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Major Penalty: Penguins’ Shipment of Jagr Giveaway Bobbleheads Stolen!

The Penguins were planning to give away Jaromir Jagr bobbleheads for tonight’s home game against the Sharks. But that won’t be happening because — get this — the bobbles have been stolen.

Quoting from the Penguins’ website today:

The Penguins learned that they were victims of cargo theft after failing to receive the shipment as scheduled. The team worked with the manufacturer and transportation companies to alert the appropriate state and federal authorities who are currently working to locate the cargo. This is an open investigation and no further comment will be made in order to not hamper with the recovery of the goods.

Fans attending tonight’s game will receive a voucher that can be exchanged for a bobblehead at a later date (well, assuming the vouchers aren’t stolen before gametime).

Meanwhile, who would steal a shipment of Jagr bobbleheads? Should we expect to see a slew of these items showing up on eBay? Or maybe some sort of massive guerrilla art installation featuring thousands of Jagrs? (That’s what I’m rooting for.) Weird!


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    Brewers delayed their Ben Sheets bobbleheads in 2021 because they were stolen in transit

    Hard to imagine this was the intention of the thieves. I suspect they just stole a shipment without knowing what was inside. Jerseys or other merch would have been a lot easier to shift than these hyper specific items.

    I think the thieves are pretty bummed when they discover that their loot is as marked as can be. And rightfully so: keep away from what is not yours, please. The only cool steal is when stealing a base during a baseball game.

    Some of the bobbleheads appeared on, and quickly disappeared from, eBay this morning. Unclear if it was an actual listing.

    It’s going to be a bit of a concern for people coming from out of town, especially out of state, for this game, who would’ve wanted that bobblehead. A voucher’s not going to do them any good if the only way to redeem it is to be present when they’re made available, and they can’t make it back into town for that future date.

    And your point is..?

    Like, they can’t make new bobbleheads materialize out of thin air.

    What alternate plan do you propose?

    I would imagine that out-of-town fans could go to the Guest Services desk and arrange to have it shipped.

    Like Charlie stated above..,
    Many times these thieves never know what they’ve got their mitts on.
    Some thieves boost seafood and bourbon:
    – some net bobble heads.

    Major penalty?
    More like a game misconduct, followed by an additional 5-10 years in the county “penalty box.”

    No joke: my daughter rides the train from Nebraska to Pittsburgh once a year to watch the Pens. And someone stole her bobble head! I think I might frame her voucher for her.

    An old friend of mine was a long-haul trucker. Once, near Chicago/Gary, he arrived early and had to wait to unload until the next morning. A local police officer told him to back his trailer up to a wall to prevent thieves from cutting the lock and stealing everything while he slept. He was just hauling pizza so the thieves wouldn’t have been rich, but they would of eaten well for a bit and would have ruined my friends day.

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