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Minnesota Vikings White Alternate Jersey Leaks; White Helmet May Follow

Antonio Brown may be an asshole, but his @CTESPN Twitter account continues to be the uni gift that keeps on giving. As you can see, the latest thing to surface there is a purported white alternate jersey for the Vikings.

Of course, the Vikings already have a white jersey. So why would they need another one? According to a source who I heard from earlier in the month, the Vikings are planning to add a white alternate helmet. Everything else this source has told me has so far turned out to be accurate. So the white helmet would presumably go with this newly leaked white jersey design.

Also, note that the numerals appear to have icicles, so this will apparently be an “icy white” alternate uniform. That would go with the “winter whiteout” theme that the Vikings have used for the past two seasons.

It’s not clear when this design will be officially announced and revealed. If anyone knows more about this, you know what to do. Anonymity assured, of course.

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    This is off the white jersey topic but I just found out last week that the current Vikings helmet has a black face mask. I thought it was a really dark purple this whole time. Every time I see it now it just grinds my gears. How can so many people not “GET IT”?

    I think the issue is so much in uniform design is being led by trendy fashion concepts and pop culture, rather than the classical design concepts that are relevant to each sports uniforms.
    All that matters is what will move the need on social media trendy topics among that demographic, as opposed to what would make a good looking uniform for the next few decades or more.
    The Vikings black facemask is some sort of BFBS nonsense.

    I remember reading that they struggled mightily trying to match the shades of purple on the helmet and facemask, and the cleanest outcome was black it was actually a closer shade to the helmet than any purple they could get to stick on the rubber facemasks.

    The use of the term “icy whites” will make me dislike these regardless of what they look like.
    Interesting they dropped yellow entirely in favor of silver. Maybe the viking horn on the white helmet will be rendered in silver?

    So…Nike is slowly, but surely, leading up to something like this…


    Give it a couple years, but I could see one week per season where everyone goes Darth Vader vs. Stormtrooper


    Lions in all black vs Vikings in all white could totally happen this year.

    Is WFWS becoming a thing? Obviously all teams have a white jersey, but adding white pants, socks, and helmets for the “icy” look whether it makes sense or not seems similar to the practice of ignoring team colors for black/white.

    Winter whiteout gimmick would make more sense if, you know…they played home games outdoors!


    The first team I liked as a child? The Vikings. And part of the reason was that they played outside in the snow. I even adopted Bud Grant’s rule about not wearing gloves when we played pickup football…or during a snowball fight.
    I went on to adopt other favorite teams, but I pulled hard for the Vikings in every one of their Super Bowls.
    When they moved indoors, I have to say I lost some respect for them. With the possibility of an icy white helmet, I just lost a little more respect.

    I hope the silver is the shiny / chrome look you’ve seen on college jerseys the last few years!

    Not just college — NFL uniforms as well. Cardinals last year, and Lions this year. Not sure if I’m forgetting any others.

    Though to my eye, this number gimmick is superior to their normal number gimmick. So I wish the Vikes would quash this uniform idea entirely and never wear it, but swap their regular numbers for these numbers.

    Your comment made me go back and take a second look. Because on first pass, I did NOT see the ridiculous nesting numbers and thought they finally saw the light.
    And then I saw the icicles. Dammit, Vikings…

    “Antonio Brown’s @CTESPN Twitter account continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.”

    I feel this is rather tone deaf statement considering what Antonio Brown has been posting about Caitlin Clark this past week.

    Yes, the uniform leaks are cool and I get the excitement. But still, they’re just uniforms. I’m disappointed that a usually culturally-sensitive writing team has been giving credit to a social media account that creates abusive content.

    I confess that I have no idea what Brown has been tweeting about Caitlin Clark, so I’m ignorant on that point. Perhaps you can educate me?

    Still: Even if a information comes from a despicable source, that source should be credited. For example, several of Brown’s uni leaks have now turned out to be accurate, which lends credence to his other leaks that haven’t yet been confirmed. That’s all part of how we assess information, irrespective of the source’s virtue or lack thereof.

    I understand everything your saying. However, I suggest writing a note or even a warning about the inappropriate and offensive material Antonio Brown has posted.

    Brown has been posting some rather vulgar comments about Caitlin Clark’s body. His posts have been criticized by a wide-range of people.

    Another step towards my prediction: BFBS versus WFWS is the future in uniforms for this league. Just because the players and a lot of people who do not care about the NFL but want to look trendy on IG and YouTube really want to wear this right now. I shake my head in disgust: icicle numbers? For a pro team? No way, but yes. The Vikings should have been wiser. This looks really amateurish.

    So, a team who ALREADY had white jerseys and white pants, decided they needed a different white jersey, for an event that they only hold about once a year?

    It’s all about the almighty dollar and selling merchandise! No different than all of the All-Star game uniforms/apparel or those baseball caps/apparel for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Armed Forces Day, etc. As long as fans continue to buy the merchandise, These leagues will continue to partner with the manufacturers to produce and sell this merchandise.

    So when are all of you gonna start using the letters WFWS white for white’s sake)? You all like to do it to black and gray so I hope you’re gonna be fair…

    I will. The Vikings are my childhood home team, and they have a long history of excellent white jerseys, but even so, this seems too much. Especially if they pair it with a white helmet. WFWS indeed.

    So tired of this “icy white” bullshit trend. Matter of fact I despise nearly all of the unitard looks. I don’t necessarily mind the jersey and pants being the same color once in a while but you HAVE to break the look up with contrasting socks. I can’t wait for this shit to end. The Reebok years were way better than anything we’ve had since the 2012 Nike takeover.

    I think a yellow (non matte) helmet would look better. There are too many white helmets out there. I agree that the socks should be a different color than the pants. Vikings should change to block style numbers. I would be an LSU look one of the best out there.

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