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Oklahoma State Cowboys Unveil New Uniform Set

Oklahoma State today unveiled a new set of football uniforms — the program’s first major visual overhaul since 2016.

As you can see in the photo above, the new design has echoes of the team’s 1980s look, including the chest wordmark and sleeve stripes, and is rendered in Nike’s FUSE template.

There are four jerseys (orange, black, white with black type, and white with orange type), which can be mixed and matched with three pant options (orange, black, white) and three helmet shell colors (orange, black, white).

Here are some additional photos:

Additional info is available here.

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    Having two white jerseys is such a good idea. Afterall you play (close to) half your games on the road

    I’m not sure I like the school name on front. If you have an identity it shouldn’t be needed.

    Part of OSU’s identity is the school name on the front of the jersey. I don’t like it in the NFL but have no issue with it in college, especially with programs that have traditionally done so (Michigan State, Oklahoma, Texas. Etc)

    I agree, I think Oklahoma’s jerseys would look odd without SOONERS across the chest, they would look like practice jerseys if they were plain.

    Agree. The reason I don’t like it in the NFL is because it looks collegiate. Collegiate is, well, appropriate for college sports.

    Still, the same problems we saw with this template for the Cards’ word mark applies here too.

    I can see where you’re coming from. On the contrary I immediately know who Bama, Penn St., Florida St., USC are without it. But I get you.

    As it stands now, the Big 12 will have 14 teams this season, including four new schools. So name-tags might be helpful.

    I like them overall. Thank you for having the mascot helmets with the mascot pointing forward on both sides. I hate it when such logos are facing/moving forward on on side, backwards on the other. Not sure why that bugs me so much.

    It looks like the white helmet has either the “OSU” or “Cowboys” decal, the black helmet has the mascot, and the orange helmet has “Cowboys”. I wonder if they will stick with this, or mix these up with all the helmet colors.

    That is a big upgrade, really like those sleeve stripes, like other people have mentioned, some pants stripes would be nice. I didn’t realize how different the white jerseys would look with different number colors; I’m surprised more teams don’t do this. The Cowboys uniforms have really been a mess for a while, this is a nice clean look, great job! these uniforms are fantastic.

    All three helmets are shown with black face masks. I wonder if they’ll add white and orange masks for even more combination options.

    I love these.

    I had loved their look before the 2016 overhaul and that awful collar design.

    A nice return to form.

    So Nike has the ability to put stripes and TV numbers in jerseys huh? They need to send some of their college designers to be NFL uniform designers.

    Don’t forget one important detail: in college, the maker’s mark is permitted on the front of the jersey, thus freeing up a LOT of extra space on the sleeves for full stripe (or full TV #) treatment. In the NFL, that precious space is taken up by the swoosh on both sleeve caps.

    Very valid pont. So a single swoosh should be up front, like in MLB and NBA. And college. Or even better: absent.

    These are excellent! Very much like the uniforms they had when I first began rooting for them.

    Even without pants striping these are an absolutely massive upgrade. Block numbers and traditional striping ftw every time. Hopefully this is another sign that the CFB uni-verse is reigning it in a bit, following Arizona and Maryland dropping bespoke nonsense for their traditional looks, and even Georgia getting rid of their silly number font.

    You are preaching to the choir Patrick! I couldn’t agree more. I grew up in Maryland and graduated from Arizona, I know the history of both uniforms very well. In the 80’s and early 90’s both schools had some of the better-looking uniforms in college football but then went off the tracks. They both had some of the worst uniforms I had ever seen in recent history. So glad they went back to a traditional look that both schools were known for.

    Truly one of the best uniform sets in college football. So sharp.

    Very nice set except for that V-seam and the waffle iron collar that are truly terrible.

    Dammit, Nike… so we know you CAN make a good-looking uniform. You just proved it. So why must you screw it up so often?!?!

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