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Category: Facemasks/Visors

Browns’ Alternate Helmet May Also Be Getting New Facemask Color

The primary orange helmet is definitely getting a new mask color. Now it appears that the white alternate helmet may be due for a similar change.

Football’s Weirdest-Looking Facemask Is Getting a Makeover

The Riddell Axiom helmet, which has a very unusual mask design, will have a more conventional-looking mask option this fall.

Kraken Goalie’s Winter Classic Mask Features M’s Baseball Cards!

With the game taking place in the Mariners’ ballpark, Joey Daccord’s mask design includes a bunch of Mariners trading cards.

Cleveland Browns Bringing Back White Facemasks This Sunday

It’s a little move that goes a long way.

NFL Made Raiders’ Maxx Crosby Change Sobriety-Themed Facemask

The Raiders star talked about why he began the season with an unusual facemask design, and why the league made him change it.

The Odd History of Facemask-Free Football Magazine Cover Photos

Longtime reader Kurt Rozek recently came across this 1977 copy of Pro! magazine with Bucs running back Ricky Bell on the cover. The uni-notable thing, of course, is that Bell wasn’t …

Steelers Honor Harris, Plus Year-End Raffle Results!

The Steelers got almost everything right last night — but they skipped a simple uni-related move that would have been the cherry on top.

More Info on the Browns’ Possible Facemask Color Change

Slowly but surely, the situation is coming into focus.

Browns Exec Suggests White Facemask Could Become Permanent

Saturday’s change to white masks might not be just a one-off.

Browns Reviving White Facemasks for Saturday Tilt vs. Ravens

It will be Cleveland’s first first white-masked game in nearly two decades.

White Lines: KC Running Back Has Unique Visor Modification

Clyde Edwards-Helaire appears to be the only NFL player to have customized his helmet’s visor in a very specific way.

Charting the Evolution of NFL Facemask Colors

Click to enlarge What you see above is a spreadsheet showing the year-by-year facemask color progression for each NFL team since 1974, which is when the Chargers and KC became …

Met Marks Memorable Mask Milestone (Maybe)

For all photos, click to enlarge Good morning, and happy June! Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. Now then: Only two weeks after taking a fastball to the face, …

The Basics of Football Facemask Design and Terminology

With the NFL draft coming up tomorrow night, I’ve been trying to feature football-related content this week. On Monday we had a deep analysis of the 49ers’ 75th-anniversary patch, and …