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KC Heading for Potentially Prodigious Patch Pile-up

Kansas City doesn’t wear captaincy patches during the regular season, but they add them for the postseason. They also wear the Lamar Hunt perma-memorial patch on the other side of the chest. That has left KC’s captains with some very crowded jerseys when the team has made it to the Super Bowl (as seen above on quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl LIV).

But things could be even worse this year, because the team has been wearing a memorial patch this season for Lamar Hunt’s wife, Norma Hunt. So things have already been a bit jam-packed during the team’s two playoff games, as seen yesterday on tight end Travis Kelce:

Now imagine adding a Super Bowl patch to that mix. Would they move the “NKH” patch over the other side, above the “A” patch, to make room for the Supe patch? If so, would they move the “NKH” patch just for the captains, or for all the players?

Of course, the Ravens could render all these questions moot by defeating KC this Sunday. But if they fail to do that, some jerseys could get mighty crowded on Super Bowl Sunday.

Still, it could be worse. Imagine if one of the KC captains was also a past Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Winner!

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    Cluttered looking like a nascar driver jumpsuit.
    Would be great if captain patches were instead just a decal on the back of the helmet, and could be team unique sort of like college merit stickers.
    Likewise the full time logos (or in the case of KC perma-memorial) chest patches should take a walk.
    Patches are for anniversaries, temporary memorials, or other special events.
    About the only suitable full time chest design should be a smallish wordmark, centered below the collar.

    I continue to give KC a pass when it comes to the memorial patch…I think of more if a tribute to the AFL than to Hunt. For that reason, I think it should remain.
    Word marks on the jersey are rarely an improvement no matter where they are placed-best that teams steer clear of those.

    I don’t mind the Chiefs memorial patch, just put it on the sleeve like the Bears if you are going to have a perma-memorial.

    Counterpoint: since the NFL jerseys don’t have advertisements yet (wow, God bless them on that one), let there be patch chaos! Won’t make a difference on the field, but let’s have something to talk about! All the stars have to align just so to go to the Super Bowl while wearing a memorial patch

    I was coming here to say essentially the same thing. I’ve never liked Lamar Jackson more than I will this weekend.

    If the Lions and the Chiefs both make the playoffs, each teams jerseys will feature deceased owner initials. Lions are wearing WCF, for their departed owner William Clay Ford.

    Anyone know if this double-owner-tribute has ever happened before? I don’t recall myself, but I don’t have nearly the knowledge range that some of you all do.

    I don’t believe so. I think only the Bears, Lions and KC even have permamemorials.

    Another interesting (possible) Supe anomaly — when if the Ravens win, will one end zone feature the “MO” Gaba tribute?


    I think only the Bears, Lions and KC even have permamemorials.

    Also: The Raiders have “AL,” for Al Davis (link) and the Texans have “RCM” for Bob McNair (link).

    And yes, I too have been wondering about the potential “MO” in the Super Bowl end zone!

    I meant on the jerseys (thus affecting the placement of the Supe logos), but yes, helmet memorials count too!

    (And obviously the Bears and Lions have them on the sleeve, so front-of-jersey logos would be unaffected)

    Right, I wasn’t talking about patch implications — I was just thinking about the original commenter’s idea of a perma-memorial vs. perma-memorial matchup, even if they’re two different formats.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the “MO” tribute will go to the Supe, since teams endzones usually have the team name rather than the city. The Ravens have been no exception. link


    The only exception has been Super Bowl XLIII when the Cardinals had the full “Arizona Cardinals” stacked wordmark in the endzone. Other than that, only team nicknames have been used.


    Apparently, the double stacked “Arizona Cardinals” is the team’s official wordmark. The Falcons may have a similar one.

    In addition to the Cardinals’ example that was already given, the Seahawks also had their full team name in 2005 link

    Adding fuel to the fire here haha, I’d love to see the final 4 teams wear conference championship logo patches. Could just be the current logo without the word “championship” underneath (so just the A or N with the trophy in the background). Always felt it would be a nice touch for the teams that made it there. They don’t have to be big. It would be cool too if the winners wore them in the SB to show their conference designation. Could be overkill, also could be helmet decals for either or both games.

    “Imagine if one of the KC captains was also a past Walter Payton Man of the Year Award Winner!” this is a very real possibility, considering Mr Mahomes is the KC nominee for the award this year, and awards are given out before the Supe

    Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary Patch….

    They could do one really sweeeet patch for that…

    When the Browns make the Super Bowl in 2693 they definitely should add an *AAFC* patch.

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