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Would You Wear It on Your Hat? Would You Wear It While Up at Bat?

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 9.52.38 AM.png

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day, otherwise known as the one uni-notable day of spring training. Here’s what MLB teams wore, in roughly descending order of how much effort they expended (apologies if I missed any teams; spring training games aren’t always wire-photographed or otherwise documented):

Tigers: Green jerseys and caps, plus their batboy was dressed like a leprechaun. Uni Watch’s highest rating!

Phillies: Green jerseys and caps, plus the caps had some sort of shamrock logo on the side.

Mets: Green jerseys and caps, plus they used shamrock-emblazoned bases. (I assume other teams also used special bases, but I didn’t find any photos of them.)

Dodgers: Green jerseys and caps.

Cardinals: Green jerseys and caps.

Red Sox: Green jerseys and caps.

Padres: Green caps, but they get bonus points because their cap logo was the Swinging Friar in a shamrock.

Reds: Very sad to see that the team that invented green St. Paddy’s Day uniforms only went with green caps.

Giants: Green caps, and it’s mildly disappointing that Brian Wilson didn’t dye his beard.

Cubs: Green caps.

Nationals: Green caps.

Mariners: Green caps.

White Sox: Green caps.

Braves: Green caps.

Royals: Green caps.

•  Orioles: Green-accented caps. I’m kinda weirded out by this one — it’s like the bird looks nauseous or soemthing.

Rockies: They didn’t wear any green uniform elements, but starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie wore a green glove.

Of course, wearing green for St. Paddy’s Day isn’t just a baseball thing. Here are some other emerald tributes from around the sports world:

• In the NBA, the Bulls wore green uniforms and sneakers.

• The Knicks wore green uniforms.

• The Celtics wore their gold-trimmed alternate uniforms.

• The Jazz wore their green alts at home.

• In the NHL, the Devils wore green pants.

• The Stars wore Irish-themed NOBs on their warm-up jerseys on Friday (they didn’t have a game on Saturday).

• In minor league hockey, the Lake Erie Monsters wore green-trimmed jerseys and had green face-off circles.

• In major junior hockey, the Erie Otters wore green jerseys and skated on green ice.

•  In MLS, the San Jose Earthquakes wore green uni numbers and NOBs.

• In college lacrosse, Hofstra wore green uniforms.

I’m sure there were plenty of other green-isms that I missed. If you know of any, feel free to post them in the comments.

Finally, there’s this: During Saturday’s Cardinals/Tigers game, Dan McBride spotted the ultimate St. Paddy’s Day moment and managed to document it for us:

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 12.41.58 PM.png

(My thanks to James Samsel, William Yurasko, Anthony Bales, and Tom Pachuta for their contributions to today’s entry.)

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Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 2.03.19 PM.png

An idea grows in Brooklyn: I got a call the other day from a guy who works for the Brooklyn Cyclones (the Mets’ single-A minor league affiliate). He’s a fan of the site and is interested in partnering with Uni Watch for some sort of promotion — maybe involving DIY jerseys and/or stirrups. But I bet some of you folks have much better promotional ideas than those. If so, please send any such brainstorms this-a-way. All readers are welcome to submit ideas, even if you don’t live in the NYC area and wouldn’t be able to attend a ballgame in Brooklyn. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Unique situation in the NHL last night, as linesman Dan Schachte officiated his final game and his fellow officials all wore his uni number. Very cool (from Tim E. O’Brien). ”¦ Outmania! That’s Josh Outman, now with the Rockies (big thanks to Jeff Moulden). ”¦ Faceguard-o-rama. That’s Buffalo High and Lincoln County High in West Virginia (from Brice Wallace). … Here’s another faceguard-centric softball photo, only this time the two teams are wearing remarkably similar uniforms (from Jonathan Mayer). … “Flyers goalie Ilya Blyzgalov has been on a bit of a tear recently, and he’s also been using a new set of black pads during this period,” writes Kevin Kurz. “That got me wondering how his record correlated with his equipment, so I created this chart.” … Clayton Lust has found another photo showing the piping-trimmed caps worn by the Indians’ coaches in 1974. That shot is from the now-infamous 10-Cent Beer Night game. … Reprinted from Saturday’s comments: Good video compendium of uniform mishaps. … Holy fucking moly, look at these amazing old bus tickets! Magnificent (thanks, Kirsten). … This is kinda gross: an NFL iron-patch for your pizza. And yes, it’s for real (blame Robert Marshall). … Also from Robert: scariest Steinbrenner photo ever. … Andy Cumbee wanted to DIY himself a hockey version of his high school football helmet. So he got himself a white helmet and a blue cage/visor setup, along with some blue striping tape, and presto — very nice! … Wanna DIY yourself a tequila sunrise jersey? Here’s an unlettered jersey to get you started. … Never seen this before: two-in-ones with a black base color, instead of white (from Tim Shay). ”¦ Geoff Poole notes that Jamaal Franklin of SDSU has been wearing a long-sleeved undershirt. ”¦ Craig Sager was wearing a bracket-patterned necktie the other day. ”¦ New kits for the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers (from Paul Mordente). ”¦ The Parkway High baseball team in Louisiana wears caps with baseball-style red stitching. Never seen anything like that before (from Chris LaHaye). ”¦ Don Montgomery pointed me toward a new (to me) site that makes and sells old-school hockey jerseys. No idea how reputable they are. Anyone have any experience with them? ”¦ Tim Lyons was looking at some Fab Five photos from 1993 and noticed something: “In the UNC game, Jimmy King’s block M was sitting higher on his shorts than everyone else’s. I’ve never noticed that detail before.” ”¦ Met up on Saturday with Michael Princip, who was passing though town on business. He reports that his Bulwark helmet project, which I wrote about a year ago, is coming along nicely. … Johan Santana’s cap had an odd deformity on Friday. Did he have something under there or what? (Screen shot by Steve Dodell). … In a related item, Princeton lacrosse wore orange facemasks and like green Headstrong chinstraps on Saturday. “The Headstrong chinstraps are the lacrosse community’s contribution to help raise money to find a cure for cancer,” explains Jared Buccola. ”¦ and his wife recently found a bunch of 1938 cricketer cards at a DC flea market. “Several things on these cards stand out to me,” says John. “The club crests that look embroidered even on cardboard, the minimal but very effective amounts of color on the proper cricket whites, and the multiple initials. These are a just a great look back in time. The plan is to mount them for her father as a Father’s Day or birthday present (or just because, since he’s the only hardcore cricket fan I’ve ever met).” ”¦ MLB prospect to keep an eye on: Braves left-handed Sean Gilmartin, who’s been wearing stirrups. ”¦ Also wearing stirrups: Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen. ”¦ “I was working with a video company on a kids’ dance competition last weekend,” says John Gugarty. “These two guys were part of a group that did a number to ‘Centerfield.'” Just in case you missed what just happened, that was John Gugarty contributing an item involving John Fogerty. ”¦ Tim Thomas recently changed his backplate design from “Don’t Tread on Me” to a more Revolutionary War-inspired design (from Matt Fedorka). ”¦ “The FIBA (International Basketball Federation) has changed the name of its championship tournament from World Championship to World Cup,” reports Jeremy Brahm. “Here’s the new logo for the 2014 World Cup in Spain.” ”¦ David Firestone attended Saturday’s Chicago Sun-Times sports show and picked up this swell 1950s flannel uni. “Also, I found this little White Sox logo,” says Dave, “but I’m having trouble finding out when it was used. Please help!” Anyone..? ”¦ Clever fan jersey in Denver (from Leo Thornton). ”¦ “Never thought I’d see the Arm & Hammer logo on a football helmet,” says Jared Trulear. That’s the Danville High Ironmen, from Pennsylvania. ”¦ Custom cleats for Denver lacrosse (from Jared Buccola). ”¦ Sonny Sanfilippo and one of his students built a replica SDSU basketball court. “It’s going on a wall in the equipment room here at San Diego State,” he says. “We decided not to include the conference logos, since we are moving to the Big West in a year.” ”¦ “Here in St. Pete we have an international baseball tournament that coincides with the spring training,” says Kevin Kleinhans. “MLB teams visit and play the national teams from Netherlands and Canada. On this particular weekend I attended a Netherlands vs. Atlanta Braves game, and the Braves did something I had never seen before: Pitchers wore red tops, coaches white, and position players blue. I wish I had been able to snag a picture of a mound visit to get all three side-by-side.” ”¦ Justin Gildner’s kids — ages 7 and 11 — were so inspired by the recent DIY projects on the site that they made themselves an awesome little DIY Gerry Cheevers outfit. Nicely done! ”¦ The Chiba Lotte Marines will wear a special uniform for five games to mark the 20th anniversary of the team moving to Chiba (from Jeremy Brahm). ”¦ Also from Jeremy: With the Yokohama Bay Stars under new ownership, the team’s old mascots have been retired and replaced by a new mascot, called DB Starman. ”¦ Have I mentioned that I love texture? Damn, that’s nice (big thanks to Jason Bernard). ”¦ Check out the “SAS” on the nose bumpers in this 1980s Ohio State photo.”I’ve seen that in a lot of OSU photos from that era,” says Mike Knapp. “I don’t think it was a memorial thing. Was it a brand of helmet?” Good question. Anyone..? ”¦ “My grandfather, Al Seccombe, played football at UVA in the mid 1930s and he coached for Yale in the early 1940s,” writes Benjamin Smith. “Here are some scans I made from his old game programs. Included are covers, player photos, and a couple of war-related advertisements.” ”¦ Saturday was the annual Chicago Shamrock Shuffle (an 8K race), and Mike Braam spotted some great socks among the participants. ”¦ Teebz has written an excellent piece on a little-noted piece of hockey equipment: the stick gauge. ”¦ Remember when Kirsten Hively taught us all what a volvelle is? She’s just started a blog devoted to that topic. ”¦ Best backet ever. ”¦ The Texas Brahmas — that’s a minor league hockey team — recently held a contest to pick a beer league jersey that the team would wear for a game. The team that won is called the Alers (as in ale, beer, etc.). “I designed the Alers logo a few years ago for a friend who plays on that team,” says Lauren Melton. “If I had any inkling that a professional team would one day wear it, I might have put a little more time and effort into the design. Still, it looked fine on the ice, and a good time was had by all.” ”¦ During last night’s Xavier/Lehigh game, Tu Holloway of Xavier, who normally wears No. 52, got blood on his uniform and had to switch to an NNOB No. 24 jersey (screen shot by Eric Stangel). … Interesting story about the naming of college basketball courts. ”¦ “Nexon (a Korean game developer/publisher) agreed to a sponsorship of the Lotte Giants,” reports Dan Kurtz. “They’ve added their logo to the jerseys and created a new Sunday uniform.” ”¦ Also from Dan: New logo for the Korea Basball Organization. ”¦ “I found these Adidas Draft Day T-shirts on,” writes Lyndon Fahey. “On the surface they seem pretty cool, but on closer examination there is so much wrong with them. Scottie Pippen was drafted by Seattle, for example (not Chicago), and Penny Hardaway was drafted by Golden State (not Orlando). I guess those two might be excusable, as both players were subject to Draft Day trades, but this is unforgivable: Kevin Johnson was drafted by Cleveland and played for the Cavs in 1987-88. And I can’t believe they missed this one: Alonzo Mourning played three seasons in Charlotte before arriving in Miami. Everyone knows that! Also, if you zoom in on the left sleeve of the David Robinson shirt you will see the 1989 Draft logo. Most of your readers would know that the Admiral was drafted in 1987 and spent two years in the Navy.” ”¦ No photo, but interesting NBA note from Chris Schoenthal: “I attended Sunday night’s Suns/Rockets game. In the third quarter, a Rockets player checked in wearing No. 9 and NNOB. He was not listed in the program as being on the roster. Turns out it was Courtney Fordson, brought up from the D-Leauge to take the roster spot of Derek Fisher, who was bought out.”

Comments (139)

    Those new Adidas uniforms are having quite a bit of success in the NCAA tournament so far. Were Baylor, Cincinnati and Louisville the only teams using them?

    Little disappointed that the Padres didn’t wear a green camo uni for. . . Oh, wait. Never mind.

    It’s cool and all that teams wanna celebrate St. Patty’s day, but watching a bunch of teams wear a non-team color is just annoying.

    I still don’t get why everyone is Irish on March 17th, though.

    Why’s everyone Irish on 17th? Because “social” holidays evolve, starting small and taking in those who wish to join the festivities. Especially those celebrations in major cities.

    Please do NOT make what I’m about to say into some sort of ethnic/racial comment…but imagine Cinco de Mayo in a hundred years or so.

    Now reverse engineer it, and you get something of a feeling for how the St. Patrick’s Day celebration grew over the past century.

    I wasn’t. I just don’t really care for being Irish on March 17th, since I’m half-Irish all the time. I just don’t get why everyone has to wear green.

    You could cloverleaf stuff, but it’s not a team color. The Phillies aren’t green. Although the Celtics look nice with gold trim.

    As far as Spring Training goes, I think a big part of it simply is doing something to break up the monotony, to change things up a bit. Spring Training may be nicely casual, and the weather may be beautiful and all, but the reality is that by mid-March it becomes almost crushingly routine.

    I don’t mind the celebration, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for everyone to dress like an idiot. Leave the weird socks and sequined top hats at home.

    Isn’t it obvious Steinbrenner was modeling for the Swinging Friar? A robe would’ve been more flattering.

    More unique stuff on NHL linesman Dan Schachte after the game both teams lined up and shook his hand and one of the Hawks gave him the game puck. Can’t recall ever seeing something like this before.

    Missed the best St. Pats goal celebration link

    Also on somber notes, tributes for Fabrice Muamba from his Gary Cahill (former Bolton teammate) link
    and to Muamba and for Eric Abidal (needs liver transplant)

    Apparently Guthrie originally had the green glove from last year with the Orioles, got it for Earth Day.


    “The Parkway High baseball team in Louisiana wears caps with baseball-style red stitching. Never seen anything like that before (from Chris LaHaye).”

    I’m trying to figure out what’s cooler – the stitching or that the coach(?) is using an iPad (probably to keep score). Welcome to the 21st Century!

    Between showing the Indians’ 1970s hats with the white piping, and the Parkway High caps, it appears the prevailing designs of pro baseball caps are very hidebound. I really wish teams would go more outside-the-box, and not merely slap a monogram on the front of a plain hat.

    For the sake of clarity, only the Indians’ manager (Ken Aspromonte) and coaching staff wore the white piping hats in the ’70s. I realize that’s widely known, but thought I’d note it.

    Ah, I see that WAS noted in the Ticker. I have a color shot of Aspromonte from SI in the Ricko Files. I need to dig that out and get it to Paul.

    Just realized.
    Right there, on one page…
    Indians whites,
    Indians grays,
    Alternate red jerseys,
    Players’s all-navy hats,
    Coaching staff’s piping hats.

    Hopefully a happy medium would be reached. I was thinking of something along the lines of the mid-60s Senators’ hats with the red piping.

    I do love me some piped hats. Outside the box is fine by me as long as there’s some sort of historical precedent.

    This is true.
    They don’t need to look like something that’s missing its propeller.

    ipad is kinda cool to keep stats, except it becomes very hard to see the screen when sun is beating down on you and of course becomes useless in the rain. After one season have gone back to the good old scorebook.

    Been seeing a ton of high school teams using ipads to keep score this year. Basketball, baseball and softball

    Call me a sucker, but I love the green and red for nj. Regardless of the date on the calendar

    Old bus tickets… Cigarette cards of legendary and sub-legendary cricketers…that’s why I love this place.

    Except most of them aren’t bus tickets – the TMER&T mostly was what used to be called an interurban line – basically souped up trolley cars that traveled in-between towns. In fact, some of the tickets specifically say ‘not to used on Wisconsin Motor Bus lines’ – which was the bus division of the same company that owned the TMER&T interurbans. Eventually, of course the busses took over almost all of the rail routes. One that survives today is the South Shore Line between Chicago and South Bend.

    Still look very cool though!

    As a uni blog, you’re obligated to cover the St. Paddy’s day special uniforms but there’s nothing in the uni world I find as monumentally disinteresting as those one-day green unis.

    Luckily the bus ticket blog redeemed the day for me!


    I agree. I also love the fact that the Devils break out the throwback unis for the occasion

    But the green-colored BP jerseys? No.

    I like all the NBA teams’ special green unis and I wish the Celtics would keep theirs as the permanent alt rather than that green and black one.

    RE: The Stars’ St. Patrick’s warm-ups…the Facebook page shows “McBenner” for Jamie Benn, but he actually wore “McChubbs”


    David Firestone, your little White Sox logo is a slight variation on their cap logo from the 1960s. Before they went to the stylized S-O-X lettering in the 1970s (the kind used now, too), they had a plain block-lettered S-O-X. Check any of the caps in this blog post on the 1967 White Sox. link

    That’s something of a puzzler, because the White Sox wore navy and red in the ’40s, then not again until ’82 (I think) when they went away from the tails-out navy and white, changing to the surfer look (or whatever we’ve tagged it here) with the big “SOX” across the chest.

    So my guess would be early ’80s.

    That patch has the dashed-off look of one of the little felt circles on the red baseball jacket I wore when I was a toddler.

    That little White Sox patch, which I’ve seen for many years on ebay, looks like a generic Sox fashion patch, most likely from the early to mid 1960s.

    Another one like it: link

    Entirely possible. Very much from that era.

    White Sox didn’t wear navy and red at any time during the ’60s (black & red, navy & white, but not navy & red), so if is that time frame is a color error.

    That’s why I said it’s a puzzler.

    Yeah, it’s just a shitty cheap little patch that’s neither perfectly logo accurate or color accurate. Damn things seem to hang on forever like cockroaches, too.

    Thanks guys, at the Sun Times show, I came across a table that had a few of these, and the Sox patch was the only one I have never seen before.

    Love that sketch of the overlapped question mark and exclamation point on that bracket…

    I’m thinking that would make a very fine logo for the Interrobangs.

    So how many of those “draft day” shits actually got things right?

    Prime example: how many errors can you spot in link?

    Well, for starters Doc was drafted by the Bucks in ’72 (off the top of my head, I think it was the 12th pick)…

    I’m past being surprised at the NBA screwing up like this. What’s worse is that I doubt there’s anyone working for the league that cares enough to to and fix things.

    And here’s one of my favourites: link

    Except the Warriors stopped wearing this jersey a decade before Mullin ever played a game for them…

    The Georgetown women’s lacrosse team wore green and white socks on Saturday while defeating No. 2 North Carolina. There was a shamrock on the sides of the socks and three initials of a team parent who passed away recently.

    Question for the group –

    I was at the mall this weekend and noticed that the 50th anniversary patch for the Mets appears to be a thinner fabric patch than what was used for the caps a few years ago (e.g. the MLB logo on the back, the 2008 Final Season patch on the side, etc).

    Are all the teams using that thinner patch on their caps for the MLB logo (or other patches) or is there a reason design wise that the Met patch is in a thinner material than the past?

    Totally guessing here: I suspect that a cap patch positioned on the *back* of the cap (as is the case with the Mets’ anniversary cap logo) needs to be more flexible than one positioned on the *side* of the cap (as is more typically the case). And more flexible = thinner embroidery.

    I think the thinner embroidery is common on the side patches too. The 2009 World Series Yankees hat I own has an ironed on patch that feels like the same material as the Inaugural Season patch on the back. Have to wonder if the Mets’ Inaugural Season patches from 2009 and the Angels 50th Anniversary patches and the All Star Game patches are made of the same material (probably are).

    I think the Yankees were the first team to use a cap patch on the back, where the batter man logo is normally placed. Those things are ironed on INSTEAD OF (not on top of) the batter man. (Uni Watch published a picture of Brian Bruney without the patch, because it fell off.) I’d guess it’s the exact same material and technique.

    Was at the Mets game in PSL on Saturday for the green jerseys. Actually there was a nice bit of uni-contrast as when the Mets were on base, it was a blue helmet/green jersey Met standing next to a green hat/blue jersey Brave. Heres some video from MLB.


    As for green jerseys on 3/17 in spring training, it’s spring training. Spring Training really doesn’t get serious until the last week anyhow when you actually start seeing full teams of starters. Half the team you see out there now isn’t going to make the team anyhow.

    Regarding Ohio State’s helmets – I believe SAS was some offshoot of Medalist/Gladiator for a very brief time period; Ohio State was a big user of the Gladiator gel-padding helmets for a short period of time.

    It seems like a lot of helmet companies were bought and sold, went bankrupt, or just got out of the business during the early to mid 1980s. Even sucessful helmet lines like Bike’s Air Power were sold off due to liability fears – the Bike helmets became “Air Helmets Inc.” briefly as a spin-off from Bike’s parent company, then they were snapped up by Schutt.

    Florida’s softball team wore green stirrups (complete with school “F”) with their blue and orange jerseys and white pants Saturday.


    well…other than that and they’re pulled too high…

    it just shows to go you how great lower leg stylings can look, even when paired with white shoes — which are nice because they are fairly plain — none of this fancy-schmancy colorway stuff…just white cleats with a bit of color by the ankle, colored socks, and pants that are tailored to be worn that way — not pajamas that are rolled up (or worse, worn over the shoe)

    seriously, how did this look ever fall out of favor?

    Love the photo of the kids in football unis sitting on the bench.
    What are/wre the things on their thighs for?

    I’m surprised that I had never seen this footage before. Sadaharu Oh vs. Hank Aaron in a good-natured home run hitting contest: link

    Always wondered what the dimensions were at Korakuen Stadium: 297′ LF, 387′ CF, 297′ RF. Sure looked tiny.

    Circa: The King of Swat

    The dimensions of Japanese stadiums were much smaller than MLB dimensions.

    After they started building dome stadiums (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo), then it changed to bigger parks.

    I might be pointing out the obvious but bookmarks to the previous “uniwatchblog” are no longer forwarding to the site. Not that it helps anyone who’s actually reading this.

    So, that’s why it didn’t show up in my RSS feed today. I must still have the old URL in there.


    My RSS reader is messed up as well. Neither today’s nor yesterday’s posts are appearing.

    But considering that I just got a new hard drive, I definitely set mine up long after the migration to, so a reference to is not the issue (at least on my part).

    I think the issue is with way the feed itself is set up by feedburner. Maybe they’ve got a reference to

    I hit the same problem yesterday. I had the blog URL in my favourites list, and it wouldn’t take me here. Changed to, and hey presto!

    ESPN reports Manning has told agent to negotiate directly with the Broncos.

    I’d be looking for #15 Jags jerseys soon.

    Forget it… part of the reason Elway pursued Manning is so that they’d have a way OUT of Tebow-mania. Expect to see him end up in Jacksonville or Miami.

    Not disagreeing, but it sort of remains to be seen.

    This certainly is a situation where they can sit Tebow down and pretty much no one can complain about it. Might be better to wait to trade him until someone is really desperate for a QB.

    Or, if he learns from Manning and tempers his public pronouncements a bit, maybe in few years he doesn’t look so bad as the Denver starter.

    Tripucka was asked last week and said he’d be glad to give the number back for Peyton’s use – yes, he’s still kicking well into his 80s. There’s even a precedent for the Broncos as #53 was unretired for Bill Romanowski. The orange jersey won’t look too odd on Peyton, but the dark helmet will.

    I think retiring Tripuka’s number in the first place, just because he happened to be the franchise’s first starting QB, is a little on the ridiculous side to begin with. After all, he was pretty much a journeyman, and had been brought in by the Broncos as a coach!


    … I ought to know how to spell the name… his son was a player and a broadcaster for the Pistons for many years…

    I’ve been debating this. Un-retiring numbers certainly isn’t unheard of, but with Peyton being as big of a football historian as he is, I don’t know that he’d be a fan of un-retiring a jersey. After all, Kansas City didn’t un-retire #16 for Joe Montana. It’ll be interesting to see, but can we all agree that there will eb a new #1 selling jersey next year?

    This was on wili, so it must be true (I think I heard it also back when Montana played for the Chiefs)

    The Chiefs mailed three jerseys to Montana. One was number 3, his number from Notre Dame. Another was number 19, which he wore in little league and also briefly in training camp of the 1979 season with San Francisco, and the third was number 16, which Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson offered to let Montana wear since the organization had retired it. Montana declined Dawson’s offer and wore 19 instead

    “…number 16, which Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson offered to let Montana wear since the organization had retired it. Montana declined Dawson’s offer and wore 19 instead.”

    Good for him. Lack of respect for players who came before you is all too common in the NFL these days. Ask Mike Ditka. He’s been fighting that battle for years.

    Apparently the photoshoppers at ESPN forgot the Broncos were switching to orange jerseys when they asked, “Can you picture this?”

    Green and orange on St. Patrick’s day. Forty years ago, that Mets jersey would have blown itself up.

    But what about Jake Plummer? You don’t think his blessing would be required?


    Was the picture of the two kids at the dance competition taken at the Cal Poly PAC in San Luis Obispo?

    Obviously, the Cyclones need to go full-throwback and have a Pittsfield Mets night.

    I miss having professional baseball in the Berkshires.

    Thought Uni-watch might want to give some love to this site: link

    Like Paul’s note in today’s post, I haven’t bought anything from them so I can’t vouch for them, but there’s some sweet looking products on offer.

    With regards to the Braves vs. Netherlands game, maybe the Braves were going for a USA theme with the red, white, and blue jerseys? Love the Website

    On St. Patrick’s Day the Celtics should take the opportunity to wear something like purple and mango, or magenta and crimson. It’s the one day they can take a vacation and let everybody else carry the burden green.

    Those look like socks to me. Maybe it’s the white tongue of his cleats that makes them look like stirrups.

    From Wolverine Historian saw this film of the 1969 Michigan -Vanderbilt football game – I was surprised to see it was color vs. color

    h/t to

    All those green BP jereys are basically the same construction, like the regular BPs…a thin color stripe at end of sleeve…and teams then decide which panels should be a contrasting color…kind of sad there can be no originality…no other striping, piping or soutache allowed. I think the ones that used white yokes and side panels, like the Dodgers, look really terrible.

    This morning Vegas had the Broncos at 75-1 to win the Super Bowl.
    This afternoon it’s 10-1.

    Was at the Red Sox – Orioles split squad game in Fort Myers on Saturday, where the O’s wore their standard BP caps with no green. Sox had the same green jerseys as in the photo. Cody Ross had red socks (would have looked better with green). Bases were solid green.

    When I went to pick my son up from school today a student (must’ve been 10 yrs old) was chanting “let’s go ______” I couldn’t make out what team he was openly cheering for, but then he noticed my ball cap colors and said “let’s see black hat with orange brim, Baltimore Orioles!” try again I said, it’s the SF Giants. “Oh, cool hat” he said. a future Uni-Watch follower I said to myself. The best feeling was my son’s eyes opening so wide to his dad realizing that his dad is cool. haha, that’s what I thought anyways lol

    It looks completely fine with these two teams doesn’t it? That’s why you probably didn’t even notice. You can easily tell them apart still. Jeez… 59 points Orlando?

    Well this sucks: stirrups wearing White Sox shortstop Ozzie Martinez was 1 of 14 cut after today’s game:


    Now Paul; like the rest of White Sox fans; have no reason to follow the Sox this season.

    Did anyone else notice the Braves’ (and maybe others) green St. Pat’s Day caps were snapbacks and not fitted? Haven’t seen a non-fitted hat on a diamond outside Dizzy Dean in forever..

    (Not the best picture, but you get the idea..)

    More than just green pants for the Devils, right? That’s their old jersey from the 80’s.

    St. Patty’s update:

    In college baseball, Mississippi State wore throwbacks complete with mandatory stirrups along with a green cap link. LSU gave away 2,000 green hats, but didn’t wear green themselves (even though they did link)

    Re: Draft Day Shirts… not to mention that when KJ Kevin Johnson was (not) drafted by the Suns they were still wearing their “old-school” uniforms for the next five years. Not until the 1992-1993 season did the Suns get new uniforms and the “suns” font as seen in the draft day Kevin Johnson shirt.

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