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Now Accepting Questions for One Last ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session

Under our normal schedule, the next quarterly installment of “Ask Me Anything” would be in June. But since I’m leaving Uni Watch before then, I thought it would be good to do one last AMA session in May.

Like my other AMAs, this one will run on Substack but will not be paywalled. So if you have a question for me — about uniforms, about sports, about Uni Watch, about the end of my 25-year run of uniform writing, or anything else — email it here. One question per person, please. I look forward to seeing your queries!

Comments (8)

    What is your ranking of the top 3 sec football uniforms? Personally mine are LSU gold/white/gold. Georgia red/red/silver and Florida orange/blue/white

    When I think of busy uniforms I think of 2014 Buccaneers, Brady era Pats or even the Panthers’ sets.
    What do you think is the “busiest” NFL uniform of all time?

    Has any one person contributed more to uniform design than Alexander Julian? Who else is in his league?

    Looking back, do you miss sleeves on NBA jerseys?
    Thoughts on laces on NHL jerseys/ sweaters?

    Do you remember when each NFL team had someone on the sideline making sure players had their jerseys tucked in and enforcing other uniform policies? I can’t imagine they have them anymore with what we see on the field these days.

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