Right or Left? Right or Wrong?

We all know by now that if an American flag patch or decal applied to the right sleeve or the right side of an object should always have the blue field facing forward, even if it makes the flag look “backwards,” because that’s how the flag would look from that side when advancing forward. […]

Would You Wear It on Your Hat? Would You Wear It While Up at Bat?

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day, otherwise known as the one uni-notable day of spring training. Here’s what MLB teams wore, in roughly descending order of how much effort they expended (apologies if I missed any teams; spring training games aren’t always wire-photographed or otherwise documented):

• Tigers: Green jerseys and caps, plus their batboy […]

Of Uniform Numbers — and Letters

The e-mails started arriving at Uni Watch HQ right after the end of Saturday’s Kentucky/LSU game. While the rest of the country was buzzing about Kentucky’s upset victory, Uni Watch readers were puzzling over something that had briefly appeared on their TV screens. Of the dozen or so readers who got in touch, Rob […]

Monday Morning Uni Watch

The big uni-related news in the NFL yesterday had nothing to do with the players. It was the pink ribbons being worn by most coaches, owners, and other sideline personnel (although a few coaches went ribbon-free, including one guy who obviously didn’t want a ribbon messing up his carefully manicured look). The officials got […]