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Philadelphia 76ers’ City Design Appears in Greatest Leak Photo Ever

The photo shown above appeared earlier today on Reddit after previously appearing in a private Facebook group. After all the various photos showing leaked City designs on hangers, on mannequins, on disinterested players during photo shoots, on the floor, in mock-ups, and so on, I hope we can all agree that this is the best leak photo of all time.

As for the design, this will be the second consecutive season that the Sixers are leaning into the “Brotherly Love” theme. Here’s the one from last season:

You can see all of this year’s new uniforms, logos, court designs, and more in my just-published NBA Season Preview.

(My thanks to Nathan DiCola for bringing this leak to my attention)

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    Pun intended? Hahah. It’s fairly lame and these jerseys have gotten well out of hand for years, but not as trash as most of the others leaked so far this year.

    before being a tourist term, it was a translation of the city name from Greek

    Philos = brotherly love

    Adelphia = city

    I picked up on the 2 dots or ends of a neon outline, but I wasn’t sure which sign(s) it connected back to. I honestly was expecting some Nike-nonsense about hard working grit & determination, blue-collar south side, celebrating the end of a hard day’s work via the neon of Genos or Pats cheesesteak. The market is better than that, but still in my opinion, a nice one-time visit when in Philly but not really city edition worthy. Especially a city like Philadelphia with so much great history & landmarks.

    The “City of” and “Love” look like proofreading edits instead of being part of the wordmark.

    More garbage, different temperature.

    Picking a smiling mascot to wear this uniform that nobody is waiting for is the only smart move about this.

    Another city edition that looks like it should be a giveaway shirt for a tech company’s “gettin’ to know you” intern orientation retreat.

    I love how there are arrows pointing to the pit area that is going to be SO sweat-stained it’s not even funny.

    You can’t see it here, but click on the link in Vic’s comment and you will not be able to unsee them.

    The Sixers have been using this font on their social media to count down the days until the season starts.

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