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Shouldn’t They All Be Hitting Each Other With Their Sticks or Something Like That?

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I don’t care even a little bit about professional wrestling. Never have. But occasionally — or maybe just yesterday, because I don’t think it’s ever happened before — something comes across my field of vision that’s (a) wrestling-related and (b) awesome.

That’s the case with the tabletop . . . → Read More: Shouldn’t They All Be Hitting Each Other With Their Sticks or Something Like That?

The World's Oldest Sport

By Phil Hecken

As the Olympics move into their second and final week, we have a couple more looks at the uniforms worn in various disciplines. Today’s Olympic Correspondent is Mark Boothby, who takes a look at a sport that has been in the Olympics since before there was even a modern Olympics, tracing . . . → Read More: The World’s Oldest Sport

Uni Watch Profiles: Conor Clougherty

Conor Clougherty works for Honig’s, a company that specializes in uniforms for umps, refs, and other sports officials. He’s also a big Uni Watch fan, so we recently spent some time going over some of the finer points of officiating attire. Read and learn:

Uni Watch: What is your job there at Honig’s and . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profiles: Conor Clougherty

PING… Ping… ping… [THUD]

[Editor’s Note: Just learned that this week’s ESPN column, which was originally slated to run on Thursday, is instead running today — here’s the link. Meanwhile, today’s blog entry is written by Uni Watch intern Vince Grzegorek.]

I recently came across this photo of a House of David baseball team from 1933. Nothing completely . . . → Read More: PING… Ping… ping… [THUD]