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Cleveland Browns Bringing Back White Facemasks This Sunday

Cleveland radio host Daryl Ruiter is reporting that the Browns will be wearing white facemasks, instead of their usual brown, for this Sunday afternoon’s home game against the Steelers.

The Browns originally wore white masks from 1975 through 2005. They switched to grey masks in 2006 and then to brown in 2015. Brown remains their primary cage color today.

The Browns have brought back the white masks with their current uni set on one previous occasion. That was last Dec. 17, when they went white for a Week 15 game against the Ravens (a 13-3 victory). You can see photos from that game here.

Personally, I much prefer the white masks to the brown ones, so I’m a fan of this move. Here’s hoping they make it permanent at some point!

(Thanks to our own Alex Hider for bringing Daryl Ruiter’s tweet to my attention.)

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    This is purely guessing, but I’d be shocked if they don’t go brown over orange, they usually do that for divisional games.

    I really digged the grey in ‘06. Cool, retro. But being objective, white looks better with this uniform.

    I way WAY prefer white face masks. But I wonder if my aesthetic preferences were because I was a kid and huge football fan when they wore white.

    Hot take not likely to be popular. I like the brown mask best for Browns. I like the brown pants with the white jersey.

    Yet, I am not against white facemasks. I am so for the Vikings and Jets switching to white masks.

    Pretty sure they are moving to make them permanent, they just need time so they can change their logo since they used their helmet as their logo.

    Source: Uni Watch a year ago link

    I’m definitely on team white face mask, and I really enjoy that for the Browns it becomes a more complicated issue to change because their helmet is their logo (though pretty much every team has a helmet as logo graphic used in various media).
    Further reason they need to go ahead and make Brownie their primary logo.

    I like white for the home (brown) unis and brown for the away (white) unis. I think it’s because of the contrast it creates. But if I had to choose one, I’d go with white because that would seem silly to have to change them that much.

    I like this idea a lot but they will never do it as long as the helmet is their primary logo. Means that they would have two different helmet logos, too complicated.

    That right there – the orange helmet with white facemask, brown jersey with at least an attempt at sleeve stripes, orange pants with stripes that mirror the stripe on the helmet, and brown socks? That may be my favorite uniform in the NFL.

    The white facemask on the helmet is fantastic. Here’s hoping it’s permanent in the future.

    Sorry, the years of the white masks bring up too many bad game memories. Grey is classic and best reflects the glory years – my preference. I’m happy though with the brown because facemasks are color-coded on most every team now. They are an accessory item and should be minimized – not emphasized in my mind. BTW: Switch the primary logo to ‘angry rushing elf’ and you don’t have the helmet primary logo situation. No logo on the helmet necessary!

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