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Boston Celtics’ City Jersey Leaks, Confirmed by Team

The photos shown above, which appear to be the Celtics’ new City Edition uniform for the coming season, were circulating this afternoon. So was this next photo:

Shortly after those pics began making the rounds, the Celtics essentially confirmed the leak’s legitimacy by posting the following teaser photos:

Like most City uniforms, this one feels completely unnecessary, but it’s a nice enough design. The note above the jock tag suggests that the uni is supposed to be a shout-out to James Naismith inventing basketball in Springfield, Mass., in 1891, which presumably explains why the trim has a conventional wood-grain pattern instead of the Celtics’ parquet floor motif.

Comments (11)

    This could just as likely be a Bucks uniform. The Bucks and Celtics are most likely going to be the two teams duking it out all season for tops in the east. Only fitting in a league where team brands have been entirely diluted to nothing…

    I actually like it. The C’s have been pretty solid with their alts, with the exception of that one time they were sleeves.

    I like the maple wood pattern and the drop shadow letters but otherwise this is not very appealing.

    The font of the Boston lettering looks like something you might see painted on the door of a firetruck.

    You think a woven basket motif rather than wood grain would fit more with the stated theme but at least it’s not objectionably bad

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