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Hero MLB Star Poses with Every NHL Costumed Mascot


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Longtime Reds first baseman Joey Votto was born in Toronto. And like any good Canadian, he’s a big hockey fan. So he showed up over the weekend at the NHL All-Star Game, where he had an unusual (and unusually excellent) goal, namely to pose for a selfie with all 32 NHL costumed team mascots. He didn’t get all of them, but he definitely got most of them. You can see the entertaining results in the Instagram post above. Additional info here.

Votto, incidentally, is currently a man without a team. The Reds declined his option last November, and he hasn’t yet hooked on with any other MLB team. If his MLB career ends up being finished, maybe he’ll have a second act as a mascot, or as an NHL ambassador, or both!

(My thanks to Kary Klismet for this one.)

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    30 actually. Two teams don’t have mascots (I want to say one’s the Rangers and I’m blanking on the other).

    Definitely the Rangers. NYR are the only team in the NHL to never have person in a mascot suit, and I hope that never changes.

    Red Wings do not currently have a mascot, but did apparently try out some sort of San-Diego Chicken looking thing in the 80’s

    Happy to see he got SJ Sharkie!

    If Joey Votto’s MLB career is over, then he was one of my favorites to watch play.

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