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UPDATED: Are the New York Rangers Planning a Dark-Blue Alternate Jersey?

A user on OfferUp is selling what appears to be a New York Rangers alternate jersey.

As you can see above, the jersey is a darker blue than the Rangers’ usual shade, and features their full logo instead of their usual diagonal lettering.

An additional photo from the OfferUp listing shows tagging that reads “NYR THIRD”:

The design has unmistakable echoes of the team’s road jersey from the 1976-77 and 1977-78 seasons:

It’s worth noting that the Rangers are scheduled to face the Islanders in a Stadium Series game at at the Meadowlands on Feb. 18. I doubt that’s what this jersey is for (Stadium Series uni designs tend to have bigger, bolder graphics, plus the “NYR THIRD” tagging doesn’t seem like it would go on a Stadium Series item), but it’s something to keep in mind as we see how this leak develops.

Updated: Additional photos of this jersey have emerged:

(My thanks to Phil for pointing toward that last tweet.)

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    Meh. Not a fan of this. A lot of striping on the sleeve. I’m not a huge fan of the Rangers wearing navy blue as an alternate.

    To me the solution for a Rangers alternate is so easy. The 1976-78 road uniform as the regular alternate is the way to go IMO. No navy. A blue shirt for the Rangers still in red trim, but a good looking uniforms and significantly different enough from the primary that it is a fitting regular alternate.


    Those 70’s pajama jerseys are the worst jerseys the Rangers have ever worn. The Jets can have them….

    Oh damn, that is slick. I love the striping on the sleeves. If you take the time to count the stripes (19 per sleeve), it seems a bit ridiculous, but if you just look at the overall effect (the forest instead of the trees, if you will), I think it’s a really cool look. It’s unique and interesting without being too much or weird for weird’s sake (WFWS?).

    I would rather have the Art Deco-esque shield that was on the shoulders of the Statue of Liberty jersey as the central crest. That design was pretty awesome.

    Those sleeve stripes are too much, they remind me of itchy sweaters knitted by grandma that you cannot refuse to wear in her presence.

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