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Oilers Sell Helmet Space to Gambling Advertiser

When the Oilers played their first preseason game last night, there was something new on their uniforms: The team logo on their blue home helmet had been replaced by an advertisement for a gambling website.

To my knowledge, so far there’s been no announcement by either the team or the advertiser regarding this  new ad.

The other two Big Four pro leagues that currently have uni ads — MLB and the NBA — do not allow teams to sell space to gambling operations. The NHL allows it, but only on a team’s home uniform. It’s not yet clear whether the Oilers have another advertiser planned for their road helmet, or if the road bucket will remain ad-free.

The team’s jerseys are ad-free, at least for now.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing this development to my attention.)

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    Post idea: ‘unreturned numbers’ what numbers in each of the top 4 sports have been in continuous usage?

    No sir, I don’t like it. Companies that exploit mankind’s vices have no place on the uniform, in the arena, or in “family” environments.

    I suspect that the food delivery app “Skip the Dishes” or “SKIP” will be the road sponsor as seen during the Young Stars tournament in Penticton BC a few weeks ago.

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