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Oiler Spoiler: Leak Shows Titans’ Houston Oilers Throwback Jerseys

The Titans are set to unveil their Houston Oilers throwback uniforms this Sunday night. But as you can see above, we have a retail leak of the jersey, which will apparently be rendered in Nike’s new template and have TV numbers on the sleeves (which is historically accurate, but I was wondering if they might move them up to the shoulders because NFL sleeves are so short these days). No real surprises here, but it’ll be fun to see the entire uniform on Sunday.

Here are some additional leaked pics:

If you want to get in the mood for the unveiling, or study for the test, or anything along those lines, I recently did a deep dive on the Oilers’ uniforms, full of obscure fun facts and great visuals. You can check it out here.

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    I don’t live in Houston and understand there are proud fans of the Oilers, but I don’t have a lot of empathy for those in the market that are going to feel hurt about the Oilers’ throwbacks appearing.

    This is different than a league leaving a market never to return again.

    Houston had a five-season blip in time without an NFL team. The Houston fans can still go and see NFL football in their market with their own team and have been able to since 2002.

    I will allow them to feel hurt that this sweet sweet throwback is returning to the field and it ain’t theirs.

    But no injustice has occurred here, that’s true.

    Luv Ya Blue on the collar? That’s going to trigger some folks in Houston.

    It’s going to be great to see these back on the field, an absolutely fantastic look that rarely was involved in a bad uni matchup.

    Would love the titans to just go back to these full time. They’d have to adjust their logo though, but these uniforms are a timeless classic.

    I’d luv it if they used the sword logo with the ‘hidden’ derrick…minus the Tennessee flag shout-out.

    I was wondering if they were going to do the original stripes or if they were going to do the later cuffed version of the jerseys; looks like it will be the cuffed version.

    These seem to be the Warren Moon era stripes from 89 to end of Houston run.
    The thin stripes always cheapened the jersey, unlike thick stripes in Campbell
    Era, 70’s.

    The Titans should just let the Texans have their name, colors, and history back. Using these as throwbacks makes about as much sense as the Ravens wearing throwback Cleveland Browns jerseys.

    They kept the name, the colors, and the records out of pure spite. It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now. Wearing these vs. the Texans is just rubbing Houston fans’ noses in excrement.

    If the Titans reveal one of the dates they wear these Oilers throwbacks is against Houston that would be needlessly petty.

    To follow that logic a step further, would it be spiteful for the Commanders to not allow another team to come to DC and use their former names?

    The Raiders and Rams have moved recently (multiple times) and kept their previous identities as their own. These are businesses who retain previous brand copyrights and trademarks when they move headquarters to a new city, even if they change the name.

    I always thought it was weird that Cleveland wanted a replacement Browns. It would be like if someone’s wife left them, and then eventually got remarried, but they told their new spouse they were going to call her the old wife’s name and she has to wear the old wife’s clothes.

    Maybe so. I don’t actually know the circumstances around the move. But it was actually quite commonplace for professional franchises to move locations and keep at least the mascot/name if not the whole package, and it still happens. It seems to me that it’s more of a push for new marketing opportunities that drives the name and visual identity changes, followed by the desires of the new city and ownership, not any degree of respect for the city that is being abandoned. Granted the city, league, and ownership could have hashed out a deal the way the NBA did with the sonics or the hornets and that obviously didn’t happen, but Houston has not been especially blighted simply by the team leaving and keeping the old identity.

    Titans could pull these off full time. Just go back to the white helmet and use the current logo would go with this uniform combo. Only add the helmet striping from the Oiler helmets.

    I was going to say “Too Soon” though better than if the Las Vegas A’s do an Oakland throwback jersey day in 2025.

    The stripes on the sleeves are too narrow; I prefer wider ones in this case… It would provide more color – The red and white on the light blue would “pop” more.

    Well there isn’t much oil in Tennessee, but there is some natural gas, so maybe instead of the Oilers they should be the Tennessee Frackers

    That’s the early 90’s version. That’s what they had on when they blew that 32 point second half lead in that Buffalo playoff game in 1993.

    I find it funny and sad that people argue absolutes about teams leaving cities. Every situation is unique. I’m good with some teams keeping their names and identities, with Raiders as an example. But I also see merit in some cities keeping these team identities, like Cleveland. The issue with the Oilers/Titans, is that they changed their name but still wouldn’t let a Houston expansion team use this name. Either keep the name, even though Oilers and Tennessee goes together like oil and water, or give it up like the Browns did when they moved to Baltimore. I get the whole Bud Adams thing, but if it was that important they would have stayed in Houston.

    Do we know for sure these are Houston Oilers jerseys? With that shoulder covered in the first pic, I’m wondering if the Tennessee Oilers patch is hidden under there.

    Well maybe the ghost of 35-3 will haunt the Titans all season. That’s the karma these uniforms are inducing from the grave. Houston fans have mostly moved on save for a select few of the old-timers. This is nothing but the Adams family dry-humping the corpse of a dead brand for pure greed. Nobody in Tennessee has a connection with the Houston Oilers. It’s really kinda’ pathetic.

    I’d just like to remind everyone that they did play as the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons, so technically the State of Tennessee does have a claim on the Oilers branding.

    Team names should stay with the city. Unless your team name is Athletics, Raiders, Rams, Lakers, Braves, Cardinals, Chargers, Giants, Grizzlies, Kings… never mind.

    Tbf they did wear these in the first two TN years so I theory it could be done as an anniversary throwback for the TN oiler (who never had a losing or winning season)

    Lengthy comment but from the heart.

    1. Yes they were the Tennessee Oilers for two years and many all time Titans players were on those teams (for example, Steve McNair and Eddie George were literally drafted by the then Houston Oilers). It’s literally the same team/organization.

    My mom (also a big Titans fan) feels different. She said I never see their stuff and feel like that’s us.

    However, when I was younger and played my first video game system we had a sega genesis with the Madden games (I believe 93 – 95). I knew from right then my Titans weren’t on the game. My Dad made it very clear to me. The Oilers, thats who became the Titans. I saw their light blue uniforms and I knew that was my team. So I was played as the Oilers and I knew that was us. Just a kid trying to play as his favorite team on his video game.

    2. If Houston wanted to keep the Oilers so bad, they had a chance right? (I know it was the city’s fault not the fans). Please just watch or read about what happened with the astrodome and it will make sense. I’ve thought about what i would do if the Titans moved and how I would feel, but I have decided I can’t predict what my true feelings would be until that moment happens. What I know is I would do what I could to keep my team in Nashville.

    My parents have had season tickets since the Titans first game in Nashville and I currently own 2 seats beside their 4. I support building a new stadium because it will keep the Titans in town longer and therefore a part of my family and our future. I grew up going to the games and I dont want that to change.

    If they left I would probably be upset. I dont know if I would want them to be the Titans anymore, do i want them to live on? Do I instantly dislike the players i cheered on for years? That would be difficult to imagine. I know their are current fans who feel both ways.

    I know this, the Titans new stadium will be built around 2026/27.

    The Titans/Oilers will have spent 30 years in Tennessee at that point. The lease is for at least 30 years.

    If that goes through. The Oilers would have spent 36 years in Houston and the Titans would’ve spent 60 years in Tennessee. I will be 63 years old and will be glad that I still have my Titans in town.

    A beautiful jersey (I have a Warren Moon replica) and technically the Titans are entitled to wear it. As has been suggested by others before: switch to this color scheme permanently. And yes, I also think it is still hurtful to older Oilers fans in Houston, especially when the play the Texans. But also yes: time to move on, embrace the Texans and the Titans for who they are. Or dislike them if you are rooting against them.

    Here’s to the two years they tried to fleece Memphis while the stadium in Nashville was built — and then quit after one because Memphians came out in greater numbers to root for the teams they played! #the901

    The Oilers uniforms are some of my favorite of all-time. So cool to see these again. The sleeve piping looks a bit too small though? Or am I wrong. Either way these are awesome.

    The poor Texans. For all the hurt the Oilers fans express, imagine being the actual team that actually plays in Houston and the only thing people in your market want to talk about is their ex and how badly they want them back.

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