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Monday Morning Uni Watch: 2023, Week 11

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Before we get started: Phil had a lot more weekend content than usual. If you missed it, be sure to scroll through the home page to catch up on what you might have missed.

Now then: Very odd-looking game yesterday in Green Bay, as the Packers wore their 1950 green throwbacks against the mono-white Chargers. I love green (duh) and I’m also fond of powder blue, and I also like how both of those colors are complemented by yellow, but somehow the two uniforms didn’t mesh well chromatically or stylistically, at least for me:

It’s not like it was a terrible-looking game, but something about it felt off, which I wasn’t really expecting. A bit of an aesthetic disappointment (additional photos here).

In other news from around the league yesterday:

  • The Texans broke out their red alternate helmets and paired them with their navy Color Rush uniforms (additional photos here):
  • In that same game, the Texans’ field had one blue end zone and one red end zone. When’s the last time (if ever) that an NFL team did that?! You can see the two colors in these two video clips:

  • The Browns wore white facemasks, instead of their usual brown, which I count as a big upgrade (additional photos here):
  • If you look again at that last photo, you can see that Washington quarterback Sam Howell had a little “CP” next to the camouflage ribbon decal on his helmet. As explained here: “Four families representing Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), an organization providing comprehensive care and resources for those grieving the death of a loved one that served in the military, will be honored [as part of the game festivities]. Commanders players will honor the families by wearing helmet decals with each of the fallen family members’ initials on their helmets.” Here are some additional examples:
  • In that same game, several Bills players were once again wearing Nike’s old jersey template. This has been going on for several weeks now:
  • It was easier to accept the Lions looking like shit when they sucked. Now that they’re actually a good team, I wish they’d stop doing the monolulu blue thing already:
  • Very nice-looking game out west, as the 49ers faced the Bucs. This color matchup worked really well for me:

  • Just one home team wore white: the Dolphins.

(My thanks to Will Lanigan and Phil for their contributions to this section.)



Can of the Day

That’s quite a design, but what really gets me is the product name. Wouldn’t “Peanut Kids Peanut Butter” make more sense than “The Peanut Kids Peanut Butter”? That definite article feels out of place.

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    Really no need to be using a video tweet to show an end zone – just wasting everyone’s time, man. Go find two pictures! There’s got to be tons on Getty Images.

    I mean its not like these articles don’t take plenty of time to write, or that Paul has other things to do in life as well. Be grateful my dude.

    This is an aggregation of links and pictures, not really an article. Compare how Peter King at NBC puts out many thousands of words every Monday morning (always before Paul publishes) about the Sunday games, including original sourcing from players and other participants in the NFL ecosystem. That’s journalism.

    Wow! Although I visit daily, I don’t write much on the site. I have to say something here. Mr. Halberstram, please take your pettiness, negativity and narrow view of journalism elsewhere. We are a community that has a particular interest. You don’t appear to share that interest. There is a level of respect that members of this community embrace that seems foreign to you. Paul Lukas is recognized and respected as a journalist in several fields. On this site his expertise and passion is in sports aesthetics. He posts new material every morning, Monday through Friday, using the techniques of superior journalism. Your view of what constitutes the craft of journalism is exceedingly narrow. Your whole tone and content simply flies in the face of what is good about this site and reflects more the attitude from which many of us are trying to find refuge. Sorry, Paul. I had to respond.

    Tried but failed to find a full-field shot that showed both end zones. Decided to show the end zones “in action” instead, so that it would be clear/irrefutable/etc that both end zones were used in the same game. Sorry it wasted a few seconds of your day.

    I do get it, kiddo. What I get is Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses, and a great haircut.

    I often try to find photos of games and they are often surprisingly hard to find.

    Agreed with this. The general pivot to video over the past several years has often made still photos hard to find. ESPN, for example, used to have a photo section for the majority of games, but that’s been gone for many years now.

    Paul’s valid reasoning for this instance aside, would a screenshot of a paused video function as a picture?

    Maybe “The Peanut Kids” were a thing? Perhaps the Producers Peanut Company (according to the fine print) was attempting to establish them as brand mascots or cartoon characters?

    It’s bad enough you lost to Tyrod Taylor first time around, this time you lost to a guy who still lives with his parents and has his bed and lunches made by his Mom. Suck on THAT.

    /end rant

    Except that since the official name change and logo/uniform/colors unveiling in 2022, there *IS* black in their color scheme.

    Oh, but there is. The team formerly known as the Redskins/WFT did an overhaul and added black into the color scheme. Now if they go back to Redskins, keep the gold/burgundy/white and get rid of the black. But for now, they have black in their color.

    Texans are close to unlocking a good look there. Just need different socks. Possibly to match that shoulder stripe with the white outline. And maybe a belt to break up the mono-blue.

    I’m very traditional minded about unis, so I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I think the Texas with red (omg) pants with the red lid and blue jersey with the blue socks would look quite nice. It’s sort of what I’ve thought about the stupid Jets black components. Green/Black/Green (pants)/Black would look OK, as much as I hate all the black parts of the Jets’ set.

    Yes!! The Texans shoulder stripe, for me, is one of those things where I have seen it, and now I can’t un see it. I focused on it the whole game game, thinking there needs to be a white stripe for uniformity. James gets it.

    The Texans *did* have contrasting socks early on; they used to wear red socks with the blue pants.

    They moved away from that look in the late 2000’s and have been going blue socks with blue pants ever since.


    The Browns/Steelers game was easily the best looking matchup, even with the lousy Steeler’s number font. The game itself was pretty good as well.

    I actually think the Green Bay/LA Chargers game was one of the worst-looking ever games. Those two uniforms just did not contrast well and the all green Packers look is horrible.

    I can’t imagine there’s anybody who loves the Texans color rush unis, I’d love to see them come up with something better to wear with those sharp red helmets.

    My family used to get those “Peanuts Kids” buckets of peanut butter back in the mid ’60s when we lived in Belleville, Ill. and did our shopping at the commissary on Scott Air Force Base. It’s a vivid memory that one of the buckets, emptied out and thoroughly washed, was used to house our crayon collection (which got a lot of use back then Illustrating sports uniforms and race-car paint jobs we were envisioning).

    I was wondering about that – 5 pounds is a LOT of peanut butter. I was wondering if they sold to consumers or if it was meant for restaurants or something

    Yeah, we had a big family, 10 kids still living at home, so we actually did burn through a few of these big buckets. So yeah, the buckets were probably too big for most average-sized families but appropriate for ours.

    Hats off to the Titans for wearing the navy socks/white pants for the 1st time this season – but boo to the Jaguars black-over-white combo…that set hasn’t been in a couple of years, and for good reason.

    I’m generally not a fan of monochrome, but I think the Texan’s look yesterday was their best with the red helmet. There’s something weird about the shade of red, and I do not think it pairs well with their red suits.
    The Lions yesterday? Still momo-disdain.

    The cardinals in all white looked better than they have in years. The silver sucks, but it is an “upgrade”

    AZ’s road uniform has quickly become one of my favorites…I feel the silver ties it all together (especially since the facemask has gone away from gray).

    Though I like the unis, I feel the silver is too light and disappears at times.

    My biggest beef is that silver is a new color! Feels more like an ode to Ohio state than the spirit of Cardinals through time.

    I’ve actually grown to like the Monolulu Blue look for the Lions. :Shrug:

    BTW, the players on the Lions call that uniform ‘The Blueberries’. They consider them good luck because they have a good W-L record in them.

    The Lions have been very frustrating, sartorially speaking, with their current uniforms. Mono-white, mono-blue, mono-gray… yech! Against the Bears’ white jersey/navy pants combo, Detroit should’ve just stuck with the classic “silver” pants.

    Hopefully… HOPEFULLY… they’ll do the right thing and break out the throwbacks for Thanksgiving, since they have one slot open for alternate uniforms, and have only indicated they’re going with the grays one more time, against the Vikings in Week 18.

    That Browns/Steelers matchup is my favorite look in all of football. It’s the colors of Autumn – changing leaves, a football, and eyeblack.

    Sure did (not exactly the Saints pulling out all the stops since they and the Green Wave shared the Dome):

    Eventually they scaled back on the coloring and went with just names I think.

    “…the Texans’ field had one blue end zone and one red end zone. When’s the last time (if ever) that an NFL team did that?!”

    OK, so not 1-blue/1-red …and maybe not even the last time a regular season game had 2 tone end zones…but the Eagles used blue and yellow for their wonderful-looking (YMMV) 2007 throwback game (hat-tip, Getty Images):


    Give me monolulu blue over ghastly grey.

    My theory with the upcoming uni change for the Lions is, sadly, all blue. Look at the trends. Blue helmet, blue jersey, bottoms. Sadly, I think this is a look that will be more prevalent.

    I’m not a fan of the Texans CR, but pairing it with the new red hat makes it more palatable. If would look even better if they wore red socks, but then it wouldn’t qualify as their (assinine) CR uni. The CR program never looked good when it was first introduced in 2015, and it thankfully seems to finally be fading away. Some of the jerseys for the CR have been great, and some teams (Giants, Niners, others) effectively muted the program by wearing all-white fauxbacks and calling those “CR”.

    This past Sunday a little different than usual for Canadian football fans. I’m spending the time watching CFL Grey Cup. In a good time slot at 3pm PT (6pm ET). A really amazing quality championship game this Sunday down to the wire. Green Day played at halftime.

    Montreal Alouettes were the “home” team as the game was hosted in an East Division city. They wore dark while the Winnipeg Blue Bombers wore white.

    A shot of the great one-handed catch by Austin Mack is here to show the uniforms.


    “This was the first time the entire team has worn blue socks with the black jersey and pants”, what does this mean? The tweet embedded is about how it’s the first time they’ve worn that combo with solid blue socks as supposed to half white.

    They have, but aqua jerseys are coming. Wk. 14 MNF vs. the Titans (they almost always wear aqua for home night games) and Wk. 16 vs. Dallas (aqua throwbacks). Plus, the past few years, they usually go all aqua at least once a year at home.

    I thought the Texans looked pretty bad yesterday. The red helmet is fine (although they just don’t work as a red helmet team for me), but the red numbers on the blue jersey look awful. When this team gets its long overdue redesign, I hope they get rid of the red shoulder slashes, toilet bowl collar and that dumb number font. Some of the elements for a good uniform are in place, but this team would be well served by simplifying things.

    Under their previous owner the Panthers always used to make the Cowboys wear their bad luck blue uniforms when they came to Carolina.

    Anybody know if the Bills sewn in hand muff is something Nike does or if the Bills just alter the jerseys themselves?

    That Niners and Bucs game looked good but to me the Steelers and the Browns take this week’s crown.

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