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Looks Like the Vegas Winter Classic Jersey Has Leaked

In case you missed it, it seems as though the Utah Jazz leaked the Seattle Kraken Winter Classic on Friday (Paul had the story here).

Just one day later, it now appears the Vegas Golden Knights Winter Classic jersey has been leaked as well, this time via a Tweet from All Elite Wrestling.

This comports with the cap leak we saw earlier this year:

So that’s two unintentional (?) leaks of Winter Classic jerseys by two different sports entities, all within 24 hours of one another. It almost leads one to believe — with one leak by an NBA team, and another via a wrestling organization — that these may not have been so unintentional after all. If they were inadvertent, then someone isn’t keeping a very tight lid on jersey distribution!

I’ve been rather busy the past several days, so I don’t want to render any opinions on this (or the Kraken) jersey, other than to say I’ll need to see the official unveiling(s) and then on the ice on New Year’s Day in the Mariners ballpark.

And it must be noted that even if these do turn out to be official, both the Kraken and GK’s sweaters are fashion jerseys. The actual official on-ice jerseys will be in a different cut and will undoubtedly have giant numbers (as is the WC m.o.).

But if these are both indeed the WC jerseys (and there’s no reason to believe they’re not), what do you guys think?

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    I love the Krakens jersey. Great modernization of a legendary hockey jersey. I have seen some complaining about the red logo against the navy, light blue, and creamy/tan striping, but I think that it works really well to contrast and hammer home the Metropolitans vibes. Definitely getting one once it goes on sale.

    The Vegas one however is very understated to the point where it’s underwhelming. You literally have a gold jersey, and you come up with this for your Classic jersey? Given how over-stylized old timey hockey jerseys were, this is a very safe choice that seems very un-Vegas.

    I thought the Vegas “V” was made with 2 swords meeting at a point. Instead it is just some random filigree. Very meh.

    I think this was a planned reveal. The NBA and AEW are both on Turner networks, which will also be the broadcaster for the Winter Classic. So I’m guessing TNT made this happen.

    I like the jerseys themselves, but not great contrast between them, and white ice as the background, may not look good overall.

    “Winter Classic ” and Vegas just sounds abnormal. Especially for two teams that haven’t even been around for a decade. Maybe it’s just me.

    Seattle gets an A+. Busy, colorful, contrast, fun!

    Vegas gets a D. Plain, boring. Vegas knows how to do presentation, performance, sizzle…. but where is it? Disappointing.

    I’m getting a Caesar’s Palace vibe for the Golden Knights jersey. Very toga-like. Of course we’ll have to see it on the ice in full uniform to further our opinion. Plus the on-ice sweaters will have the WC patch and I assume numbers on the sleeves.

    The Vegas one is underwhelming. The crest if okay, but the rest of the jersey looks like something a beer league team picks to cut down on cost by choosing the cheaper more basic/generic look instead of a NHL team striping template.

    Seattle is pretty solid. Would have preferred more and smaller stripping to more closely mimic the Millionaires jerseys they are referencing, but most people aren’t into hockey history as much as I am.

    The Kraken one is a great homage to the Seattle Metropolitans.

    Regarding the Vegas one, I wish I could unsee the double bird at the top and the female anatomy at the bottom.

    Kraken is really nice, the GK one is uninspired. They could and should have done a lot more with the Knight identity.

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