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Preseason Ponderings

Now that the first slate of NFL preseason games has been played, a few new developments have come to light (aside from those green dots on QBs’ helmets, which we’ve already discussed at length). Let’s take a look:

• At first glance, it appears that the Chiefs are wearing an AFL logo patch. But . . . → Read More: Preseason Ponderings

So This Zebra Walks into a Bar onto a Lacrosse Field

Got two interesting notes over the weekend, both of which call for reader input. The first came from Ryan Burns, as follows:

I’m going to be president of my local lacrosse officials’ association next year. One of the common complaints is about our uniform. The uniform is black shoes, white socks with black tops . . . → Read More: So This Zebra Walks into a Bar onto a Lacrosse Field

Minor Matters

Got two really interesting communiqués involving minor league baseball yesterday. The first came from Benjamin Guest, who checked in with the following:

The Birmingham Barons, AA affiliate of the ChiSox, used to play at Rickwood Field, the oldest ballpark in the country. Back in the late ’80s, they moved out to a park in . . . → Read More: Minor Matters

Tough Day for the Ice Cream Vendor

With all these crazy cold-weather games that have been going on, I’ve found myself wondering, “Who the hell would go to a ballgame under these conditions?” I mean, I can sort of understand if it’s Opening Day, but who would bother to show up at the ballpark for a game when the temperature’s below . . . → Read More: Tough Day for the Ice Cream Vendor