked to see them wear them at least once against an NFCE opponent. The Eagles only play 3 1:00 games. October 1st is home against Washington. Would have loved to see the Kelly Green on a sunny October 1:00 game.

    They should be wearing them October 1 against Wash, November 5th against Dallas and Christmas Day against NYG. One home game against each NFCE rival. No questions asked.

    Even if the Bills game doesn’t make a ton of sense compared to a divisional game, at least it’ll likely be a really good looking one!

    Still confused how these uniforms were “leaked”. They already announced the throwbacks they would be wearing, so everyone already knew what they looked like. All that was leaked was photos of current players in the uniforms. I would say the uniform hype train has gone off the rails when there are unveilings and leaks for throwbacks of which we have already seen and know what they look like.
    Everyone knew what Seattle, Tampa, and Philly would be wearing, is it just the younger generation who really never saw these in game action that these unveilings are targeted at?

    “All that was leaked was the current photos of players in the uniforms” …. Exactly, there was a leak.

    It’s not unreasonable at all for people (regardless of generation) to be hyped about seeing photos, it obviously gives the most information about how the uniform will look, especially when it comes to details like tailoring template, fabrics and historical accuracy. Plus, because the eagles wore several different uni variations over the Kelly green era, it makes sense that people would want photos that show which specific Kelly uni the team’s throwing back to…

    Again, the Eagles already announced, last year, that they were going with this specific throwback uniform, it wasn’t a generic kelly green announcement, they had already told everyone they were going with this set. I guess your mileage varies, but it is not particularly exciting to see uniforms of which there are countless game action photos of already, “unveiled” with active players modeling them. The only thing the unveilings show is how accurate they are to the original design. Given this one, as well as the Seahawks, Bucs, Jets, Pats, Falcons, and Titans/Oilers, were all relatively modern designs, there is no reason they wouldn’t all transfer over to modern templates without significant changes. Not like we are talking about throwbacks to the leather helmet and long sleeve era like the Bears’.

    Fair enough if you’re not into these unveilings…

    But what’s the takeaway, should teams just not post photos of new throwbacks or alternates?

    I see nothing wrong with getting hyped about a uni unveiling, this is Uni-watch after all :)

    I guess only one game for the all-black. I’m happy I love the Kelly green, just surprised they’re wearing it twice. I’ll take it.

    According to GUD, ’93 was the last time the Birds (under head coach Rich Kotite) wore these at home against the Bills and Dolphins.
    Lost both times.
    The loss against Miami made Don Shula the winningest NFL coach…under center for the ‘phins for much(?) of the game that day was Doug Pederson!

    Eagles fans were tail gaiting at the Pro Shop starting at 3:30 am and they crashed the website shortly after 9:00 am when the jerseys went on sale and most are already sold out but let’s still try to force the BFBS uniforms. Can’t recall fans lining up at 3:30 am, crashing websites or selling out BFBS.

    Their own players are saying they want the Kelly Green as the primary uniforms. Granted, Sweat still wants BFBS as an alternate but that’s OK.

    It’s just a shame that they are only being worn twice as of now.

    Barry Petchevsky has a great take on throwbacks in Defector today. Makes me wonder if he reads UniWatch.

    “Thesis: If a team has a good uniform in its history, it should wear the good uniform instead of a bad uniform. I do not think this is controversial. The Eagles should make kelly green their official, full-time uniforms, because they are good, and the midnight green ones are not. Do not make them “throwbacks” or “alternates”—just make the good uniform your uniform.”


    Glad for the Eagles fans – and fans of the NFL and of these uniforms in general – but I’m going to pick a nit, however subtle.

    When the Eagles wore these in the ’90s, the players all wore black cleats. Take one look at the splash photo atop this entry …

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