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Category: Mascots

My Father, My Mascot: The Surprisingly Frequent Phenomenon of Sports Mascots with Families, Vol. 1

Longtime reader/contributor Kary Klismet dives deep into father/son mascots.

Mets’ Latest Self-Own: Scrapping Mrs. Met’s Twitter Account

You really have to marvel at how the Mets keep coming up with new ways to step in it.

Phillies Celebrate Phanatic’s Birthday with Phantastic Headwear

A ray of positive uni news amidst all recent MLB nonsense.

Hero MLB Star Poses with Every NHL Costumed Mascot

Joey Votto conducted an unusual scavenger hunt at the NHL All-Star Game.

Gamecocks Mascot Wears Costume Feet to Graduation Ceremony

What looks good with a cap and gown? A pair of gigantic yellow feet!

Hero AI Bot Creates Brilliant NFL Costumed Mascots

From the creepy to the hilarious, plus a costumed horse that’s, uh, hung like a horse.

Vintage ‘Ed-U-Card’ Game Delivers Big-League Fun

For all photos, click to enlarge [Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner, who’s going to tell us about a vintage sports …

Masked Mascots Lead the Way in Pandemic Messaging

Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where I’m happy to report that all three inhabitants continue to be healthy, safe, and mostly sane. I hope the same is true …

Phils Phan Phlames of Controversy with New-Look Phanatic

There are a lot of significant visual changes on MLB diamonds this season — the addition of the Nike maker’s mark, the Padres’ return to brown, the return of the …

From Connie Mack to Mr. Oriole: A Conversation with Dick Armstrong

Photo courtesy of Dick Armstrong; click to enlarge The photo shown above was taken during spring training in March of 1950. The gentleman on the right is Philadelphia A’s owner/manager …

Deep Dish Dishes Major Chicagoland Uni Intel

There’s a Uni Watch reader out there who does some uni-related work at the Bulls’ and Blackhawks’ arena in Chicago. He prefers to remain anonymous, so let’s call him Deep …

Another Piece of the Mr. Met Puzzle

As longtime readers are aware, I’ve been trying for years to determine the identity of the artist who created Mr. Met — not the live mascot but the cartoon character, …

Oregon Going Full-Puddles This Weekend

It'll be like looking in a mirror for Oregon on Saturday. (via @GoDucks) — ESPN (@espn) September 23, 2016 The Oregon Ducks will be a little more duck-like for …

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That

In yesterday’s installment of Collector’s Corner, Brinke Guthrie showcased a few items featuring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ original mascot character, Bucco Bruce. I was 12 years old when Bucco Bruce …

Here’s Looking at You — Or in This Case, Me

For all of today’s images, click to enlarge Like many people, I often don’t like the way I look in photos. But I love the way I look in this …