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Maple Leafs Add New Toronto St. Pats Fauxback

For the past five seasons, the Maple Leafs have celebrated the St. Patrick’s Day holiday while also honoring their franchise forebears — the Toronto St. Pats, who played from 1919 through 1927 — by wearing St. Pats throwbacks. But sales of the throwback design must have flattened out, because this year the team is going with a fauxback design that the St. Pats never actually wore.

Here’s a comparison of the old and new designs, front and back:

You can see additional views of the new design in this video clip:

It’s not clear, at least to me, when the new uniform will be worn, but the Leafs have a home game against the Hurricanes this Saturday, March 16, so that’s presumably when we’ll see this design on the ice.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing this development to my attention.)

Comments (11)

    I guess consider it a modern uniform take on the old Toronto St. Pats. With that logo it feels to me like a special St. Patrick’s Day uniform you would see in the minor leagues, but the Leafs can get away with it considering their old history as the St. Pats.

    I like the green helmet. Not enough kelly green helmets in hockey anymore. I think the Dallas Stars could make the subtle change from a black helmet to a green helmet, leave the rest of their uniforms intact and it would be an upgrade.

    Kudos for properly using a non-mutant three-leaf clover. If I see another person improperly use a four-leaf clover to describe St. Patrick…

    My thought exactly. The new jersey is a downgrade in every respect from the old, but at least they didn’t screw that up as most businesses in the US seem to do this time of year. Props for that detail.

    I sort of wish they’d taken the fauxback/redesign thing a step further and instead of retaining the St. Pats name, put Shamrock Leafs text inside the leaf to mirror the Maple Leafs logo.

    I think I prefer the numbers of the old, but don’t have the redesign. As with all designs rooted in that time period, would love to see brown accents (gloves, pants, etc), but overall, a lateral move. Would love to see a reversed version at some point as well, with green the main color. As a diehard Leafs fan, it’s a wild diversion from our normal colors, and I like that.

    What a nice uniform. Something about the “St Pats” lettering and the leaf might bother me if it wasn’t a one-off thing. I think I like the non-contrasting collar.

    I like how the clover leaf lampshades the expectation of seeing the Maple Leaf logo, making its seem like somewhat less of a departure from their blue-and-whites.

    Hurricanes are scheduled to wear white on Saturday. at least based on their preseason jersey schedule release

    Too bad the green band is not continued at the back but otherwise very nice.

    At least it’s not that godawful Bieberblack monkey outfit. The Leafs have never worn black, and never should.

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