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Sabres Finally Sell Ad Space on Their Home Helmet

While other NHL teams have spent the past few seasons selling space on their helmets and jerseys to advertisers, the Sabres have been among the few holdouts, keeping their jerseys ad-free and using team logos on their home and road helmets.

But that will change this season, as the team announced today that their home helmets will carry an ad for a nurse placement company. The ad will appear on both of the team’s home helmets — blue primary and black alternate — but will not appear on the road headgear. It’s not yet clear if the team plans to find a separate road helmet advertiser and/or a jersey advertiser.

The Sabres open their preseason schedule this Sunday afternoon in Washington, with their first regular season game slated for Oct. 12 at home against the Rangers.

Comments (6)

    I live in Buffalo and I’ve never heard of this company. Not that it means anything, but it does make me wonder about what how much this costs the company to place their ads there.

    Anyway, thanks, I hate it.

    That part is obvious and wasn’t the point of my comment. My point was “how much does it cost to place that ad on the helmet?”

    That is a rather unusual sponsorship. Very specific service company that caters to a narrow market segment. How many healthcare managers are thinking staffing is a major problem for my organization. Probably most of them, actually. But how many think, I’ll watch the hockey game to find my solution?
    For the company, what % of their annual marketing budget is being used for this? Raising brand awareness & increasing their general profile in the city/region, I guess is their mindset.
    It seems to me that these types of advertisements would look to connect with larger segments of the fan bases. Consumer goods, retail, financial services, etc. Products more people utilize regularly and have a choice in which brand they use.

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