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Carson Wentz Busts Out the Ultimate Franken-Uni

There was a bizarre scene on a practice football field yesterday, when currently-unsigned Quarterback Carson Wentz was photographed wearing gear from this three former teams: the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Commanders, and Indianapolis Colts.

Wentz is 30 and has played seven NFL seasons, but he’s currently unsigned and apparently looking for work.

As you’ve probably noticed, social media is very important to professional athletes, and workouts that are recorded and posted on social media are a good way to let prospective teams know that they’re still sharp and their services are available. So, it wasn’t really a big deal that Wentz posted yesterday’s workout on Instagram. What was quite unusual was his choice of “outfit,” as seen on his Instagram post

Wentz’ workout gear featured an Eagles helmet, a Commanders QB jersey, and Colts shorts.

To accompany the photos, Wentz wrote the following:

Back in the lab … just looks a little different so far this year 🙃 #alternateuniforms #trainingcamp2023

I’m not sure how or why (and perhaps he isn’t either) Wentz chose his particular combination. He played for Philly from 2016-2020 (five years), spent 2021 with the Colts, and last season he suited up for the Commanders. So if he were wearing his gear in ascending (or descending) order, the Commanders shouldn’t have been the “middle” part of the uniform.

Here’s how Wentz looked …

With the Eagles

With the Colts

and With the Commenders

Wentz seems like a good guy, with a career unfortunately beset with some untimely injuries. And many guys in his position have been looking to make an NFL comeback — but none have gone so far as to create a franken-uni. Whether intentional or not, the unusual getup has certainly brought a lot of attention to Wentz.

Whether or not Wentz can catch on with another team still remains to be seen. He was disappointing in his final season with the Commanders, and they released him in February. Possibly he can land with a team as a backup for the 2023 season.

We know he still likes to wear the uni(s).

Comments (13)

    Ryan Fitzpatrick would channel Gaylord Perry at the Old Timers game if he did something similar.
    Good Luck, Carson!

    “Wentz seems like a good guy…”
    Well, I don’t know what kind of person he is outside of football. But all the reports from the locker rooms seem to indicate he was not the most coachable guy or the best teammate.
    Considering some of the backups on rosters right now, his lack of employment kind of confirms this. Certainly talent wise he is better than a good deal of clipboard holders.

    Don’t know the man personally, saw him once at a Target where I live when he played for the Eagles. I have no frame of reference to weigh in if he is a good guy, but by that same token, I have no idea how anyone could conclude he is a “good guy” based on the same lack of information. But there seems to be credence to what you have said, that he is not a good teammate and not coachable. And the proof is that Frankenpicture – for all his talent, he’s taking “LOOK AT ME!!” pics in a mishmash of his old clothes instead of getting reps in an NFL training camp. Does anyone else think he isn’t one of the 100 best QBs in the country? He couldn’t beat a 3rd-stringer… yet there he is, unsigned and not in camp.

    For “here’s how he looks” pictures, showing him fumbling would have been more recognizable.

    Carson’s foundation continues to give back to the Indianapolis community even though he’s moved on:


    He looks like a NFL superfan at a pregame skill competition somewhere in Germany. There must be something wrong with him or he would be in one of the training camps.

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