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Auction Action: The Latest Treasures From Grey Flannel Auctions

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Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions have a new catalog of excellent items, including the two amazing 76ers warm-up tops shown above. The blue one was worn by Dr. J during the 1976-77 season, and the white one was worn by Shaler Halimon in 1968-69. Sensational stuff!

This latest catalog features a lot of NBA stuff, along with a smattering of items from other sports. Here are some that caught my eye:

  • As far as I’m concerned, the early-’70s Knicks had the best vertically arched NOBs lettering of any team in any sport. The small cap on Dave DeBusschere’s NOB is the cherry on top.
  • Speaking of small caps, the kerning on the raised “c” in Kevin McHale’s NOB looks a little off here — a bit too close to the “M” and too far from the “H.”
  • Probably no basketball player has ever been as famous for his socks as Pete Maravich, so it’s pretty awesome that there’s actually an auction for a pair of his game-used droopy socks. (If you’re into more traditional items, you can also bid on two of his game-used Jazz uniforms here and here.)


Want to see more? You can click through the entire auction catalog here.



Too Good for the Ticker

Check out this shot of actor LeVar Burton (left), who was playing the title role in the TV movie One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story (which I remember watching when it came out!), chatting with the real LeFlore. Note that they messed up the sizes of the uni number and NOB lettering on Burton’s uniform.

(My thanks to Todd Leman for this one.)



Your Daily(ish) Dose of Kitten

Uni Watch boy mascot Waffles (left) and girl mascot Biscuit are both fascinated by the bathtub faucet. Look at their matching tail curls!



Can of the Day

Magnificent design! But it’s weird that the plane has two propellers on one wing and just one propeller on the other wing. Was that actually a thing at one time?

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    Hi Paul – that airplane on the can is a hoot – no airplanes were ever produced with three prop engines configured like that.

    FWIW, it looks like the picture was inspired by the Boeing 314 (which had 4 engines):

    I think the 4th prop is being blocked by the body of the plane. Could have been solved if they placed the props a bit further out on the wing.

    Excellent stuff. As a Red Wings fan, I’m especially fascinated by the Abel jersey. It seems strange, though, that the captain’s patch was removed, since Abel remained captain through the 1951-52 season, after which he was traded to Chicago. But since NHL teams of the era were rather frugal, I’m wondering if Glen Skov (who switched from 14 to 12 after Abel’s departure) ended up wearing this jersey during the 1952-53 season. I’m also curious about this “Tool Shop” manufacturer’s tag.

    And the old County Stadium scoreboard in the background of the LeFlore photo; Wisconsinite that I am, I find it fascinating that the venue was used for (at least) two baseball movie filming locations.

    Speaking of scoreboards, my copy of “Classic Scoreboards” arrived last week, and it has been worth the read!

    Oh, yes. Brewers fan and child of the ’70s here; I’d know that outfield backdrop anywhere.

    I wonder what the cats would think if they saw water coming out of that spout. Not full blast, obviously – that would be a real dick move and they’d definitely be pissed off – but maybe just opening the valve a hair, allowing a very small trickle.

    Even by the standards of the ABA — which set out to be more colorful than the older, relatively conservative NBA — that Utah Stars warmup shirt is gaudy with a capital G.

    Agree on the Knicks lettering. Those were all done by hand at Gerry Cosby I believe. On a short name like REED, they would use bigger letters…on a name like DeBusschere, they had to go narrow.

    I dug that Ron LeFlore movie as a kid. I was always a fan of his after seeing it.

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