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National Lacrosse League Releases Updated Logo

The National Lacrosse League today announced a slight revision to its logo. As you can see above, the new version has updated typography. Also, the beveling has been adjusted so that the “light source” now comes from the right instead of the left and has been slightly dimmed. (If there’s a “storytelling” reason for that, I really don’t want to know what it is.)

The league’s wordmark has also been revised:

The old marks were introduced in 2016.

In addition, much like the NHL has a French “LNH” logo for its French-Canadian fans (Ligue Nationale de Hockey), the NLL — five of whose 15 teams are in Canada — now has a French version of its logo:

The league’s new season is set to begin on Dec. 1.

(My thanks to Wade Heidt for bringing this logo revision to my attention.)

Comments (9)

    If you look closer, you’ll notice that the gradients have been removed.

    I think that’s one of the better improvements.

    Who puts gradients on a grayscale logo anyway?

    An improvement would be to add some color to this logo.

    Delighted to see French Language version of the logo. NLL can we now get the rebirth of the Quebec Caribous! Love that magnificent logo and colour scheme.


    Picked up a Caribous jersey a few years back on Uncommon Fit. Plan to one day wear it to pickup hockey. My lacrosse playing days didn’t last much longer than the Caribous and started in the same decade.



    Logo: Improvement in every way. Type: Downgrade to my eye, except for removing the gradient.

    I like the new typography and the removal of the gradients, but other than that I think the old logo was better

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