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Uni Watch Christmas Recap

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There was a Christmas surprise waiting for us yesterday in Kansas City, as the Raiders unexpectedly wore their silver-numbered throwback jerseys. Additional photos here.

The Raiders thus became the whopping 20th NFL team this season to have worn a throwback uniform. The other 19 are the Bears, Browns, Bucs, Colts, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons, 49ers, Giants, Jets, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Saints, Seahawks, Steelers, Titans, and Vikings.

And hey, there’s still time for the Bills to join the retro party by wearing their standing-buffalo throwbacks!

Speaking of the Raiders: Remember how the league made defensive lineman Maxx Crosby stop wearing his sobriety-themed facemask back in October? He was wearing it again yesterday:

More Raiders: This isn’t unique to yesterday, but is Antonio Pierce the first NFL head coach to wear an earring on the sidelines?

And speaking of throwbacks, the 49ers wore theirs against the Ravens (additional photos here):

And the Eagles wore their miserable black alternates against the Giants. If Philly had worn their Kelly green throwbacks, or even just their midnight green primaries, we it would have created a nice Christmas-y chromatic matchup with the Giants. Instead, we got a lump of coal (additional photos here):

(My thanks to Ben Thompson and Marco Mameli for their contributions to this report.)



Meanwhile, Over in the NBA...

All 10 NBA teams that played yesterday wore a snowflake version of the league logo. NBA teams used to wear this same patch on the front of the jersey on Christmas Day from 2008 through 2011. I believe yesterday was the first time since then that the snowflake patch has reappeared.



What’dja get? What’dja get?

At this stage of my life, I don’t care that much about receiving Christmas gifts. But I did get some really nice ones over the weekend, including these cool vintage drink tokens from various taverns. Here’s how they look on the other side:

I have a bunch of other drink tokens like this and am happy to add these to the collection!

My friend Rex got me a copy of the New York Daily News from Oct. 28, 1986 — the day after the Mets defeated the Red Sox in the World Series:

That fan-held sign on the front page — “The Dynasty Begins” — turned out to be less than prescient, eh? Nearly 40 years later, the Mets still haven’t won another title.

I also got a bunch of presents from E — stocking stuffers, mostly, but two things really stood out. One was this really cool meat cleaver:

E also does lots of embroidery projects — needlepoint, cross-stitch, stuff like that. She made me this really beautiful green woodpecker, which includes metal parts and a real piece of wood for the tree:

I don’t really need anything else in my life, but these items are still very welcome additions. Hope Santa was as good to you as he was to me!



Can of the Day

Now that is a gorgeous design. One of the best I’ve seen since I started this daily can showcase. Chef’s kiss!

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Sorry, no Ticker today, but I’ll have another post or two. Enjoy! — Paul

Comments (27)

    And Maxx Crosby used the personalized facemask with the triangle that he used in weeks 1-5

    Happy Holidays Uni Watch community!

    Maxx Crosby has worn 4 different face mask during this season, that has to be some sort of record.

    Kudos to the NBA for wearing “normal” uniforms on Christmas. No Christmas unis or City Connect. I could actually tell who the teams were!

    It’s interesting to note that all the teams that lost yesterday featured red, and all the teams that won featured black.

    The TV numbers on the Raiders’ throwbacks are MASSIVE. Not complaining, just saying…

    Properly sized.
    And with silver on white (even with an outline), they really really need to be.
    That’s a throwback that should stay in the past.

    Eagles and Giants would have looked great if both wore their throwbacks. Heck imagine if the Giants were their blue throwbacks to make a color v color game. Too bad we won’t get one game this year with both teams wearing throwbacks.

    I wish the Raiders would wear the silver logo on their helmet when they go with the silver numbers. so iconic.

    Very thoughtful gift from your friend with the 10/28/86 copy of the Daily News. As a fellow Mets fan & New Yorker, I’m sure you picked up that it was a “Racing Final” early edition of the paper, with the pictures, but stating that the Amazins had won it all. I believe later editions had a front page photo of reliever Jessie Orosco tossing his glove in the air at the final out with a one word headline – “YES!”.

    Back in the days when the Daily News had the Final, Racing Final (very popular in my neighborhood) and Night Owl editions. I remember all of the old men on my block waiting on the corner in front of the luncheonette every night waiting for the Night Owl to be delivered.

    Good old Antonio “I neglect my dogs and helped cover up the Plaxico Burress nightclub shooting, yet no one says anything about it” Pierce. Maybe the earring is a reminder to himself that he can do better. Probably not.

    Raiders should get in the habit of wearing the throwback-silver numerated jerseys when away vs former AFL teams

    Assuming KC, LAC and Denver all go dark jerseyed at home for those games, that would max out their alt jersey usage. But I’d love to see it for KC and LAC. Maybe not so much for Denver, unless they have their own throwbacks next season (or fauxbacks based on the CR uni and helmet).

    Last year Eagles wore their black on black uniforms against the cowboys on Christmas Eve last year so I guess they want to go for that look like a lump of coal.

    I like that the nba teams lay low on special uniforms for the Christmas Day games and mostly went with their normal rotation.

    Was anyone even watching those NBA games when the NFL was on at the same time? Assume the NFL killed it in the ratings.

    The engraving on the meat cleaver says “Dexter Brand/Chinese-style kitchen knife” in case someone was wondering.

    Looking at those NFL pics, everything is such a mess from the knees down. All those mismatched socks and cleats. MLB has the same issue, but throw in pajama pants to make it even worse.

    Which leaves me wondering if there’s anyone in the NFL who has the stones to do anything about it. -C.

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